Lloyd Banks
Words: Yung Hopp, Edited: JihaD

Seriously– some of these rappers need teaching, and no, not just Jeezy. Honestly, quite a few rappers are in need of remedial career education. Not to worry, however, as Professor Hopp and Adjunct Professor JihaD are now offering classes to help these artists rebuild their careers and hopefully get back to making dope music again. So grab your notebooks, pens, and your copies of the Wu-Tang Manual, and take a seat– Class is in session, bitches.

*Writes Warm-up Exercise on the board*
*Bell Rings*
*Checks Roll*


Where the hell is Beanie Sigel at?” is a question I cannot help but ask myself as I sit here listening to Tales Of A Hustler [Pt. 2], particularly in light of the fact that the release of Sigel’s next album, The Closure, seems anything but imminent.

It wasn’t long ago when he showed interest in signing with either Cash Money or G-Unit. That being said, I understand taking time to analyze your options before making your move–that’s cool. What’s not cool is taking this long, as I would assume it wouldn’t shouldn’t take this much time to choose a label home, particularly when you don’t have as many options. I’ll confess I’m not down with Sigel aligning himself with good old 50, but as P wisely said a couple days ago on USTREAM, “It’s another signing, another means to get money.” I’m down with that stream of thought. Fuck it, at least Fifty would pave the way for The Closure to be released without much fuckery in between. I suppose Cash Money could probably do that too– unfortunately, irs almost a certainty his first single would include a Drake feature, and … well, fuck a Drake feature, period. And I know what you’re thinking– “Hopp, it’s Beanie SigelThe Truth, The Reason; why the fuck would Baby and Slim make him record a song with Wheelchair Jimmy?”

My reply? I think they’d do it in spite of the type of artist Beanie Sigel is. It’s 2011, and quite simply, labels just don’t give a fuck anymore. even though in that case, I’m really blaming Bun B They gotta get this money, word to Lupe, B.o.B, and Wiz Khalifa.

The question one has to ask themselves– “Which would you consider the lesser of two evils– a Beanie Sigel version of THIS, or THIS?”


Cassidy, you’re up next, and I have an honest, sincere question for you: Who the hell do you have producing your projects?

Confused? Don’t be, because that’s a trick question homie; I already peeped your tracklist, and honestly, the production credits leave quite a bit to be desired. I mean, I see Bink!– he’s a somewhat brand name producer present on your last album, C.A.S.H, and is a producer I respect, but unless you’re going with Saigon’s gameplan– letting one producer handle the production pretty much on his own– you definitely need more recognizable names on your album. If nothing else, your particular brand of rapping requires a better platform that hopefully inspires more of the dope rapping you were once known for. Matter of fact, while we are discussing your questionable production choices, it should be noted that you definitely need to stay FAR away from the boards himself. Trust me when I say this, Cassidy–everything ain’t for everybody. All that being said, I think you still got it when it comes to this rap shit. Still though–Barry making beats? Nah, you ain’t even on it like that, Bruh Bruh.

Cassidy, you just seem lost artistically, which I hate to see. I don’t even think Krossover Entertainment is fucking up; Its a basketball player-owned label that can’t point Cassidy in the right direction [or in any type of direction even]. The only thing Carmelo’s money is doing is providing a bridge between Cassidy and a CD store. Although I think Cassidy would benefit from re-aligning with Swizz, I’m not suggesting that either. The 2011 version of Swizz Beatz may have numerous connects, but will those connects work with Cassidy? Hell, will 2011 Swizz even WORK with Cassidy? Doesn’t matter, because with names like M-Phazes and Statik Selektah wasting amazing beats working with inferior rappers, an underground release [much like the rapper you made your name off of] might not be a bad idea for Cassidy, provided he focuses on the quality of the product.


Students, your homework tonight is simple– release more music! You have both gone awfully quiet after your attempted beef with Jay-Z (Sigel) and your album Tsunami’d Japan (Cassidy). In the Internet-era, this is career suicide, unless your name is Kanye, Marshall, or Shawn Carter.

Hell, I’m not saying you need to release a “single” monthly à la Game— the newly-adopted Curtis scheme of dropping regular records works just fine with me. Either that, or embrace the mixtape game in full, much like the kid Willie is doing. Trust, all I’m saying is that if Chingy is still releasing studio records [and you can look it up – that fucker is,] I should be allowed to have more of this in my music player :

Any Questions?

Class Dismissed.

Comments on: "Dumb Rappers Need Teaching [Pt. 1]" (54)

  1. Good article! Both of these guys squandered their careers away or just had their lil 15 mins. Beans doesn’t have “mass appeal” but he does have a nice lane that he should be able to eat n similar to like a Hell Rell who has been rather quiet as of late?

    Cass was makin some noise w them mixtapes last year. He went from battle rapper, to mainstream rapper (Hotel) n other big singles back to the mixtape circuit. He has potential to be bigger n the game but he prolly missed his shot, it happens.

    Both these guys are talented tho, but in 2011 not sure that anyone is sincerely checkin for them outside of their respective city?

    SN: I remember goin to a Cassidy show in Pitt like 04′ he did “Hotel” like 3x when dat shit was hot! Great nite!

  2. troubleshooter1900 said:

    I really, really LOVE this post.

    Good shit Hopp. I see you getting a lot better.

    JihaD, good editing.

    Hopp, You last entry was fuckin…… WOW! I can’t believe you don’t write for a major publishing co. yet. Seriously.

    I need to do something that’ll make y’all proud.

    *Reads second half*

  3. troubleshooter1900 said:

    My favorite Cassidy yadig:

    Straight Tribe “Can I kick It” style. I wish he woulda smartened up business-wise. Split Personality was dope, Still get plays over here.

  4. troubleshooter1900 said:

    I got too many fav’s from Sigel to mention. Shit, the whole of: the Reason, The Truth, and The B. Coming is classic status to me, STILL. Fuck the acclamations of them. I consider them guidebooks to legendary LP’s.


  5. ” I see you getting a lot better. ”

    I have to. And I’ll continue to.

    And I see what you’re sayin’, Frankie, nobody’s checking and shit. But check for what is what I’m saying. Beanie Sigel ain’t giving the Pop crowd no music to ignore and Cassidy is making it too easy for them to do so.

    They gotta move !

  6. ” Die ’cause I hesitated … To fuck with #GBMG … “

  7. troubleshooter1900 said:

    But this shit here will make you stop and question life:

    “STILL, circling the block before I’m parkin” and “You niggas actin’ like you will, but I know you won’t” Shit to think about.

  8. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Any Questions?

    Class Dismissed.


  9. I always respected Cassisdys flow. Great punchlines very witty n clever. But never reached his potential same as Fab(imo) Juelz, n countless othersm fab still around but other guys from era are all but finished

  10. ” Shit to think about. ”

    And we need that.

    KnowhatImsayin ?

  11. troubleshooter1900 said:

    KnowhatImsayin ?

    ^I do. that’s what I mean though

  12. Frankie, I’d like to hear from you about There Is No Competition II.

  13. NovemberEnd said:

    LMAO @ Lloyd Banks playing a teacher in the BISD movie

  14. Heroine Headliner said:

    I just od’d on puss…..


  15. Talent watch:


    Big Wax>>>

    EOM (producer)>>>

  16. @PUSHA_T …yo got sumtin for ya…hit back DM

    ^ oh shit

  17. cass career is straight up depressing to me

    for a minute i thought he was next up

    i didn’t even download his last album

  18. BlkSportsOnline
    Topless Naked Amber Rose Pics Surface in Barbados http://bit.ly/esy6Bx
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  19. I like No Competition but it kinda got overshadowed by No Ceilings. I love mixtpe Fab! His albums are alwayd meh. But shit his flow is effortless. But shit like throw it in the bag<<<<<<. I prefer shit like Breathe, or #2 off No Comp think its called The Wake? Well 1 n 2 r both sick! That mixtape was fire but I only bumped it for like 2 wks. Niiiiicccceeee

  20. 545 click ma name

  21. 545 click ma name

    Did it just fir you since u asked da other day truth!

  22. ^ oh shit

    ^ Can’t say I’m surprised.

    Can say I’m lookin’ forward to it.

  23. Lol good story dub

    *bookmarks blog*

  24. SN: This nigga Wiz rapped over Schala’s Theme from Chrono Trigger?

    *snuffs that nigga*

    Fucking up that dope ass piece of music, smh.

    *snuffs him again*


  25. Well said. I was recently also ranting a bit about missing Beanie musically. G Unit would be the lesser of the two evils, Fif has in the past, and again recently, been making the same type of street music Mac does, it could work. Id rather he go independent though, or sign to Duckdown.

  26. ” good story dub ”

    Lacking a happy ending, but still.

  27. gramMasta said:


  28. gramMasta said:

    * ponders what to do with the wordpress blog niggas made me set-up ’cause of the comment fukkery *

  29. I could care less about Cassidy, but Beans definitely needs to get it together. I still have hope though.

  30. Lacking a happy ending, but still.

    ^I know lol. I figure ill start off the first few w comedy. I mean I win a lot, but with wins come loses. The loses are actually funner to write about. Ill prolly spend more time on da L’s. I mean we all score who wants to hear me type “I took some girl home n smashed” but I have a couple decent stories in mind. Then I can always go to da archives

  31. Abortatron said:

    Beans will be around again..

    Too talented to just sit there.

    Just needs some beats and some guidance.

    Maybe Lito and a tazer ?

  32. I’m not a Gibbs fan, but I’m not so sure that was a
    good move @ all. Jeezy ain #winning @ all right
    now, AT ALL. He can’t even gather enough steam
    toi get TM103 out. How is signing w a artist
    whose 15mins is up a good move? Please explain

  33. real nigga shit said:

    Banks is a fucking legend. He is not a dumb rapper.

    Banks is a lyrical genius.

    in 2003 – 2004 Lloyd Banks was best rapper in the game..

    HFM is a classic.

    Victory freestyle he murdered Biggie on his shit….No mister cee.

  34. real nigga shit said:

    “You know my team packing metal things
    With more foreign shooters than the Sacramento Kings“ – Boy Wonder

    Google Vlade Divac, Peja Stojavich, Hedo Turkoglu for reference.

    Banks > Fab

    Banks > Kiss

    Banks > Styles

    Banks is the punchline king…mixtape god…

  35. Freddie Mercury = GOAT rock vocalist.
    Just felt like that needed to be stated.
    continue. . .

  36. They need a track called P!

    Prod+Pusha+Sean P

    now i know it should be prodcued by Pharrell, but…

  37. Bricktop said: April 10, 2011 at 12:18 pm Freddie Mercury = GOAT rock vocalist.
    Just felt like that needed to be stated.
    continue. . .


    he had a crazy good voice

    fat bottomed girls>>>

    so many good songs.

  38. real nigga shit said:

    Pusha T with Prodigy…P…sounds like a disaster….waiting to happen..

    I don’t want to hear a liar that continues to rap about the bundles of coke he pushed….and he never moved shit…his manager did…Pusha and Malice never moved and ounce of that raw…never

    and then you got the other idiot that just came from doing a 3 year bid…he caught a case so he can get rapper credibility….

    talking shoot this, kill this, take drugs, thug goon shit, murder people, rob people….but meanwhile Keith Murray fucked you up…Tru Life robbed you and alchemist at gunpoint…and you got your chain took in QB projects…and Pac ethered you with that “Sickle Cell” shit…and jay murdered you with the “money stacks bigger than you”

    Pusha T is a perpetual loser….30 year old and still raping about selling drugs….his flow is stagnant

    Prodigy…beat up, robbed, stomped out, pistol whipped…still rapping that studio gangsta thug shit

    P and P on a track…stand for Pussy…

  39. * daps MCB*
    I am not ashamed to admit that Wayne’s World introduced me to Bohemian Rhapsody. Btw:
    Bohemian Rhapsody >>>>

  40. Bricktop said: April 10, 2011 at 12:42 pm * daps MCB*
    I am not ashamed to admit that Wayne’s World introduced me to Bohemian Rhapsody. Btw:
    Bohemian Rhapsody >>>>

    you are not the only one ahhaha.

    shit i remember goin to soccer tournaments with 1/2 teh team in a minivan or something and were blasting we will rock you and screamin it.

    kids are lik “Wtf” and we were all amped up

    for youth soccer hahahah

  41. real nigga shit said:

    Freddie Gibbs signing to CTE is a big move….

    Always fuck with Gibbs…real street dude….the fuck nigga from nowadays don’t understand him….because they obsessed with these light skinted niggas like Drake, J Cole, Kid Cudi…and fuck boys like BOB and Lupe Fiasco…

    Jeezy a real dude…and them CTE niggas is about that life…

    Jeezy had all that drama with Drama…stabbings and shoot outs…

    I respect jeezy for that…He aint the smartest or the most lyrical..

    But Jeezy will send his goons to shoot and stab you if necessary..

    eybody riding with Ross…but he stole Jeezy swag…and ran with it…

  42. real nigga shit said:

    Waka Flocka Flame single handedly has Trap rap and Gangsta music…you know Goon thug hip hop on life support…

    Can’t wait to 50 cent drop his album…and niggas jump back on the Aggressive Content bandwagon..

    Freddie Gibbs is the future of Violent Music…

    Fuck Drake, Yela, J Cole, Fuck Cudi…extra fuck Cudi…and Fuck Eminem and Asher too…fuck Bob and lupe too

  43. Abortatron said:

    Asher Roth >>>

    John brown, king of the burbs>>

    Hallelujah holla back

  44. ” I know lol. I figure ill start off the first few w comedy. ”

    lol You’re right, fam. I jus’ couldn’t miss the chance to do that triple entendre.

    Ask yourself how, tho.

  45. man why do dime girls always have to have some ugly ass cockblocking friends with them…..

  46. real nigga shit said:

    Jadakiss = Reggie Miller

    Jadakiss = Mark Jackson

    Jadakiss = Phillip Rivers

    Jadakiss = Dan Marino

    Jadakiss been in the rap game for 20 years…never made shit…never produced a classic…

    But he is the most underrated rapper ever….his features and bars and 16’s are amazing..

    Wale gave him his best shot on that 600 benz….Jadakiss just coughed…and bodied Wale on that shit….

    Wale did his thing…Jada murked him though

  47. real nigga shit said:

    I hope Jada and Styles sign to maybach music…

    Puff couldn’t do shit with Kiss or the Lox….but Puff is making Ross the best rapper in the game right now…he is a legend in the souf…

    Jada and Styles P on MMG would be huge….

    Wale, Pill, Ross, Meek Mill

    possibly Jada and Styles…

    damn….that line up reminding me of Tha Row and Loud Records…and No Limit back in the days…and Cash Money back in the day….

    probably give comp to YMCMB..

    Jada and Styles please join MMG…

    The Lox is finished…D-Block is a brokest rap collective ever

  48. real nigga shit said:

    can’t believe wiz and currency passed on signing to MMG…

    Wiz…because Wiz is marketable and very mainstream

    Ross would of gave dude a crazy advance…and MMG chain…and probably one of his maybachs….

    but he rather let the Zionists and White man rape his pockets…

  49. still a work in progress but tell me what yall think definite shout out to this blog too dope wish yall the best of luck


  50. EnglandRepresent said:

    RNS = FBM???

    Hoooooooooooooooooters. That you?

  51. ‘My God’, ‘Raid’, ‘I Still Wanna’ >>>>>

    Pusha’s album should be ridiculous, if he matches the quality of all the original songs on Fear of God.

  52. EnglandRepresent said:
    April 10, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    RNS = FBM???

    Hoooooooooooooooooters. That you?


  53. ” ‘My God’, ‘Raid’, ‘I Still Wanna’ >>>>> ”


    Alone In Vegas tops them all.

  54. […] Q-Tip was nowhere near back and throughout this article, which is a sequel [the original being this,] I’ll discuss some of his moves and their context, even though the fan in me low key wanted him […]

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