Where the fuck is Madvillainy 2? What the fuck?! I can look past the fact that you and Ghost never got around to finishing Swift and Changeable.That always seemed like a rap-nerd’s fantasy, and honestly it always had that “too good to be true” aura to it. I can look past the issue of you not showing up to your own shows. In a way, it’s what a true super villain would do. I don’t buy the whole bit about “DOOM being a character, and many actors can play that role”. Straight up, the shit is just funny to me. I just won’t ever pay money to see you in concert. I can even dismiss the fact that Born Like This was sub-par. You set the bar unbelievably high with the early part of your discography, so I’ll give you a pass on that one, even though it hurt my soul to not be able to give a DOOM album constant repeat spins like i was able to do with your previous work.

I cannot, however, allow you to pull a “Jay Electronica” on us with the much anticipated sequel to Madvillainy. Allegedly in the works for what seems like forever, you and Madlib need to cut back on the reefer, and get back to work. Instead, you’re running around on the other side of the planet, getting sick and DJ’ing club gigs, and the stans are here waiting without a release date in sight. We’ve been lucky enough to hear a few songs and snippets, and you’ve done enough for your fans to maintain the beilef that the album is still on it’s way, and that it may even live up to the lofty expectations that are expected when crafting a “sequel” to a classic album, but enough is enough. The rap nerd in all of us is ready for Madvillainy 2.

The first Madvillain album is my favorite rap album of all time. I’ve purchased at least three copies of it, and wore them all out. I can recite every word. The sequencing of the songs is perfect. The rhymes, the beats – it all fits together like some type of perfect theory of the meaning of life, conjured up by a couple of stoners who were halfway into a bag of sour diesel. I need another album like that. So tell Madlib that we don’t need Medicine Show Volume 3667 – A Remix of the Busy Signal, and get in the fucking lab. If you can pull this off, all the other fuckery will be forgotten and forgiven.

Best Wishes,

Comments on: "An Open Letter To Daniel Dumile" (15)

  1. Let y’all know from 148 on cypher is some other nigga… Prolly FBM.

  2. sroberts51 said:


    this needed to be said.

    now all we have to do is make sure he sees it.

    but Born like this was DOPE IMO

  3. BTL was aight..

    just not as good as his other stuff, IMO

    alot of it seemed like filler and cutting room floor stuff that was just thrown together..

    a lot of cats fuck with it tho..

  4. sroberts51 said:

    true, but there are some great Gems on it.

    I can kinda see why he would give Rae his own track, but that chick… no thanks. She ripped it, but I wanna hear DOOM, not some random female.

    If I wanted a random female on dope beats I’d throw on some more Wiz Khalifa.

  5. If I wanted a random female on dope beats I’d throw on some more Wiz Khalifa.

    haha truth.

    it just didn’t have the continuity that the other albums had.

    like, madvillain and mm food, even the first viktor album..that shit went together like a movie

  6. sroberts51 said:

    I completely agree with that. Like you could listen front to back & feel like you got a story arch. The others were like film.

    Born Like this had a dope moral, but there was commercials in it. LOL. like a made for TV movie.

  7. sroberts51 said:

    in all honesty.

    I have respect for Lil B for shouting out DOOM often.

    His shit is def inspired by the Villain.

    OF too. I think they give him his props, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    Born like this was DOPE IMO
    Mines too. I’m not as big of a fan of Doom’s stuff outside of Operation Doomsday & Madvillainy but Born Like This caught me as more refined then usual. Lyrically, he’s never sounded better.

  9. Yeah, I thought Born Like This was real dope.

  10. NovemberEnd said:

    I have no reason to doubt the Villain, when he does reappear he usually delivers heat rocks

  11. I try to forget that i’m waiting for projects like this tbh I wont get amped until a vid for a single comes out. All the leaks have been ill tho.

  12. doom was rhyming his ass off on the songs that leaked so far

    if the rest of the album is up to that quality i won’t be mad

  13. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

  14. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

  15. […] An Open Letter To Daniel Dumile by Abortatron […]

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