Aggressive Content

DOWNLOAD: Musik To Catch A Body TOO

For anybody who been following me on Tumblr, in the c-section, on twitter, and now here (George Bush Money Bitches!) you know I have an appreciation for Aggressive Content– It may be that I am a product of my enviornment (Philly!), it may because I skipped therapy after being shot three times (seriously), or it may just be that happy-go-lucky rap sucks balls; I dunno. I DO know that I can’t listen to these whiny, crybaby emo niggas anymore. Hell, even Lil B who may or may not have feminine tendencies got SOME heart (word to him shitting on Joe Budden), but most of these new school niggas is too busy treating this rap shit like its Saved By The Bell or some shit—everybody wanna be Screech getting shit on at the popular table instead of telling Zach and Slater they pussy and bending Lisa Turtle over a table while the other two broads watched.


Quiet as kept, Marvin been on a winning streak starting in 2009 with S.O.D and Black Friday, Swine Flu 1 & 2, his underrated Gangsta Grillz (seriously, which rapper you know was rapping over Spice-1, Brutha Lynch Hung, 3-6, No Limit, and Mannie Fresh instrumentals? and a New York nigga, at that?) and culminated in the releases of GPG1, GPG2: The Remixes, Hawaiian Snow (my favorite project of 2010) and his most recent project– GPG3. Along the way, he was the first G-Unit/NY artist to openly champion a LOT of up-and-coming/ignored talent- Cory Gunz, Ransom, Maino, Max B, Frenchie, Lil B, Hell Rell, Danny Brown, Doe Pesci, Lil Boosie, and Uncle Murda, among others.(1) With probably the absolute best ear for beats out of the entire G-Unit (and most of NY for that matter), he has continued to drop nothing but M.D.K. (2) music for almost two years, and honestly, I aint mad at him. (3)

The point of this (already lengthy) post is to highlight my desire to see one thing happen– a Full length Tony Yayo x Uncle Murda project featuring Hell Rell, Maino, Ransom, Styles, Sean P and… Fuck it, (Insert Gully Rap nigga here). For Production, I need Doe Pesci (GPG and HS), Ty Pyffe (Tiger Blood, It’s A Stick Up), a Cardiak (Flatline, Get Gully, Start it Up), and someone like Hav or Alchemist (both please!) to hold down this project and supply the appropriate level of gulliness I expect from this project..


I need this to happen– Hell, you do too, you just haven’t realized it yet- FACT.

Why, you ask? Neither of these guys (or most of the guys I named) are great rappers, or even original when it comes to content, so why the fuck do you want to have an ENTIRE project of these niggas on your ipod? The answer is simple– As Blouse RapDelusional Rap, Snitch RapWeed RapSimp RapBoring “I’m Technically Proficent but the Audio Equivalent of Watching Paint Dry” Rap, and Blog rap (too many wack niggas to chose from) continue to invade the airwaves, sometimes you just need to listen to good, old fashioned  Aggressive Content Rap—that shit that has you ice grilling random niggas and kizzas as you walk the street, pondering how exactly you would rob a nigga, and squeezing trigger fingers at imaginary enemies, etc; and honestly, the niggas I named above are Olympic Level talent in this area- FACT.

Anyway, I put together a little EP of all the songs Yayo, Murda, and Mr. Ruger have done together. I was gonna put the Maino jawns on here too, but I don’t think you niggas and kizzas was ready for Southside to Bed-Stuy, OJ Gloves, Gun Wit A Body, and N.W.A yet.

Download Here:

  1. Murder (Prod by Doe Pesci)
  2. Shooters for Hire
  3. Tiger Blood Ft. Lucky Don (Prod by Ty Pyffe)
  4. The Price Ft. Hell Rell (Prod by Doe Pesci)
  5. Don’t Take It There (Remix) Ft. Sheek, Papoose, and Jim Jones
  6. Durag 2 Skimask Ft. Hell Rell
  7. I’m So High

Look, I give a fuck if you don’t agree, but I NEED this. Fuck a Center Edge Territory, Child Rebel Soldier, Slaughterhouse, The Standard and every other imaginary album from lazy, boring, or plain old uninteresting pseudo-backpack self-righteous “bloggers love my shitty music” rappers that you’ll most likely NEVER hear. I need some Catch A Body Music. FACT.


(1) Matter of fact, he was the FIRST artist outta NY to show love to both the Based God and Danny Brown= FACT. Boosie too.

(2) Murder Death Kill, or Money Drugs Killing. I like em both, lol.

(3) Well, except for Pass The Patron– that shit was basura on a hot sunny day. Fuck was Marvin thinking?

Comments on: "Aggressive Content" (50)

  1. * ignores the “You’ll never hear that fuckin’ The Standard album” sentence *

    * praises entry *

  2. fatcousin said:


    Your exclusion of Stack Bundles (RIP) is a little disheartening though. like i wrote in the c-section recently, “My Life is Like a Movie” the mixtape (still) puts damn near everyone you listed to shame. . .aggressive content wise. AND dude fearlessly/stupidly showed everyone what time it was as a young boy in an early SMACK dvd. i could go and on, so i won’t. . .

  3. Gotta’ love that aggressive content.

  4. Heroine Headliner said:

    Lobster. Leer Jets. Luminosity.

    #BAWSE Life

  5. mobbdeen said:

    There you go again, typing with your fists…

  6. I already said in 09 that we need a Yayo/Murda/Ruga/French Montana collabo mixtape. Throw Maino on it, too.

  7. I need some Catch A Body Music- FACT.

    ^Who gives a fuck what you need! STFU B!
    you need a sedative lol.

    Need to be on this Wiz, spitta, Dza, Krit my nigga. Chill shit.
    Fuck all that imaginary robbin niggas shit lmao

    Good write up none the less


  8. aggressive comments >>> aggressive content

  9. Lol @ blouse rap

    Look @ my avatar 😦

  10. bending Lisa Turtle over a table while the other two broads watched.
    Lisa Turtle >>>>

  11. Jackson7 said:

    hi, im a first time commenter here…

    is it true we can get free plane tickets sent to us from this site?…

    where’s Jihad?..


  12. Day is getting worse…..

    I’m going to jail today……

    For real. JAIL..

    Imma kill somebody.

  13. Jackson7 said: April 3, 2011 at 3:40 pm
    hi, im a first time commenter here…
    is it true we can get free plane tickets sent to us from this site?…
    where’s Jihad?..



    Actually, Plane tickets are only bought FOR management, by commenters.




  14. Tron’s yadig stared already?

  15. silas aka simon said:

    if this is that fck eskays bitch ass and the content gets a little write up and you dont hang out with canadians who ride drakes nuts and you post relevant acts then i will gladly troll around these parts.

  16. Doe Pesci production>>>

  17. I get ghost….

    But fuck that….

    Aggressive Content >>>


  18. ” For real. JAIL.. ”

    Say word ?

  19. Troubleshooter1900 said: April 3, 2011 at 3:50 pm
    Day is getting worse…..
    I’m going to jail today……
    For real. JAIL..
    Imma kill somebody.

    The fuck? Chill nigga. Call me before you go off spazzing.


  20. bitchnigga the train runner. said:

    so is this where nah has migrated to? Why is nah desert status? Where am i gna get my laughs nw? Tht shit made the days go quicker. R.i.p nah c-section.

  21. Heroine Headliner said:

    Makin’ white man money…..

    Supplyin’ all tha fiends…..



  22. TS1900 about to go postal?

  23. *starts beef for no reason*

    Man fuck JihaD

  24. fatcousin said:

    Orioles, bitch.

  25. Jackson7 said:

    *daps Shellz*


  26. Manichevitz Over Bitches said:

    whatup tho

  27. Manichewitz Over Bitches said:

    sucks that im leavin when the show starts.

    ill be deep in the pussy at that point,

  28. mobbdeen said:

    TS is going to jail?

    I have a message for all the innocent niggas in there:

    “Haaaaaa, you maaaaaaaad nigga?”

  29. silas aka simon said:

    bitchnigga the train runner. said: April 3, 2011 at 4:17 pm so is this where nah has migrated to? Why is nah desert status? Where am i gna get my laughs nw? Tht shit made the days go quicker. R.i.p nah c-section.


    eskay went to sxsw and declared himself a pioneer but enough of my esaky hate i will not refer to he who shall not be named again and i would say have no fear as long as the right peoples come through then it should be highly entertaining here as well

  30. #teamBoycottAshley

  31. #teamBoycottAshley


    Case BEEN closed.



  32. Say word a nigga’s washer broke this morning, the kizzas in the laundramat arcross the street all aggy, girl complaining, can’t get my site shit going, brother got issues with niggas on the block, getting audited……

    Shit ain’t easy this Sunday morning…

    It’s all good tho. I got my burner close by tho, lol.

    I’m chill niggas. I ain’t gone do nuffin stupid.

  33. bitchnigga the train runner said:

    aye jihad, i fucken hate you nigga. Youre an arrogant bastard not on ashmi levels but still a fucknigga. But u knw what , i think u hav somethin with ths site. #Georgebushmoney niggas!!

  34. gramMasta said:

    * walks in the room *

    * salutes the squadron *

    * sets up vaporizer *

  35. Yo even tho they lost LA lookin right!

  36. So… This is what all the hub bub has been about huh… Lets get it.

    Aggressive content music and blogging.

    SALUTE to the Squad

  37. Aggressive content is good when it is done by good rappers not Yayo and Uncle Murda

  38. @DJ Chase you have a site where you put your mixes up?

  39. mobbdeen said:

    *Takes a dump.*

    *Feels refreshed.*

  40. @HL


  41. @DJ Chase I don’t think it would be a bad idea to stream some of your mixes from here in the future. Just saying.

  42. I’m all for it… Just let me know what it is that I need to do in order to get it up and running. (nhjic)

  43. Shit, gramMasta surfaced.

    * salutes *

    * also salutes DJ Chase *

  44. Btw…do you mean “Musik To Catch A Body, Too” or “Musik to Catch a Body to”? Cuz both really make sense, the former even more than the latter cuz these dudes are catching bodies left and right on their records.

  45. gramMasta said:


    * salutes Hopp *

  46. ha this really is the new Nah

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  48. […] Aggressive Content – GuttaBoy Jihad reminds us that aggressive content is the bedrock of this new school rap shit, and provides us with a brief homemade compilation of Tony Yayo/Uncle Murda collaborations. […]

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