“I’m Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund” (c) Cam’ron

The world of professional wrestling and hip hop both have a lot more in common than we think, for example:

  • They both have a lot of interesting characters/personalities
  • A lot of the entertainers have feuds with each other
  • Many legends died at a young age in both industries
  • A large section of nostalgic fans yearn for the good old days

I’m not gonna front, I was a huge wrestling fan even into my adulthood. I remember having ringside seats at the 2000 Royal Rumble in New York and to be honest,  the atmosphere and action in Madison Square Garden that night was better then any Jay-Z concert I’ve been to there.

So here is a reminder of hip hop & professional wrestling being an ingenious combination (before John Cena obliterated that theory) – word to Lex Luger.

The Rock’s adlib game on this was set to 100’0000 trillion as Method Man rides shotgun on the beat.

WOAAADIEEEE – ITS THE NO LIMIT SOLDIERS-  (good thing C Murder wasn’t there or someone woulda been clapped with a chair or 2)

Busta Rhymes & The Rock on Smackdown!

Can’t forget one last visit from our friend The Rock featuring….IT DOESNT MATTER WHO THE ROCK IS FEATURING WITH

Comments on: "Rap is Wrestling & I Am Jim Ross" (11)

  1. Heroine Headliner said:

    Like Hack Saw Jim Duggan…..I been thuggin’…..

  2. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    haha nice! The Busta-Rock segment was awesome.

    Another thing that wrestling and hip hop have in common: an embrace of the less respected and [in particular the low brow] aspects of culture that were ignored by other mediums, which was very unpretentious and refreshing. Unfortunately both endured unjustified censorship as a result, and both a lot safer and more accessible now. I’m not a big fan of wrestling anymore and haven’t been for a while after some of the best [like the Rock] left for other ventures.

    The Rock in particular seems to have borrowed a lot of his schtick from the same afro-centric sources as much of hip hop. Any coincidence that he was easily the most charismatic wrestler ever? Guys like Austin excelled because of their storylines, the Rock excelled even without good ones. That’s the true mark of a charismatic entertainer.

    The Rock is a seriously underrated entertainer, too. Shame his post-WWF career didn’t take off the way people thought it would.

    Interesting post man.

  3. yo TS you my e-homie and shit but stop name-dropping fashion labels when you can’t even spell them. no shots, just saying. It makes you look like Hoots.

    ^well, typing on an iPhone is difficult while drunk bro.

  4. real nigga shit said:

    ts1900 is that dude though…

    yo where is engrep…fucking tottenham sperms fan…

    Arsenal got robbed..

    craziest game ever….FUCK LIVERPOOL



  5. threw the lamb in 6, drove to the er

  6. Soulja Boy-Zan w dat Lean>>>>>>>>>>


  7. So….

    Lil B’s new album is titled, “I’m Gay”….


    Cmon man. What typa shit is that.

  8. Lil B’s new album is titled, “I’m Gay”….


    SMFH and nigga be trying to say i should give this nigga a chance?

  9. I’m pissed Arsenal lost today, Manchester Utd been given the premiership title as a gift all wrapped up in ribbons too.
    I swear down if Eng Rep come on here laughing in my face, Ima blast that fool!

  10. Carlton Banks said:

    Fuckass Niggas get buckedass niggas

  11. Carlton Banks said:

    Yeah nissan

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