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UPDATE – with the NBA playoffs going on all day today, the turnout was a little low tonight.(shout out those who were in attendance) So for those that dare to hear kizza hip-hop nerdiness at it’s finest, you can stream the latest edition of LightWeightHeavyRadio after the jump..

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  1. real nigga shit said:

    dude no hate..

    but thats a bad time…

    lakers play at 330 est

    knicks play at 7 et..

    you in a fucked up time slot..

    good luck tho

  2. “It’s a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community. I’m not a gay man. I don’t agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy. That’s not my thing. I’d rather fuck a girl, fuck her in her ass, fuck her in the mouth or something.”

  3. real nigga shit said:

    Troubleshooter1900 said:
    April 16, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Hugo Boss designed the NAZI military uniforms.

    Christian Doir was an open racist and homo Architect before fashion.

    Chanel was a racist, especially towards Elsa Scapperelli.

    Chuck Taylor was a racist.

    Timberland company too.

    Most black people are racist.

    Why should I let their view define my closet?

    It ain’t like they hiding the truth like Ricky Ross or something. I like my racist put in the open where I can see them.

    Most fashion designers are gay. So by that logic, I should stop fucking with them too because their lifestyle conflicts with my own.

  4. real nigga shit said:

    That’s some real shit though. everyone on earth is racist.
    people are born racist. if you’re not you are lying.

    Black people are the most prejudice and discriminatory people on the planet.

    I know brothas and sistahs that make Aryans and the KKK look like a Cub Boy Scout girl club…

    Blacks are the most racist…the whole light skin dark skin debate…Blacks making fun of whites for progress and intelligence and being docile and submissive…Blacks making fun of Asians for being book smart and going to the liberry at their lunch time..Blacks shitting on Mexicans for working…working hard…

  5. Blacks are the most racist…the whole light skin dark skin debate…
    Dumbest shit evar…..

  6. Nah'sOnlyWhiteboy said:

    Tron – I shall reveal my new screenname on your show tonight

  7. mobbdeen said:

    Respect the genius of Elvis Freshly, you heathen twunt!

  8. fuckn gargoyle?

  9. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    Tron – thats my ustream

  10. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    Tron my ustream is fuckn up, it wont let me send comments and then it goes blank. I’m reinstalling java/flash etc. I’ll see if that works

  11. 00 back @ it

  12. NOWB try the pop out chat shit

  13. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    Tron – Not working still. Circle just keeps spinning

  14. let the shit spin for a minute.. sometimes it’s like that..
    or restart your computer..

    can u at least hear it?

  15. U better be playin Ventilation n Full Metal off of Covert Coup

  16. u listening dubs?

    why dont u create a username real quick ? takes like 3 seconds

  17. Nah unfortunaelty out n bout I’m on da celly but ill listne during wk. Shout da boy out when u play them if possible!

  18. yo TS you my e-homie and shit but stop name-dropping fashion labels when you can’t even spell them. no shots, just saying. It makes you look like Hoots.

    ^well, typing on an iPhone is difficult while drunk bro.

    aight then.

  19. NOWB if u lurking u can e mail me and u can call in and freestyle..

  20. I wanna drop a freestyle.

    Yo yo yo yo yo,
    Yeah un huh, un huh yeah,
    Check it, check it here we go,
    Yo un huh yeah, yo yeah

    Un huh, yeah
    Yeah hey yeah un huh

  21. all u gotta do is call TS

    u got the math

  22. Tron I was revisiting that Nah thread with all them kizza music that was posted… And stumbled across this

    *daps nahg… gbm’ers ?

  23. oh I aint know you could embed, my bad.

  24. what up fRIO

    you tryin to kick a verse right quick?

    shit is slow .. 10 mins left on the air

  25. I’m TS
    I don’t BS
    GBM, you can’t see us,
    I’m the black Jesus
    Rare like some bigets
    Chicks get digits
    Niggas get deceased
    Page views increase
    They girls in our sheets
    Then get kicked out butt assed in the streets
    I nutted on her cheeks
    Fisted her peach
    And skeeted on ya baby seat
    you see me
    I’m the brotha that painted ya girl’s teeth:
    Had her nutting so hard, the bitch went blind
    As I was tapping that behind
    Choked her and sent a shiver down her spine
    She said my kids tasted minty pine.
    I told that hoe stop lying.
    Then she started crying.
    I said “what”
    Bitch youse my smut
    Swollow my nut
    And I ain’t stocking it in yo butt

    Who want it!?!

  26. EBT card stay heavy,
    In my broke down Chevy.
    Givin all the fat girls peen
    Sellin socks on the freeway, profits is unseen
    I’m so mean.
    Eating my pinto beans
    Dreamin of a scheme
    Hungry and lean
    Hatin on Charlie Sheen
    Bout to sell some loose cigs
    Do a feature with Rigs
    Pants so big
    No belt to hold em up
    I’m a goon I’m so tuff
    Face lookin ruff
    Call me McGruff
    Lips full of snuff
    Live in garage full of stuff

  27. gramMasta said:

    * salutes the squadron *


    It Was Written>>>>Illmatic


    * doorbell rings *

    * is da bookie *

    * vanishes *

  28. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Illmatic > It Was Written

    Especially since it’s been remastered. IWW was GEMtastic though. I listen to at least 2 tracks a day from both.

  29. gramMasta said:

    I listen 2 IWW practically everyday

    but dont let that deter anyones opinion

    i actually own nastradamus on mini disc

    still in the wrapper too

  30. gramMasta said:

    it was written
    supreme clientele
    business never personal
    bobby digital in stereo

    permanent music rotation

  31. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Nastradamus had some GEMS in it too.

    Project Windows
    Last Words
    Shoot Em up
    Life We Chose
    God Loves Us
    New World
    Some Of Us Have Angels

    I really think that CD needs to be revisited by most people claiming that it was a stale LP. It was his weakest LP by far, but still good, none the less.

    The only thing that ruined it was You Owe Me, Nastradmus and that Bravehearts track

    Still a solid LP and by far superior to the music coming out these days.

    The hoes loved Nastradamus and You Owe Me, so, it still has it’s usefulness.

  32. Apocalypto is by FAR the best movie I’ve seen in 2011. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before! Mel Gibson killed that shit with the directing..

  33. gramMasta said:

    u right ts

    i aint listen to it so i cant trash it at all

    but im stiil stuck on iww, and aint mad either

    and i forgot warriorz on that list i posted up there

  34. Ive said it before, I’ll probably say it again.

    But having good rapport with the dude who owns the corner store is a valuable asset.

  35. And all this IWW talk is making me want to revisit the cd..

    Set Up >>>
    That beat is staight up headphone head knocking muzik.

  36. troubleshooter1900 said:


    Lemme drop another freestyle.

    Can yall handle that? I got bars for days, nigga. DAYS.

  37. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Co-sign Apocalypto and The Set-up.

    And yeah GramMasta, check out Nastradamus again if you can. skip over the above mentioned tracks and zone out.

  38. Whattup TS, what’s good?

  39. Bout to update this post with the broadcast from tonight, for anyone that missed it or whatever..

    i’m gonna try and embed, but i think it will auto-play.. so i may have to just link to the u-stream page..

    so if the post disapears for a second, it will be right back..

  40. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Whattup XLNC.

    I’m chillin. Just fucking around for a little while, while reupping my quotes in a paper.

  41. Seen, what you study?

  42. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Intellectual Properties Law.

    Shit’s not hard. Just time consuming and a lot of fuckery.

  43. christ.

    i fucking hate wordpress.

    anyone who missed the fuckery earlier, it’s up there now.

    i’m actually pretty pleased with this edition of the show.

  44. Fuck Law. Business Law is a pisstake to my life. 2 of my friends graduated from Law, I hear Land and Tort Law are just next level fuckery?

    I just said law way too many times for my liking..

  45. troubleshooter1900 said:

    ALL ALC EVERYHING was a dope idea.

    I’m forwarding it to my family now. I had them fucking with the show after they got out of church for a while now.

    they will appreciate this.

  46. troubleshooter1900 said:


    Word XL, NC. This shit is fuckery. I kinda like it though. It’s wild finding out the real meanings of the wording of contracts. Shit will fuck you up.

    Land law is something vicious. I want no parts of that. A whole lotta bread in it though.

    It’s just something to fall back on if my entrepreneurial skill dont work out too well.

  47. It’s not XL,NC, it’s excellency. Corny right? It’s going to be the name of my hookah shop if I fuck up my Marketing degree.. Nah Law is cool, a lot of effort gotta be invested but I’d prefer to let someone else do that, ain’t for me man! Lol
    Yo, it was you and RNS having that convo about cars yesterday right?

  48. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Yep. We were talking about whips and fashion.

  49. You don’t happen to have the show “Top Gear” being broadcasted across the pond? It’s a UK show about all types of cars mixed with humour and it’s shown all around Europe and Asia I think.. Heard of it?

  50. Yo tS I appreciate u helping get word out..

    Xlnc if u ain’t hip to the show, u should check it..

  51. Top gear is dope.

    I watched it on my ps3 on Netflix I believe or one of those other stream services..

  52. Yo Tron I regret not being able to have seen it tonight, still meaning too see what’s up with LWH.. Will definitely check that out tomorrow though, for sure..

    GBM >>>

  53. Cosign IWW being a good album

  54. gramMasta said:

    the beginning of I gave You Power>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    i be ready to knock niggas the fuk out listening to that

    and i know the celtics just won, but they cant be happy bout it

  55. Cosign IWW being a good album
    understatement of the day

  56. Cosign IWW being a good album
    understatement of the day
    Lol I didnt like it the first time i heard it( last year) the more i play it the more it grows on me

  57. Lol I didnt like it the first time i heard it( last year) the more i play it the more it grows on me
    last year???????????????

    You must be a youngin.. No other logical reason

  58. gramMasta said:

    Lil B Names New Album I’m Gay

    Dj Sideshow says:
    Sunday, April 17 2011 at 11:59 AM

    None of you listened to what he said the reasoning was about the name of the album. He named it that because you simple people pay not attention the literal meaning of words gay means happy. He is not hopping out of the closet he is doing it because no one pays attention so words don’t mean shit anymore most people don’t even listen to the lyrics to the music.


    who the fuk niggas think they talking too? OGs and geniuses listen to rap bitch

    that lil nigga aint got no music to speak for itself so hes going in with the antics

    niggas BEEN self titling lps

    if this nigga was so smart he would know niggas love to watch clowns but dont dress or wear the makeup like clowns

    aint nobody buying no lil b cds, even the niggas co-signin this fukkery like dj sideshow cause he aint a main stage nigga fool

    but miss me with the thesis on why lil b is titling his album to state he’s gay


    fuk is wrong with niggas nowadays?

  59. Lol I didnt like it the first time i heard it( last year) the more i play it the more it grows on me
    last year???????????????

    You must be a youngin.. No other logical reason

    ^Has to be. That’s been in heavy rotate for about 12 years now. I got ahold to it in 99.

    Been a NaS Representa ever sense.

  60. And that’s why GramMasta is one of my muafuggin favorite commentors.

    Shit coulda came outta my comment box.

    *Daps GramMasta*

    I agree whole heartedly. Only stupid niggas is believing this bullshit Lil b is going on about.

  61. You must be a youngin.. No other logical reason
    Yes, but im tryna dig for alot of the old stuff tho

  62. gramMasta said: April 17, 2011 at 10:10 pm
    * meditates in the middle of a driveby*

  63. gramMasta said:

    ts these jaded niggas is acting like WE dumb tho

    the ogs used to tell me if you have to keep explaining why u like something

    its a good chance you dont like it at all

    thats the story your keep saying to convince others and yourself at the same time

    like law

    if i got an airtight alibi, i dont need a story to tell

    go check the facts they’ll verify me

  64. I think Lil B is worried bc the OFWGKTA crew is stealing some of his Internet attention. And not only are they saying more outlandish shit, they are infinitely more talented.. (I don’t think anyone would argue this, no matter how much u hate OF, it’s fucking lil B we are talking about)
    So since Lil B cant outrap Tyler and Earl, he’s trying to out shock-value them.

    Ultimately it won’t matter for either of them. Internet stans dont buy albums.

    *ends rant*

  65. gramMasta said:

    true that tron g

    but shock value and internet hype dont equate to sales

    if ross didnt have that MUSIC when that 50 drama was going on

    he was done

    lil b aint got no music

    rip denver nuggets

  66. but shock value and internet hype dont equate to sales

    *reads grams comment*

    *re reads rant*

    Ultimately it won’t matter for either of them. Internet stans dont buy albums.

    *co-signs self*

    *daps g masta*

  67. the ogs used to tell me if you have to keep explaining why u like something
    its a good chance you dont like it at all

  68. gramMasta said:

    * daps tron & fiffortycinco *

    thats why i dont understand some of these comment niggas/kizzas/prizzas/pfizzas

    how u stanning for a rapper but aint got no cd collection?

    them “let me sit next to you and borrow an earbud” type of fans

  69. It Was Written is my favorite album.

    Period. If I was stuck on a desert island or if my car CD/iPod player got jammed on one album, that would be it for me.

    No qualifiers needed.

  70. Clams Casino (producer) >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  71. Clams Casino (producer) >>>>>>>>>>>

  72. real nigga shit said:

    Illmatic = It Was Written

    they are equal…and no way one could be better than the other…

    Both those albums are classics…flawless…no fillers..

    and both are better than reasonable doubt and blueprint..

    Even Jay-Z…a big Nas stan “Calling my phone and I aint even give you my number”

    said Illmatic is the better than Paid in Full, The Chronic, etc.

    Illmatic = Hip Hop Bible

    its the standard by which every respectable rap album is compared and criticized by.

    Nas > Rakim

    Illmatic > Paid in Full

    Nas > Kane

    Nas > G Rap

    Nas > Prodigy

    I wanna to smack the shit outta Amp when he said Prodigy was better than Nas or more hood and street..

    Prodigy always getting robbed, stomped out, punched in the face, clothesline, beat up, herbed and shit..

    Nas only got robbed once,,,,and shot at his concert…

  73. real nigga shit said:

    Lil B is talented as fuck though…Very creative and controversial…I respect him willing to go out on a limb…and be different and unique….first foremost…not afraid to BE HIMSELF..

    someone grown men rappers have a hard time doing..

    you don’t have to sell drugs, bust guns, killer murder, be an inmate, pimp hoes and bitches, be promiscuous, misogynistic and arrogant materialistic in order for me to like your music..

    LiL B is too talented…

    He had a freestyle song called…”I’m a faggot”

    so he’s calling his album “I’m gay”…whats surprising about that? thats not news….

    come on b…he pushes the envelope…and walks on the edge…even though he is flagrant…

    name another rapper that does that….he’s carving his own lane.

    I respect the fuck outta Lil B….my be the first rapper to accept his homosexual audience…like Lady Gaga in pop…

    Lil B is afraid to do what other rappers cant do and can’t go….be comfortable in their own skin and be themselves…

  74. real nigga shit said:

    Bad or Good publicity….all publicity is good….Lil B got his name and him on your tongue…and you talking about him..

    Lil B is a PR genius…his manager and pr assistant is a genius…

  75. RNS I gotta disagree, even though I study Marketing I fully understand you put your name out there and get people talking, but I believe in the Hip Hop industry, you should be good at your craft and let the music speak for itself.. All these talentless rappers for the last few years have had to rely on something of shock value to get their name out, nobody talking about Lil B’s bars or how well he raps.. That’s why I respect rappers like KRIT and J. Cole.

    Ok, they ain’t technically built like Nas, but their music and messages are admirable and they produce really well and they have likeable personas. They don’t have to shoot Pornos as their music videos or name their album a certain way, cause they have talent and passion for music. And that alone says wonders about their music.

  76. real nigga shit said:

    Lil B is new aged Kanye West…not musically…maybe one day…but with his off the wax/off the record antics..

    Ye always being prejudice, screaming on white folks…assaulting Taylor Swift and violating George W Bush…and Prez took offense to that…

    Ye always saying he going to pose naked on Ebony Vibe magazine…How he always wears Pastelle colors and shiny leather paints with the glitter on em..

    LiL B is modern day Martin Luther King…Hear me out…

    MLK judge none, accepted all, forgive everyone, loved all..

    LiL B is broadening his horizons…He don’t judge you by color, preference or disability.

    I respect the lil man lil b for that…dude has an uplifting movement..

    LiL B probably one of the most influential and impacting artists of this decade…bar none..

    “Only God Can Judge Me”

  77. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    Tron – sorry I couldn’t get in last night. I don’t understand what is going on with my ‘puter

  78. Lloyd Banks rhymes are developing as he gets older.

    He\’s always been ahead of his time.

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