Smoke DZA – The World (Video).

I’m not really sure who to thank for the prevalence of quality weed rap that’s been proliferating the blogs in recent months (or years, depending on who’s counting), but I’m pleased about the development. I don’t indulge anymore, but you certainly don’t have to be a weed connoisseur to enjoy the stylings of cats like Curren$y, Trademark da Skydiver, Wiz Khalifa (I’ve included him solely to piss in JihaD‘s cornflakes) and as of right now for the Jonnie-come-latelys among you, Smoke DZA.

DZA’s been making the rounds for a minute now and here’s most of what you need to know to get caught up on what he’s about:

  • He smokes weed and raps about it a lot. Sorry if that was obvious from the first paragraph. Rap fans can be slow sometimes though. I blame all the weed y’all smoke,
  • He’s out of Harlem, NY,
  • He can rap really well. On a technical level. Plus he has a fairly unique style reminiscent of Curren$y and Willie the Kid,
  • Like a bunch of other NY cats, he’s obsessed with Polo. Not the shitty excuse for a sport that elitist Brits and WASPs play – the designer, Polo by Ralph Lauren, and
  • He’s pretty well connected in the rap game already. A glance at the tracklist for ‘The Hustler’s Catalog’ will reveal that.

You probably didn’t need to know any of that shit to enjoy DZA’s brand of mellow, hyper-literate rap, but then again, GeorgeBushMoney cares. Smoke DZA’s latest project, ‘The Hustler’s Catalog‘ (THC. Get it? As in… ah fuck it. There’s no way anyone is THAT fucking dense) is out for FREE right now. Just click the variably amusing (depending on how high you are) album cover below for a download link. Or HERE.

Is this even legal?

Oh, and I figured out who to thank for the glut of stoner rappers out at the moment.



Comments on: "Smoke DZA: The Hustler’s Catalog" (38)

  1. @JihaD
    check your texts in a minute

    good shit fam.

    why do you continue to slander the good name of nas with that artwork? LMAO

  2. Wiz Khalifa

  3. Wiz Khalifa

    how do you describe dub’s perfect woman for 200, alex..

  4. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    @Tron – I cant help it, I want to make sure I go 100 on every song cover I do

  5. but that last submission may have sounded better and more on beat.. but that was a mashup

    it’s whatever, but you’re never gonna win that dime bag of dirt weed if you don’t showcase some original production

  6. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    @ Tron – I have no talent. Just want to submit something

  7. no biggie. i appreciate the interest.

    ..and the covers are hilarious/ridiculous

  8. (I’ve included him solely to piss in JihaD‘s cornflakes)


    *looks at bowl of cornflakes Im currently eating*
    *sees this line*
    *calls the police*


  9. real nigga shit said:

    You forgot to mention he’s ugly hideous

    What’s wrong with lo

    I don’t wear it because too many blacks wear it

    But idea fix with the look with no horsey on it

    Plus i only wear louis vuitton

    And when you niggas come to lv

    I’m going to hermes

    And when you come to hermes

    I’m off to Paul stuart

  10. Dam Tron that was fucked up lmao

  11. real nigga shit said:

    Id fux with the lo with no pony

    Only my rides got horses

    Not my clothes

    But i only wear purple label from italy
    Black panel when I’m on my jay all black eything steez

  12. real nigga shit said:

    *black label

  13. real nigga shit said:

    Nigga bloggers here type too much text words
    Niggas with life
    Ain’t have time to read all that write

    Nation dre meka legend
    Only type 1 sentence. Per post

  14. Shanghai23 said:

    the last Mixtape had some joints on it, but overall was kinda disappointing to me…hope this one will be better

  15. What’s the verdict on this tape anyone give it a solid listen yet?????

  16. Shanghai23 said:

    downloading right now, but will only have the chance to listen to it tonight…

  17. real nigga shit said:

    Wiz got eybody smoking now
    Papër planes
    How you start smoking in your 20 s
    Eybody rapping about beeing zooted or a piffhead
    Thanks wiz

    If it aint backpack
    If it aint weef smoke
    If aint simping singing rnb rap hip pop

    Hip hop rap music is dead

    50 cent we need you
    50 cent never smoked in his life
    And 50 removex his tattoos

  18. EnglandRepresent said:

    Upland, California, where gangsters rock Salvatore Feragamo suits and whip Audis excusively. I want in on that shit.

  19. real nigga shit said:


    Ill rock an audi proudly

    But my buns only sits on benzes

    But ferragamo loafers >>

  20. Looking forward to this, GKDB was great IMO, production was tight and showcased a unique flow.. Wasn’t a fan of Substance Abuse but GKDB was on point. Funny how 3 of the albums this year I would have bought, turned out to be free.. Return Of 4eva, THC and Covert Coupe.

    P.s. I always thought Juice was cool, his greatest attributes were his delivery and flows.

    *Revisits old BWS tapes
    *Twists fingers
    *Puts Chucks on
    *Stays G’d Up

  21. GeorgeBushMoney cares

    ^ * adopts as a tagline *

  22. Bricktop said:

    On my life somebody owes you guys money for this shit. Cause this is at least the third time that one of you’s has totally convinced me to give an honest listen to an artist that I’ve intentionally passed over easily a dozen times over at The Playground (Nah, you know – where all the simple kids be). And the recess monitor (SK) might “claim” that he only posts artists that he likes, but you guys actually instill belief in the artists you post, which further proves how much more ya’ll actually give a damn about this thing of ours.

    * props, daps, gang signs and all of that*

  23. mobbdeen said:

    Shouts to Hopp for posting that Juice shit. There was no way I’d ever listen to a nigga named Juice of my own accord.


    That’s why we’re here. We care. No homo. Thanks.

  24. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    George Kush Da Button was/is amazing, just DLed the new tape, will probably listen to it today. I haven’t heard the other tapes but I’ll definitely get around to it.

    Smoke DZA>>>>>>>>>>>Vado btw

    DZA’s flow is really good, kind of reminds me of late 90s Jay-Z for some reason.

  25. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    good post too

  26. Y’all Young Republicans need to be watching this IPL shit! I know I know, we don’t play that Cricket shit, it’s boring! Nah son, this is a much shortened version of the cricket game, the amount of big hits and action going on here, is reminding me of Baseball.
    And any maafucka tryna diss me, I’ll be sending virus’ to yo bitchass!

  27. Shanghai23 said:

    George Kush Da Button was/is amazing,

    see i never thought that it was amazing…i think it is really solid, but only has 3 really outstanding tracks. For me it always felt like Ski beats gave all his good beats to both Pilot Talks…

    Btw, The Weeknd – House Of Balloons >>>
    I might even prefer this to Frank Ocean

  28. For me it always felt like Ski beats gave all his beats to both Pilot Talks…

    You think? I felt that Ski gave DZA different types of beats compared to Curren$y, and good different too, it was nice hearing a slightly different lane of production on GKDB.

  29. Eastern_Digital said:

    How can a style be unique and reminiscent of somebody at the same time tho?

  30. I haven’t been on here in a couple of days. I see things are looking aight in here.

    What it do tho folk!! (this is what them bammas say, no?)

  31. How can a style be unique and reminiscent of somebody at the same time tho?


    Unique in that the style stands out. Reminiscent in that the style brings to mind some other styles.

    They aren’t mutually exclusive terms. But I see what you’re seeing too.

    GBM still cares though.

  32. Esgay Lauder said:

    this shit go stupid fruity hard

  33. Esgay Lauder said:

    I feel like BrickSquad makin a comeback’s a re-up

  34. real nigga shit said:

    Juice aint that bad man….So what if he wont release an album or got a strong fanbase…

    Dude reps gangsta rap goon thug music….that shit died with 50 cent…

    eybody running with Cudi, Drake, Cole, Big Sean, Ye, BoB, Lupe… movement…thats the fuck nigga movement…

    obviously juice aint gonna wear skinnies or tight muscle shirts..and see thru button ups…ya heard me

    Niggas hate Juice, niggas hate Freddie Gibbs….

    Gangsta rap is dead…

    put back pack on, start lighting up oregano…even if you started smoking last month at age 22…

    thats what rap music about now…

    posers that aren’t really smokers…

    the same shit happen in 2005 – 2006…with the skateboards and grinding on the tail pipe….with lupe and p….

    now eybody smoking…coughing and choking…fucking fags

  35. I don’t smoke & I love weed rap

  36. real nigga shit said:

    ^I dont smoke either…because I’m trying to out live these niggas…My lungs are pristine…No black clouds or charcoal grey lungs for me thank you..

    That’s why you coughing and spitting phelgm into you 30 – 40’s..

    no thank you..

    not smoking keeps you healthy…

    All these niggas making smoker weed rap is posers man…they cough when they inhale the smoke…and have sneezing attacks…come on b

  37. I used to often and I suppose I do now on occasion, but I wouldn’t call myself a “smoker”

  38. DAMN, no mention of how well V-Don flipped this Mellowhype beat? And I saw DZA twice live before I ever listened to anything he recorded and I have to say his studio shit is so much better. He’s probably the most boring rapper in the world in a live setting – his flow just doesn’t translate well at all.

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