Props to XXL

Pretty standard Interview with Violence and Drug Only- Speaks on:

1. Freestyle he recently completed with Lloyd Banks and another New York Artist (allegedly one of the top three niggas in New York- Vado’s words, not mine)
2. His deal with Interscope
3. Working on his a sequel to his retail debut, Slime Flu 2, and mentions that Boss of All Bosses 3, his collaborative mixtape with Camron is completed and awaiting release.
4. Getting ready to start shooting Killa Season 2 (no mention of Cousin Bang, tho…FAIL)


Gunz & Butta Album Cover

1. Killa
2. American Greed
3. Heat In Here
4. Face-Off
5. I -Luv U
6. Put a Bird Up
7. Monster Muzik
8. Breathe
9. Fuck-A-Freestyle
10. Lights, Camera, Action (feat. Skylnn)
11. Stop It 5
12. Speaking In Tungs
13. Hey Muma
14. We All Up In Here
15. They Don’t Like You
16. Be With Me
17. Hey Muma (Instrumental)
18. We All Up In Here (Instrumental)

Real rap, somebody tell Vado to take that damn Choppa Suit OFF. Nigga look like he swimming in that big ass jacket, fuck is wrong with Cam not getting that nigga to the tailor? Ol’ Burlington Coat Factory 2-for-1 suit ass niggas, SMH. Still not as bad as these niggas, though.



Comments on: "Vado x Lloyd Banks? + Guns n Butta Tracklist" (12)

  1. * daps JihaD *

    I was gonna post this myself. I wanna hear this album.

    Still in favor of givin’ that Mindy post some priority, tho.

  2. lol at eskay commenting more since GB$ started.

  3. Abortatron said:

    Oh shit

    *tries to start off with a clean slate*

    *daps hoots*

  4. Heroine Headliner said:

    We all deal pies…..

    An handle snow like 4 wheel drive…..


  5. Bricktop said:

    Vado is a vet.
    Alright, I’m ghost.

  6. Yo if you’re looking at an old post, the following one is shown directly below the one you’re reading (before the comments).

  7. Heroine Headliner said:

    How can I fall…..

    How can I fall…..

    How can I catch my enemies and murda ’em all…..


  8. Hopp said: April 7, 2011 at 6:07 pm
    * daps JihaD *
    I was gonna post this myself. I wanna hear this album.
    Still in favor of givin’ that Mindy post some priority, tho.

    You can move it if you want, I don’t care. I just wanted to get these up while they are done. Completed another update of an older blog post (the RIP Meek jawn) thats going up later tonight.


  9. troubleshooter1900 said:


    this nigga actually showed up…


  10. Fuck Boy Music LOL! go glue a Bill O’Rielly mask on your head and walk through Harlem

    Vado is the only reason i listened to this. Cam drops one or two decent songs every once in awhile. But his style gets on my nerves quick.

  11. mobbdeen said:

    I like Mindy’s couch.

    No homo.

  12. troubleshooter1900 said:

    FBM is the typa dude that smear make-up all over his face, walks around in high heels and his granny’s drawls while dreaming on niggas like Drake and Trey Songz.

    That nigga got issues.

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