The recent release of FBI files on Tupac Shakur took me by surprise. Although there are numerous examples of how Jewish mobsters have been affiliated with the record industry, it was strange to read how Tupac & Eazy E were alleged to have received various threats of extortion from the Jewish Defense League before their deaths.

It’s important to examine the relationship between African Americans & Jewish people within hip hop.

The Good:

In 1984, Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons become business partners at Def Jam Records. Rubin goes on to produce many classic records for artists such as LL Cool J, Run DMC.

(It was actually Rick Rubin who wanted to sign Public Enemy. Russell Simmons was said to have been against the idea)

After being released from prison after a 10 year sentence, Shyne finds solace in Judaism and eventually moves to Israel.

Around 1983/1984, The Beastie Boys burst onto the hip hop scene with their punk attitude & party anthems.

Malcolm Mclaren becomes an influential figure in hip hop overseas, helping to bring the genre to the UK.

Mclaren also helps to produce the World Famous Supreme Team, who have several hit records throughout the 80’s.

The Bad:

Professor Griff is labelled as an Anti-Semite by the media after allegedly making disparaging remarks about Jewish people. Their road manager at the time, Lyor Cohen, closed the National Holocaust Museum so that he could show them the discrimiation and hardships Jewish people have endured.

Mos Def stirs up controversy on his record The Rape Over, with the line “some tall Israelis is running this rap shit”.

Jewish record executive , Jerry Heller hired former IDL Commando Mike Klein to take over as security for Ruthless Records after numerous threats from Death Row. Klein was said to be a man with various contacts in the Nation Of Islam & Jewish Defense League.

There are still no black owned distributors, the majority of which are owned by old Jewish male executives.

The Ugly:

In 1998, former CEO of Polygram Records, Eric Kronfeld said “If every African American male in the United States were disqualified from pursuing a livelihood because of a criminal record, then there would be no, or virtually no African American employees in our society or our industry.

Jewish rapper, Asher Roth makes a distasteful joke about “nappy headed hoes” , paraphrasing controversial shock jock Don Imus.

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  10. xvideos(mobb deep ref.)
    spankwire(apes in space ref.)
    xhamster(ampgeez ref.)
    slutload(big homie ref.)
    tnaflix(landlord ref.)

    ^Hip hop. Not smut peddling sites.

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  12. For the not snitching. There’s a certain code foren to follow and some men went astray with selfishness and bitchmadeness. Glad you weren’t.
    where I grew up, it wasnt an option.

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  13. Jewish rapper, Asher Roth makes a distasteful joke about “nappy headed hoes” , paraphrasing controversial shock jock Don Imus.

    ^smh. Does he still raps?

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  15. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    I would also include commentator ‘mcb’ on the ugly list.

    Nah I’m playin’.

    Anyway, it’s good to see Harlem writing some stuff for the site. I enjoyed this.

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  35. Jews do not, I repeat DO NOT, claim Asher Roth. His dad is Jewish but he doesn’t affiliate with the Tribe.

    …also, fuck that guy.

    On a related note, here’s a list of great Black/Jewish duos in hip hop:

    Nas & MC Serch
    Jay-Z & Lyor Cohen
    Prodigy & Alchemist
    The Roots w/Scott Storch
    Lil Wayne & Drake
    Sean Price & Ill Bill (album coming soon!)
    Eazy-E & Blood of Abraham

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  39. it’s a new post hoots.

  40. […] African American & Jewish relations in Hip Hop by Harlem World […]

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