“Ghetto misery over Alchemist symphonies…”

Boston MC Reks can flat out rap. No gimmicks, no face tattoos, no Amber Rose; for Reks, it’s all about beats, bars and life. “Why Cry?” is the first single from his new LP,  and joined by “The Hardest Rapper Out”, Style P, over a typically grimy Alchemist track,  it functions as a reminder to those who struggle from the bottom that the revolution might never be televised, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Reks Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme is in stores now. Support the real.

Comments on: "Reks feat. Styles P “Why Cry” (Produced By The Alchemist)" (28)



    good shit, amp.

  2. CiCi The Intern said:

    *daps the GBM crew*

  3. REKS>>>>>

  4. Bricktop said:

    The millionaire
    The mansion
    The yacht

  5. never on schedule

    but always on time

  6. Amp,

    I envy you’re writing b.

    It ain’t even fair bro.

    Reks is killin it tho. His CD gets heavy spins around here. Cigarettes and 25th hour are hot tracks.

  7. *daps TS1900*

    even mr nobody….

    im saying 25th hour, the self-titled track, so gooood

  8. “No Amber Rose”


    *Shots fired at Wizzle Mayne?

  9. I need to get this album. There is nothing like a good slice “i can rap better than you” rap. 25th hour was a heater, premo has dropped some ill tracks here and there of late.

  10. *Daps MCB*

    Whattup brethren

  11. I might have to check this out now…. Damn you Amp and your persuasive writing skills, lol

  12. youtu.be/uLrTjTsC_no

    2min mark
    Ether in its illest form….

  13. Esgay Lauder said:

    you think you ballin cause you got a blog…

  14. take ya mask off FBM….

  15. real nigga shit said:

    Styles P you been in the game for 20 years…give it up bruh…you are 37 years old

    Diddy sonned you….

    The Roc murked you…

    50 Cent exhumed you…but you back in that casket…pushed ya album back…and in radio interview on hot 97 you were sucking Fiddy dick, dick ryding, giving props and how much you like him…

    50 Cent came on the aggressive tip and sonned you..

    Styles P…give it up…you too old….you Beanie Sigel status…Big Butt Big Gut ass nigga…

    Big Butt Big Gutt nigga…

  16. real nigga shit said:

    Not ever fucking mask or new member that joins this blog is me…

    I only got 2 names…FBM and RNS….I can’t log on to FBM…because Jihad and TS1900 banned my name…

    FBM and RNS..

    all these other fuck niggas…fake eskays are HH…

  17. CiCi The Intern said:

    ^ Welcome back.

  18. Heroine Headliner said:


    Fo yo ass get tha BAWSE Sauce…..

    I ain’t one to be played wit…..

    Put u in tha mask protection program…..

  19. I don’t why but the screen name ‘Esgay Lauder’ actually made me lol

  20. real nigga shit said:

    Is there beef with Eskay for real?

    I got his address, real phone number, his gov’t name…

    I’ll go pay him a visit tomorrow. On some street shit.

  21. real nigga shit said:

    If TS1900 and Jihad give me the word…at my Ashmi Rawlins door step…and bringing the drama…fuck him and his mama

  22. I got his address, real phone number, his gov’t name…
    I’ll go pay him a visit tomorrow. On some street shit.
    Yo…. WTF

  23. Fbm>.

    Fo yo ass get tha BAWSE Sauce…..

    lmao wtf is a BAWSE SAWSE.

  24. mod’ing me?


  25. Dza’s THC is avail for d/l
    you know where or at smokedza.com


  26. ” mod’ing me? ”


  27. Real nigga shit said:

    I posted esgay address and his phone number
    It’s in the banks post

  28. Nas & KGR- Fast Life >>>>

    KGR merked that shit

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