*Drags Mink on the floor*
*Spits expensive champagne into the camera*
*Stunts with naked bitches and White Tigers in cages and shit*
*Does the dance above in the living room*

GeorgeBushMoney has OFFICIALLY moved into the big time, ladies and gentleman– we are receiving artist submissions to post their work! I know, I know– ” JihaD, a bunch of wack niggas and kizzas flooding ya’ll inbox? I know you bout to shit all over these new niggas ain’t you? Keep it real JihaD, most of these submissions suck, don’t they? Go head fam, shit on them niggas– make sure the Ether is potent and give us some shit to laugh at for the next couple of hours– we feel you.”

And normally, I would agree with you.

However, I personally know what it likes to e-mail your latest project to blog after blog in the hopes SOMEONE will take a chance on your music, say its dope, and give someone else a reason to listen you– Call it the “New Rapper Circle if Life” if you will.*

So I thought I would give a listen and a post to new artists if I listen and I like it, I’ll post it, review, and encourage others to do the same.

If its wack, I may STILL post it, and flat out shit on it- depends what kind of mood I’m in. Hell, I may just keep all the wack songs for the end of the month and have an “Ether the Wack Rapper post”…

*quickly writes down idea*
*hunts for the fabled Abort-a-song*
*checks calendar*

Anyway, for any interested Artist or Producer, please send submissions (include a damn picture, website, and couple sentences about yourself– if you making me search for you, you better be dope as fuck, or I’m not bothering) to georgebushmoney@gmail.com

Peace bitches– I’m bout to go scuba diving with Chris Tucker and Aquaman (c) Dave Chappelle, but while I’m gone, take a listen to the first official GB$– approved artist, the Producer/DJ Ashwan.

Ashwan- Inheritance Wax Tracklist

Ashwan is an multi-talented Artist/Producer/DJ from Liverpool, UK who’s latest project, Inheritance Wax serves as both a display of his beats (which are extremely dope) and his mixing, and also his art. In his own words:

Inheritance Wax started a few years ago, when Ashwan was working with the elderly in Liverpool, UK. As they passed on, families would come and clear their homes of all belongings which inevitably meant whole record collections being thrown out each time.
Being a dj and producer, as well as nostalgic for the days when you could walk into some ones place, glance at the record collection and book shelf and get a sense of what that person is about, Ashwan salvaged the records and started making new record covers and sampling and remixing the original vinyl to create new art from the old.
The project is heavily hip hop influenced but instead of hours of crate digging, the sample base has come from this limited palate, with the hope that a different and unique sound will entail that also somehow pays tribute to the artists Liverpool roots.
The music is free to download, while the original vinyl covers will be sealed in air tight bubbles for preservation, turning the discarded object back into one of value and meaning. These will be exhibited together with the music over the coming months in the UK and across Europe. Please check www.ashwan.co.uk for up to date information on these.

Anyway, peep some of Ashwans other mixes, projects, and artist collaborations: HERE
Peep his art and his beats: HERE


*shots out to Lattisaw Tapes, Lightweightheavy Radio , and ItWasPosted. Fuck you to Kevin Nottingham and quite a few others…

Comments on: "New Music Mondays- Ashwan" (16)

  1. real nigga shit said:

    Eskay sister selling ass for 250 an hour in Bronx/Yonkers


    Diamond Cruz Ghetto Gagger

  2. *blank stare*

  3. ok, im about to press play – but before i do..

    *blanks stares @ an mc from liverpool: england*

  4. drinking the syrup out of the bottom of your delmonte fruit cup>>

  5. Harlem World said: April 18, 2011 at 1:35 pm
    ok, im about to press play – but before i do..
    *blanks stares @ an mc from liverpool: england*


    He’s not rapping. He’s a producer and a DJ. All the beats on the project are from records he got from cleaning up homes when people died. He took the records from the small sample pool, made beats from them, and then took a bunch of dope songs from Kanye, Public Enemy, KRS one, etc and dropped a mix.


  6. i can see why some might like it, guess its creative
    but not really my thing


  7. real nigga music said:

    Tyga from YMCMB >>>

    Dude is wild as fuck.

    Bodies every track and freestyle.

    I’m not late. but this dude never gets posted here why?

    He got content music for days.

  8. Nah'sOnlyWhiteboy said:

    real nigga music said: April 18, 2011 at 2:13 pm
    Tyga from YMCMB >>>
    Dude is wild as fuck.
    Bodies every track and freestyle.
    I’m not late. but this dude never gets posted here why?
    He got content music for days.


    Pffft. Dude is YM junior league

  9. *Sees an artist from England get the 1st post
    *Rubs eyes
    *Loads up MPD
    *Starts practicing
    *Plans to send some material in the summer


  10. London, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle got the best talent out here, I heard some producer from London was fuckin with Frenchy and Max a couple years back on their mixtapes

  11. real nigga music said:

    Maybe in Footie…but definitely not rap or hip hop music..

    Dizzie Rascal and SAS are a fucking joke.

    African Immigrants/Jamaican Migrant Workers…with British Accent…acting hard…

    you from London…you not hard…

    nice buildings, bunch anglo-saxons in the vicinity, astons and jags..

    come on man

  12. The amount of ignorant shit that comes out of your mouth is laughable man. London has become a city where our own people don’t get 99% our own jobs and where kids are stabbing other kids at the age of 14 for blackberrys, it’s not all tea cups and red telephone boxes.

    And fuck Dizzee, the only thing he did worth mentioning was “Where The G’s” with Bun B and Pimp C.

  13. real nigga music said:

    I can only speak on Brixton.

  14. real nigga music said:

    1. Nas
    2. Prodigy
    3. Ghostface Killah
    4. BIG
    5. 50 Cent

  15. Can we e-mail you people that are slept on?

  16. SMH NVM i shoulda keep on reading…

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