Where have the GBM young republicans been?

We’re following the Jay Electronica business model. Tell everyone we’re prepping classic material, but in reality, we’re not really working on a motherfucking thing

We’d like for you to believe we are working on something major, something that will start the GBM hype machine up again, much like Jay Electronica would have u believe that Act II is on it’s way.

But we aren’t.

Someday, we’ll be back to talk our shit. I cant say when, but it will definitely be before Act II drops. Until then, keep it down. I’m trying to catch a nap, b.

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Rap Made Me Do It!

“I sit alone in my dirty ass room starrin’ at candles high on drugs//All alone wit my hand on my Mac 10 Handle…. schemin’ on you n*ggas” (c) Prodigy



Have you ever felt like a certain song, or a certain type of sound has made you feel like you’re in a trance? (Or maybe that’s just me?)

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LWHRadio 11/6

After shocking the world and returning from certain death, LightWeightHeavy Radio fought it’s way back to the internets and added a new chapter in the book of mediocre rap radio. 2 weeks later, God decided to spare another small group of rap nerds from what would have almost certainly been 2 awkward hours of unwarranted hate and bad jokes, crudely placed between a bunch of great rap music. There would be no show that day, for God decided to shut off the studio’s internet.

But the Time Warner bill has been paid, so tomorrow you can see for yourself why critics everywhere have hailed LWHRadio as “meh” and “kinda funny once in a while”.

Check the show out live @5pm eastern on Sunday 11/6. </a>

Only Built 4 Neocons

Dedicated to my fellow GBM neocons...

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Lazy Producers Need Motivation


Back in 2010, one of the greatest MCing/Producing combos Hip Hop has ever witnessed sent out this particular tweet. Being the fan that I am, this news was cause for excitement. Unfortunately, we now live in an age where Rappers can express their unfiltered statements and give announcements like “This project is coming soon.”, “This project is a classic.” or “I am going to kill it this year.” yet these claims are often not backed up by meaningful actions. That’s right, Q-Tip was nowhere near back and throughout this article, which is a sequel [the original being this,] I’ll discuss some of his moves and their context, even though the fan in me low key wanted him to keep his word.

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Sunday at 5pm Eastern, catch LightWeightHeavyRadio in all of it’s painfully awkward, poorly produced DIY glory.

After a long summer break , the young gawd Aaron and me, the HKIC Tron returned to the internets in the most triumphant of fashions. If you missed it, you can listen to the 9.11 episode here.

This week, we have more of our discussion with Willie the Kid, more fuckery, more great music, and maybe a new member of the LWH/GBM masonic temple. (all we ask is trust) There are even rumors are circulating on the blogosphere that a diss track toward yours truly might surface. As always, we encourage you to join in on the discussion and create a u-stream account.

note – Aubrey does not appear on this mix.


Chase comes thru with the “Hoodie Season” mixtape just in time for ….(wait for it).. hoodie season. This is that Carhart rap.. that untied Timberlands rap.. nah mean ?

Featuring your favorite hoodie rap legends, Mobb Deep, 50cent, Styles P, Dispet and a bunch of other rappers who are really about that life.

Download “Hoodie Season” mix

check out the rest of Chase’s tapes here.

Follow Chase on Twitter

Lifestyle Music- ZipSquad

I’ve already said enough about this project, so go Download it and lemme know what you think!


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