Forget about Detox for now. I’m more hyped for The Book Of David.

This album was supposed to be released last year, but the process of getting features and samples cleared have unfortunately delayed the project. Until now.

The latest leaks from the album indicate to me that The Book of David will be more than worth the wait. Judging from the chords & tempos of the tracks, it feels like it might be a smooth summertime album, perfect for hot weather and late nights.

For some reason L.A inspires artists to create magic. Maybe it’s in the air (or maybe it’s the weed?)

Here’s a couple joints to hold you over until the album drops..
DJ Quik ft Ice Cube: Boogie Till You Conk Out

Dj Quik ft Gift Reynolds: Luv Of My Life

The Book Of David (finally) drops on April 20th

Comments on: "DJ Quik: The Book Of David" (107)

  1. i actually heard that this album had leaked..

  2. Out of all the songs in this clip, only one sounded dope.

  3. The song at frame 1:50 sounds is vicious.

  4. hoots, if you lurking, you are unblocked. all your IP’s.

    don’t be on here being a fuck face and you good money.

  5. and don’t be masking up and/or thieving other peoples screen names.. and you can comment freely.

  6. LeRoy Green said:

    (2000) Prodigy – Basics (The Piecemaker)



    i had 4got all about this one.

    *daps hl*

  7. LeRoy Green said:

    aint nothin Tron whats good? i’ve missed the last few shows you had but i’ll def try and tune in 2mrw

  8. chillin man..

    waitin for wifey to get home from work so i can go spend some bill money on those Jordan 7s

  9. LeRoy Green said:

    lol i aint mad at ya

    yo i’ma hit ya email bout some shit we had discussed a while back.

  10. bet


  11. ” i actually heard that this album had leaked.. ”

    I actually told you that.

  12. To all the ladies in the place wit style and grace allow me to put my hand on ya waist and we can boogie till u conk out… That shit groovy

  13. real nigga shit said:

    tron…jihad keeps blocking me…

    thanks for unblocking me..

    yeah its jihad..

    i need to have a sit down with that nigger…

    I dont have a beef with dude…but he keeps ip banning me

    light skinted or dark skin you can all get it niggers

  14. light skinted or dark skin you can all get it niggers

  15. Whattup, Speez.

  16. You fuggin wit a nigga who ‘ont give a fuck…..

    Empty the clip, den roll the window up…..

  17. Whaddup Hopp! You starrin in movies and all this… I didn’t know u were that big on Easter, bro…


  18. Harlem putting in work

  19. thanks for unblocking me..
    just chill out man..

    don’t be in here running wild and shit, and you will be straight

  20. Jordan retro 7 bodreaux



  21. Dom Kennedy’s eyes be too little for his big ass face. Cheeks be puffing out and shit. Ol’ beaver-ass lookin’ niggaz

  22. *steps on trons new j’s with his new flint grey 13’s*

    *proceeds to comment on gb$*

  23. Those flints were dope.

    I missed em tho.

  24. I copped those and the cool grey 11’s on flight club

  25. I can’t fuck with flight club man..

    Price is too marked up on there..

    I live in a small town, and usually as long as I get there the weekend they drop, I’m good. Except the 11s.. Them bitches always sell out like right away.

    I never had 7s before, they’re Hella comfy

  26. Agreed they are really marked but I got the wife to cop them for my b-day since its coming up
    And co sign the comfort on those 7’s

  27. Heroine Headliner said:

    I blocked rns…..

    He went to far when he said I was unfunny…..

    And I’m finna block him again…..

    Fuck rns/lst/fbm….

  28. The real is back. That bullshit at a decline. -Speez

    ^T-shirt status

  29. Any of you know a great website for some kicks and/or good prices too that also do international shipping to the UK?

  30. Heroine Headliner said:

    The real is back…..


    I’m here…..

    I’m back…..

    Loosened up the tie…..

    Step inside tha trap…..

    SupaBAWSE is alive….

  31. Any of you know a great website for some kicks and/or good prices too that also do international shipping to the UK?


  32. The real is back…..


    I’m here…..

    I’m back…..

    Loosened up the tie…..

    Step inside tha trap…..

    SupaBAWSE is alive….

    *Nose-dives in a cup of bleach*

  33. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    So Many Wayz>>>
    Born and Raised in Compton> >>
    Safe + Sound >
    You’z A Ganxta>>>
    Pitch in on a Party>>>
    Do I love her?>>
    Bombudd II>>>
    Inside Out>>>

    Quik has HAD a plethora of dope jams

  34. Just copped 5 shirts from Hugo Boss.

    My wardrobe is gonna kill the game this summer.

    Y-3’s coming in the mail. I’mma be hella good and ready for whatever.


  35. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    hl if you lurking, nice work on the little brother compilation. Did you post that over here? If not, why?

  36. Any of yall heard of a rapper named dumbfoundead?

  37. Heroine Headliner said:

    we give hl his props…..

    But that’s where it stops….


  38. Heroine Headliner said:

    If you ain’t gbm gang…..

    Fuck you…..

    Run wit us….


    Run from us…..

  39. Roll wit us Or get Rolled over >>>>> Run wit us Or Run from us

  40. Heroine Headliner said:

    Dog shit>>>exlnc

  41. Pubic hair on my cup >>>> headliner

  42. yo this shit is forreal bugging me

    what song samples the biggie line “that’s why i bust back, it don’t phase me/when he drop, take his glock & i’m swayze”

  43. @Deen, if you lurking.. I put my folder in to a zip file and tryna upload it to mediafire, but at the end of the transfer it fails.. Any ideas whattup?

  44. Hl left GBM?

  45. Hl left GBM?

    nah,,, just fell back a little

  46. Heroine Headliner said:

    GBMG or drink bleach…..

    Real talk….

    No man I safe from…..

    Them blogs we done took…..

    He shook….

  47. Dumbfoundead>>>

  48. rrrr

  49. what song samples the biggie line “that’s why i bust back, it don’t phase me/when he drop, take his glock & i’m swayze”
    Knife Fight- Rick Ross Feat Kool G

  50. Don’t judge a book by its cover

    The Book Of $WonDough$

    Will make you Run For Cover

  51. @king speez

    good looks

  52. mobbdeen said:

    @ XLNC

    Dunno man. Maybe try a different upload service like hulkshare.

    Call me disrespectful or deluded, but DJ Quik > Dr. Dre.

    Who want want?

  53. real nigga shit said:

    Tron is this your first jordan ever?

    how old are you?

    i stopped wearing jays when i was 14 – 15…

    my feet only touch christian louboutin or hermes….

    might just stunt in some ysl, lanvin or bottega venetta

    I drop rent on my kicks….holla at me

  54. real nigga shit said:

    I always laugh at anyone over 16 – 17 and still wearing jordans and nikes..

    like really?

    go to cole haans and clarks footwear…if you aint got bread like that..

    I don’t date girls…I only fux with grown woman and young ladies…and strong females..

    they don’t like jordans or nikes…only little girls in middle school…


    I stay in some Loafers though….

    Eskay is 36 years old and still wears jordans….I roffle…everytime Eskay says “I just got my first pair of jordans…but 100 dollars is too much for these jeez…I’m used to paying 80 or 90”

    SMH @ a man in his 30 complaining about 100 dollar sneakers tho

  55. So RNS, what brands you be wearing?

  56. hoots you don’t got no Louie.. no Hermes..

    you line

    you rock jordans too my dude. keep it trill.. you cop em from

  57. We don’t really fuck with Jordans out here, the Nike Dunks and High Tops are what’s good atm. That Cole Haan and Clarks shit is out here too, but I don’t mess with that smart-swag too much

  58. real nigga shit said:

    Tron..i hope you playing and just kidding..

    I posted my pics on…when Plug try to test me and play me..

    It all blew up in his face…and

    I stunt hard…I don’t play games..

    We getting money over here…dont know what the fuck yall niggas doing..

    My closet is like a 4 story building..

    my wardrobe got Parisian, London, Milan names in it…

  59. real nigga shit said:

    Is there any Atlanta Hawks fans in existence? I never met one…

    Go Portland Trailblazers fuck the Dallas Ponies…soft ass niggers

  60. RNS

    You rock a fur coat in the winter time?

    I couldn’t convince myself to leave the crib in a fur. I’d be in the mirror like “nah.. They gonna clown me for this”

    I’d end up rocking the carhartt and giving the mink to deen’s mom. She’s worked hard. She deserves it

  61. real nigga shit said:

    But you could swag in some sebagos sperrys or casual it up with chucks and vans

    And stay j crew gap brooks brother paul stewart down or up

  62. Chucks are for hobo’s and punk rockers…

    That aint swag..

    I ask u for your opinion on fashion, and u say chuck taylors? Chuck Taylor was a racist. You should be ashamed as an African-American if you support a racist company.


  63. Heroine Headliner said:

    Chuck Taylor was a racist…..

    but we dont give a fuck…..

    gangsta is gangsta…..

    my attorney white…..

    limo driver black…..

    gimme some love like I’m bernie mac…..

  64. For the record, I don’t know if chuck Taylor was actually a racist.

    I just know he was born a long time ago, and was a white guy.

    Do the math. Old white= racist

  65. real nigga shit said:

    John gotti was a racist but hes my idol
    And every blak persons icon too
    Ask rozay

    Converse and vans are cali swag

    No socks or the high tube socks on a summer day

    Shout out to chuck taylor

    We all racist somehow

  66. hoots you don’t got no Louie.. no Hermes..

    ^Actually he does. He may be a little off his meds, but Hoots do rock his LVs. Don’t know about Lou boutins tho. Can’t vouch for that yet. Hell, he had enough to want and cop my Audi lol. And was serious about pursuing it. Never responded to the pics of it I sent tho.

    I dont have a problem with a man rocking what he wants, but the only sneakers I wear are chucks (solely to rock for aesthetics, then dispose) and Y-3’s. $400 a pop. But I stick to my Zegna, Boss, Prada, and Farragaummo kick game. Shellz can vouch for that.


    Every man has his own swag. I choose to be the best. Or try doing so.

  67. Hugo Boss designed the NAZI military uniforms.

    Christian Doir was an open racist and homo Architect before fashion.

    Chanel was a racist, especially towards Elsa Scapperelli.

    Chuck Taylor was a racist.

    Timberland company too.

    Most black people are racist.

    Why should I let their view define my closet?

    It ain’t like they hiding the truth like Ricky Ross or something. I like my racist put in the open where I can see them.

    Most fashion designers are gay. So by that logic, I should stop fucking with them too because their lifestyle conflicts with my own.

  68. Extraordinary swagger requires extraordinary responsibility.

    I’m well suited for the task at hand. Can’t help what I like. I like expensive shit not because of the cost, or the background of the people that ran that company. I like it because it’s crafted well.

  69. Can’t fuck with Sperry tho. If I’m going comfy, I’m going Cole Haan Nike air Lab, Fareaguammo, or Kenneth Cole silver Technology. Shit’s feel like you walkin on baby hands.

  70. real nigga shit said:

    Salvatore Ferragamo is where its at tho…

    when I’m on my grown man steez..

    and wanna talk business with the corporate old white men..

  71. real nigga shit said:

    TS1900…you sent me pics of an audi?

    I didnt get it…and honestly i dont recall..

    I need an audi…but audi A8 though…

    boss shit..

    I will get in debt to stunt in 80 – 90 thou vehicle..

    thats why i fux with ts1900…he looks out for niggas…

    see if you can get me those wholesale dealership prices…and cut out the middle man in the euro german whips..

  72. TS you always gotta come thru with the serious steez when all I’m tryin to do is talk some shit and crack some jokes. LMAO

    I keep it b-boy..

    champion hoodies and jeans or cargo’s. fitted hat(new era 59/50 only. fuck that flex fit bullshit) j’s or dunks or maybe timb’s in the winter. carhart coat when it’s cold.

    i keep shit mad simple. especially since i had kids.. gear just ain’t important like it used to be..

  73. If I show up anywhere, and I’m all dressed up in the euro designer swag, people are gonna think I just left a funeral.

    I hate dressing up.

    Call me a bummy ass kizza If u must, that’s just how I dress

  74. TS1900…you sent me pics of an audi?

    I didnt get it…and honestly i dont recall..

    I need an audi…but audi A8 though…

    ^yeah I did. It was at that louboutin @ yahoo addy you posted. No bullshit. I didn’t even get a mailer-daemon sent back. I assumed you got it and didn’t wanna fuck with it, tbh. ’04 A4 well kept with less than 90k on it’ mint green, charchoal and vanilla leather guts in pristine condition.

    I sold it and copped an Element from the factory down in Florida, outside of Daytona.

    Deals still on the table for dealerships tho. Right now, Im helping my sis find a Camero for stock price. So far, no good tho. No one is taking the bait because people are paying 10k over the sticker price for the joints.

  75. TS you always gotta come thru with the serious steez when all I’m tryin to do is talk some shit and crack some jokes. LMAO

    I keep it b-boy..

    ^LOL nah, we chillin right now. Justy steez.

    I be seein niggas swag that be scaring the shit outta broads tho. Some margs would be better to just throw on a Jason mask and a cape.

    I’m a clean Dapper Dan ass nicca. I keeps it hood opulent.

    Kizza get ya bag on..

    J’ed out, kizza get ya swag on..

  76. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    RNS stay away from the bigboy audi whips. You should drive a Pontiac G5 or subuaru wagon, something more your speed.

  77. real nigga shit said:

    Ts19 is it true you can get camaros challengers mustangs for 10k cash?

  78. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    RNS – You need to save money. You have a family. Quit wasting money on materialistic things. If you can’t afford to drive a mustang, you shouldn’t by a lemon for 10K.

    You should buy a bus pass and save that money for your son

  79. LOL @ NOWB

    Can u see hoots, pulling up to valet parking at the club in a dodge caravan,and he gets out the whip decked out in a Ralph Lauren tuxedo with diamond coated incisor teeth and sunglasses with frames made from the bones of children….

  80. real nigga shit says:
    April 17, 2011 at 12:15 am
    Ts19 is it true you can get camaros challengers mustangs for 10k cash?

    ^The frame within .10 inches of the original body style, yes. But to get a new ’10, ’11, hell nah.

    I’ve been trying with my sister with 18k straight cash with THE DAMN FACTORIES, but it’s a no go. They got a backlog something serious right now. We may end up calling a broker out in LA to see what he can work up in that region. We don’t mind traveling to get it. It’s just GETTING IT. that’s the hard part right now.

    The shell is just the shell though. You can’t so anything with unless you build cars.

  81. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    @ Tron – too vivid.

    I ran my first half marathon today. I am hurting like a mother fucker right now

  82. You can cop a mustang for about 15k cash tho. I’ve seen it happen with several white boys at my old engineering firm. The dealership was right sown the street and about 4 people copped. 15k cash. Drove home that night and came back the next week to do the paperwork. Shot was crazy.

    Only women drive those out here. They appreciate like a mother tho, only if well kept.

  83. NOWB

    You need a screen name change man..

    That shit don’t even make sense.

    And me and TS talked, and we don’t like the way it misrepresents our brand.

    Read the 48 laws of power.

    This shit is serious business.

  84. rozay x g rap is an ill combo

    don’t lie to yourself

  85. KGR x Nas>>>

  86. WORD NOWB,

    That shit ain’t gettin dough over family.

  87. We need our gargoyles in uniform. Right now, you reppin a set that we ain’t representin’ family.

    Switch ya rags, change ya colors. We onna different movement over here.

  88. You niggas wanna sit in my front room with me?

    Posted that on Nah a while back. Place look different now. It’s when I first moved in. Now, I’m moving out once I line up a buyer.



  89. I always laugh when i hear the iww intro

  90. I always laugh when i hear the iww intro

    ^The M.O.B. joint? lol. Yeah. It kinda conflicts with his lifestyle.

    Still, NaS is Numero Uno.

  91. What a nigga gotta do to make half a million without the FBI catching feelings?….

    Smh nas>>>

  92. Yea that one where he acts like hes a slave and throws on that fake southern accent. I was rollin when i first heard it

  93. Sn: Q-Tip spazzed on lyrics to go

    ^Minnie Ripperton-Inside my love
    Youtube it immediately

  94. That’s It Was Written.

    That shit was dopamine frresh tho when it dropped.

    Street Dreams
    I Gave You Power
    Affirmative Action
    The Message
    If I Ruled The World

    Were all >>>

    NaS changed my life with that CD. I was 11 thinking I found the Holy Grail with that one.

  95. Watch dem thats close to you….

  96. That shit was dopamine frresh tho when it dropped.
    My dad dudes was wylin when IWW dropped

  97. Damn no The Set Up?

    That was/is >>>>

  98. take it in blood is the goat nas song

    either version

  99. “One letter short, but mother fuck the DA.”

  100. yo TS you my e-homie and shit but stop name-dropping fashion labels when you can’t even spell them. no shots, just saying. It makes you look like Hoots.

  101. Hov >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    God Son >>>>>


    And this is with whom y’all chose to place ya faith?

  103. Damn I missed all this fashion and whip talk..
    Different time zone <<<<

    In your opinion what do you think the women like more? That smart boy Cole Haan/Hugo boss swag or that varsity jackets/polo rugby type swag?

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