First of all, I have to laugh at the fact Willie’s vision of dropping a video is send it via e-mail to the blog family four days after it’s been uploaded. I think I can be blamed on that for not publishing this post earlier being that I had already seen it. Well, GBM still cares. © Deen


Sure, it’s low budget. Bear with the kid. Plus, in his defense, it probably wouldn’t look that much better if he had thrown more money behind it. I think he’ll get the hang of it eventually, especially since I think he’ll try to keep the three videos per project ratio [the video for Die Free it’s on his way, which is pretty damn dope] and he already has at least three more mixtapes he’s been working on [I think he’ll end up selling one of them as an EP to get some iTunes money, but nothing confirmed so far].

For now, frames like the one at :45 of the Hickory Smoke video, that are supposed to be more serious and bring a sinister vibe to match the song do nothing but make me laugh. But The Crazies… stays on the playlist and Hickory Smoke is my “Most Played” song of last year, so in the bigger scheme of things as long as the music stays dope you should be checking. ‘Cause I sure am.

Comments on: "Willie The Kid “The Crazies…”" (31)

  1. Isendplanetix said:


  2. real nigga shit said:

    Jihad and chubble shoota

  3. EnglandRepresent said:

    Hoots serious question, if you did ever get anywhere near that New York skank, would you have smashed that? That woulda been a 4 rubbers on the johnson (n) moment, bitch got undiscovered diseases lurking in her minge.

  4. gramMasta said:

    willie the kid can rap

  5. real nigga shit said:

    I would of ateing new york ass out
    Im freekey like that
    I got butt breath eyday but not because i dont brush my teeth (c) NOWB
    Its cuz my tongue stay tickling tingling some rectum and anal pastrami (c) big weight gain / fatmasta

  6. ” willie the kid can rap ”

    All that matters.

  7. I’m sorry but that Currensy song was boring as hell

  8. The beat was nice tho.

  9. yo, can yall re-up that Spitta link… It hurts that I have to go to the “old spot” to hear it.

  10. ” yo, can yall re-up that Spitta link… ”

    On the last thread ?

    Still plays just fine here.

  11. Shit said “File not found” whenever i press play

  12. Sup Young Republicans, can y’all recommend a couple of good Freddie Gibbs mixtapes? I got Str8 Killa No Filla, but only liked the 2nd half of it, mainly cause of beat selection. I prefer him on beats like ‘The Ghetto’ that are boom bap-like and beats that are soulful..
    Any suggestions?

    That Jet Life To The Next Life tape with Cookin’ Soul is >>

  13. That Jet Life To The Next Life tape with Cookin’
    Soul is >>


  14. ” Cookin’ Soul is >> ”

    I concur.

    * plays Bugatti Boyz – Another One [Cookin Soul Remix] *

  15. Eastern_Digital said:

    ” Cookin’ Soul is >> ”
    I concur.
    * plays Bugatti Boyz – Another One [Cookin Soul Remix] *

  16. real nigga shit said:

    A fuck nigga does what he can
    a real nigga does what he wants

    A coward nigga dies a thousand deaths
    A real nigga only dies once and lives like a king

    Fagg fun boi

  17. Bulls v Lakers final
    Madrid v Schalke final

    im going with the underdogs

  18. Willie The Kid is growing on me, but he sounds too much like another wannabe Nas. I hate wannabe Nas and Jay clones.

    Ali Vegas
    Jay Electronica
    Willie The Kid


  19. Raul and Farfan are good. But I doubt Schalke will beat Man U.

    Nani, Rooney, Chicarito Hernandez…

    Good luck with that.

    I also want Real Madrid to destroy the fuck boyz of Barza..

    Angel Di Maria >>>

    Benzema >>>

  20. Tony Bandz said:

    comments be outta control on here

    what up tho blog niggaz

  21. i cant stand barcelona

    only dickriders like that pass pass pass shit

    i want goals and speed and tricks, like ronaldo and ozil

  22. Tony Bandz said:

    we smokin out in public
    you know them bishes love it
    im a real trap nicca cheaaaaaa

  23. Dumbfoundead: Stop sleeping niggas…

  24. gramMasta said:

    * salutes Hopp *

    da f**k is up with the c-section tho?

  25. Baddest R and B bitches right now –
    1) Rihanna
    2) Beyonce
    3) Drake

  26. The Clipse verse on Justin Timberlake Like I Love You was the best thing to happen to pop music. Ever.

  27. ” he sounds too much like another wannabe Nas. ”

    I don’t know, fam. Sounding like another Nas and sounding like another wannabe Nas are two very different things.

    Interesting point of view, tho.

    * salutes the homie gramMasta *

  28. Tony Bandz said:

    if yall got 9 niggas workin on this blog you need to post more than just a few times a day come on

  29. Divide and Conquer

  30. gramMasta said:

    ” he sounds too much like another wannabe Nas. ”

    ^ i dont hear that at all

    the cheezy visual works for this track tho

  31. Nah die?

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