Prodigy EP

Prodigy’s first official project since his release from prison a couple of months ago. Produced almost entirely by Sid Roams, who did a lot of work on H.N.I.C 2, including ” ABC”, as well as Prodigy’s 7 minute Prison Opus, “The Phone Tap.” GB$ review coming later today, but current standouts right now in my opinion include “Black Devil,” “Strong,” and “Go Off.”

Tracklist and download link after the jump.

1. The One & Only (Produced By Sid Roams)
2. Go Off (Produced By Sid Roams)
3. Black Devil (Produced By Sid Roams)
4. Twilight (Feat. Havoc) (Produced By Sid Roams)
5. For One Night Only (Produced By Alchemist)
6. Strong (Produced By King Benny)
7. Told Y’all (Produced By Sid Roams) (Bonus)

Download Here


Comments on: "Prodigy- The Bumpy Johnson EP" (16)

  1. Can’t wait until I get home to let this breathe.

  2. Big_seth said:

    if 3 out of 7 are standouts from the jump then this should be good shit.

  3. Actually, this jawn is pretty fucking good. I need some time to let it breathe, but right how the whole thing kinda goes.

    Its a shame he decided to drop this right when Covert Coup is coming out.

    Still tho, this, CC, and Fab’s SOUL tape should be >>>>


  4. Bricktop said:

    Will be downloading this in about tree horas.
    * flashes grin*

  5. Bricktop said:

    The classic gangster moniker “Bumpy Johnson” just doesn’t translate well with the times it seems. It’s now more of like a slang term used to describe an assortment of std’s in the general manner possible.

    “You should refrain from engaging in sexual relations with Melissa. She’s been known to leave unsuspecting victims with the “Bumpy Johnson”, if you know what I mean. * nudge nudge, wink wink*

  6. Bricktop said:

    Btw, when’s that new Fab tape dropping?

  7. real nigga shit said:

    I used to love this nigga Prodigy…He’s the only P that existed to me..actually…

    I don’t give a eff about those twins from Bronx-Virginia residents…they suck flat out..

    But anywhoo….I used to love Prodigy….when he was on his young ignorant shit…

    When he was like “Fuck Pack, Fuck Jay-Z, Fuck Nas, Biggie is corny, Fuck rappers from QB”

    I love Prodigy when he was on that young ignorant knucklehead shit..

    when he disses Keith Murray for rapping Spaceship shit…and dissed Saigon for being a bum…

    I want prodigy to stay the same…but jail has changed him…he’s giving good responses and actually sounding intelligent..

    Before Jail…Prodigy was dissing everyone in interviews…I luh that..

    when Mobb Deep was going against the roc in 1999-2000-2001-2002..

    “Fuck the Roc, them faggot ass niggas”

    “Fuck Rocafella”

    That was epic….and when he screamed on Jay-z on the phone on hot 97…for the fake ass H Money Bags join the Roc…and E money bags got on the line…and were sonning Jay-Z…

    “You don’t have shooters in Queens” – P

    Jay-Z was scared..

    E Money Bags sonned him too..

    R.I.P E Money Bags..

    fuck preme

  8. real nigga shit said:

    “Tell Saigon to suck a dick”

    “Who nas? Who is that? I don’t know him. Fuck Him. He aint nothing to me. I don’t give a fuck about that nigga. Fuck him. I don’t know that nigga”

    Those were epic quotes from Prodigy…

    P has went against the whole rap industry…from the 90’s to the 00’s…

    what happened nigga?

    You sounding eloquent and docile now…

  9. Fuck Complex.

  10. cotdamn! this P goes!!!!!!

  11. real nigga shit said:

    it’s lover hour on nahright…

    all the e-pimps and romeos of nahright have congregated..

    smh @ Stot being 19 years old and still a virgin…no girl, no pussy..

    I lost mine at 13…proud of it too…best pussy in my life..

    Smh @ B gay ass nigga

  12. Lil B…I’m Gay

    I am a faggot

    I am homo

    I am transgendered

    I’m Gay

    Hoskins is gay…I came out the closet

  13. gramMasta said:

    George Bush Money $ said:
    April 19, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Big Weight Gain…FatMasta…FlabMasta.. (BSG/GM)

    ^ smh(ead)

    gramz is NOT FAT

    * salutes the squadron *

    * downloads ep*

  14. EnglandRepresent said:

    Hoots who pissed in your cereal this morning? Angry but comical man.

    Little known fact : Hoots hopped out his Mummy clunge sippin on a beer, smokin a blunt and slappin some fool cos he owed him money.

  15. New Post.

    Fuck everyone who didn’t respond to my e-mail, lazy ass niggas.


  16. Real Nigga Shit said:

    I need some Gin and Tonic. Tonic and Gin.
    I’m on Winston Churchhill shit.

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