May 24th…..

Tha RAWSE Reich begins…..

We swimmin’ in hater-infest’d waters…..


Bigga than a title…..

Bigga than a name…

U could label us tha biggest label in tha game…..

BAWSE been dodgin’ debacles like potholes in Jamaica…..

“Interscope” Jackson….?




But fuck goin’ diamon…..

We finna be buildin’ a Dynasty…..

RAWSE been on his Pat Riley Swag….

Financin’ contracts…..wit’ tha most coveted Free Agents in tha game…..

Pill…..Meek Mill…..Wale…..

The drug distributors equivalent…..

Of dealin’ dope wit’ LeBron…Wade…an Amare…..

An how could I forget Teedra Mos….Christina Bosh…..(behind every BAWSE be a down ass bitch, ya dig?)

First tha fingas got pricked…..

Then tha singles got picked…..

Then tha choppa suits got fit…..

2011…..The Saga Continues…..

BAWSE got sand b’tween his toes…..

An permanent coochie stank on his breath…..

We don’t see u haters…..

Comments on: "R-I-P Tudda Competition….." (14)

  1. ” he works with designs or something? ”

    He does although that’s not why I’m suggesting.

    He’s a bigger Lupe stan than you are.

    I know right now this is hard for you to believe.

    But he is.

  2. yall might wanna holla at shake or meka if HH keeps at it with these paintshop skills. lol

  3. real nigga shit said:

    HH is cool and all…amusing at times…

    by why do niggas on here let him make posts?

    the nigga doesn’t even type in English…

    Ya’ll just use his paypal account to pay for ads…..

    “This nigga been a mark, they used his credit card for rental cars“

  4. lol I don’t doubt it lol Lupe is the reason I’m a artist now his album along with my surgery help change my life

  5. I own your souls…

  6. I’m not a blogger, I’m a drug dealer.

    Fiends get their hit when they press F5

  7. real nigga shit said:

    safe to say fake eskay is hh….

    where is the georgebushmoney janitor…custodian

  8. I got the blood of Pimp C

    And the face of Bun B

  9. Hilarious… *Salutes* the homie HH

    *Pops Champagne on behalf of the haters *
    *Ejaculates in they moms faces*

  10. real nigga shit said:

    Too all my ballers and rich niggas..

    Which one should I get louis roederer cristal or Armand de Brignac aka “Ace of Spades”


  11. Slimwhiteguy said:

    Fuck rawse

    Bitchass fraud

  12. I’ve never known anybody to stan for Rozay as much as HH, that’s some next level shit.

    BAWSE got sand b’tween his toes…..

    An permanent coochie stank on his breath…..

    We don’t see u haters…..


  13. The Psychlone said:

    Wait, didn’t 50 sell trillions of albums, party with Ross’ baby mama and son at Floyd Mayweather’s, and put his baby mama’s sex tape on the internet? Not even a 50 fan really but come on, it’s impossible to lose more decisively than he does.

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