Freddie Gibbs’ Str8 Killa EP was one of my favorite releases from 2010. A tight listen from beginning to end, Str8 Killa is a glimpse into the psyche of  Gibbs – politically minded but never far from the block. About his people but at the same time, about his paper. Respect is at a premium in the streets and Gibbs let’s it be known that he’s out to get his by any means necessary. Considering the buzz Gibbs had built up till the point of it’s release, Str8 Killa kinda flew under the radar but Freddie is still continuing to mine the project with his latest video, “Rock Bottom” (sans Bun-B).

Shot in downtown Los Angeles, the seedy visuals (Directed by ICU) jibe with the track, a solemn tale of a man at his wits end, spinning in every direction, seeking direction (c) Dwight Grant.  Yeah, Gibbs pulls off some gangsta shit in the video (He’s Gangsta Gibbs, fuck you expect?) but I never feel like he glorifies the things he talks about. In fact, I say there’s a level of reality to his music that when compared to all the fictional coke kingpins and made men that run reckless in today’s rap game, is refreshing and engaging in a way these halfway thugs wish they could be.

Real rap is on display here. Feel this…

Comments on: "Freddie Gibbs – “Rock Bottom”" (2)

  1. NovemberEnd said:

    Str8 Killa EP along w/ random mixtape cuts I’m really not a fan…

    not terrible by any means, just the monotonous voice and shitty beats selection make it struggle to get through a song.

  2. I really got into Str8 Killa too, this was one of my favorite tracks. He does rap ‘reality coke rap’ where is isn’t talking about Colombia, Cartels and shit. He comes with the harsh life of a strugglin street hustler. No fantasy shit, which makes him believable.

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