Presented by the good folks over at Creative Control, of course. You shouldn’t have it any other way by this point. Honestly, much of a fan of Chase N. Cashe I’m not. I even think, and you better believe it, this is quite boring, so it’s a bit of a deception to see the Low End Professionals yet working with them instead of, say, the kid Megaman. Why not ? He’s shows some promise.

But to give credit where credit’s due, their collaboration FTW off Don’t Feed Da Killaz Vol. 3 is quasidope, so I’ll wait for the final product so I can properly trash him see if he scored this time.

One thing’s for sure, they ain’t gonna top this with a Chase production. And you can put money on that.

Comments on: "L.E.P. Bogus Boys x Chase N. Cashe x Hit-Boy" (2)

  1. real nigga shit said:

    fuck dame

    fuck curren$y

    fuck creative control

    fuck Dame Dash Music Group

    JAY-Z >>>

  2. real nigga shit said:

    Dame is a fuck nigga.

    Puff wannabe.

    Poor mans Diddy.

    Irv Gotti > Dame Daddy

    Curren$y got down syndrome. He always frown, his face look down. Depressed. Sad. Never seen the nigga smile or look upwards. His jaw bones too big, it drags his facial features down with gravity.

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