Diamonds In Da Rough were a group from the Eastside of Harlem, who were signed to Rocafella around 1997/1998.

They never got to release an album on Rocafella, however they were featured on the Streets Is Watching Soundtrack, released in 1998.

The groups logo was a diamond, and it’s a little known fact that the members would throw up their diamond sign during performances and photo shoots.  This was later adopted by the rest of the Rocafella roster.

Comments on: "Diamonds In Da Rough: Throwing up the Roc" (16)

  1. RNS gets no pussy…

  2. real nigga shit said:

    HW is it true you were down with The Roc and Dips at their prime?

  3. real nigga shit said:

    I guess every crew got its set of lames and squares and herbs…HH Hopp, etc.

    Every NBA team has those that come off the bench for garbage time.

    You know the 96 Bulls…had Kukoc Kerr…..those lames….

    Hopp and HH are dead weight…they like Bleek and Grafh of the crew…

    make yall look like the Detroit Lions that when 0-16

  4. its mista steal yo gurl

  5. Mista steal yo gurl says :


    WTF hoots.

  6. kool keith is a legend.

    kool keith will get a white girl to let him piss in her hair..

    ultra mag are legends

  7. real nigga shit said:

    That’s not me…its mcb or HH.

  8. Nike talk tho?

  9. RNS always talkin bout “rim jobs is on some grown man shit”

    until you peed on a gul, you ain’t doin shit..

  10. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    Curren$y got renegaded by Gibbs

    Truth be told, I prefer the lyrics Curren$y displays on his albums versus his mixtapes. Seems like he steps it up on the shit we pay for versus these free projects

  11. NOWB u gonna submit anything else for the nas shit

  12. real nigga shit said:

    That is Heroine Headliner…SMH..

  13. real nigga shit says:

    That is Heroine Headliner…SMH..
    why u say that?

    It ain’t him. The IP don’t match.

    I don’t think it’s a mask.

  14. real nigga shit said:

    Well it aint me. I don’t type how he type. That’s not my steez.

    Plus I dont piss on girls. I get pissed on by girls. Nah lol. But any type of excrement in sex is disgusting.

  15. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    @Tron – Idk if I will have time. Been really busy with school and work. I’ll let you know

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