Produced by Araab Muzik, Shiest bodies this track.

The track is a smart concept, the track will make more sense once you peep the symbols!

“Dipset is a cult

Comments on: "Shiest Bubz – 52 Diamondz" (10)

  1. Damn.

    Harlem’s working.

  2. This nigga harlem aint playin…

  3. Lf: Some new chris brown song and it aint hard to tell share the same sample

  4. Sheist Bubz is ether the best rap name ever, or the worst.

    I haven’t figured it out yet.

  5. I’m not a liar like Kid Frankie…who makes up stories
    and niggas on nahright believe him…gtfoh


  6. pcp,
    continue. . .

  7. looks like we found Ross’s ghost writer.

  8. Big Mike Ft. Jeezy- out on tha town>>>

  9. real nigga shit said:

    And niggas wonder why I say niggas get no pussy, get no girls, and absolutely have no social life or social interaction and communial activity..

    its friday night and you niggas here blogging..and shit..

    before you idiots say “but you here too, tracking niggas moves”

    nah b…i’m on a mobile device….that means I’m moving…I’m mobilizing…

    I got 4G network…b….you on a fucking laptop, desktop computer…

    you can’t see me…In my hand held…ya heard me

  10. @RNS

    you think you the only mufukka with a phone ?

    you think you got exclusive access to the 4g network ?

    a mufukka like me – i walk skraight into tha club, and pick any bitch i want… then i’m takin her home, and pissing all in her hair..

    i’ll steal yo girl , skraight the fukk up

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