May 24th…..Tha Return of Revolutionary RAWSE…..and tha Nation of MAYBACH…..


Classicism and Antiquity…..

Cocaine and Ammunition…..

1. Self Made – Wale, Meek Mill, Pill & Rick Ross feat. Teedra Moses (Produced by Just Blaze)
2. Tupac Back – Meek Mill & Rick Ross (Produced by Mill Will / Eardrummers)
3. 600 Benz – Wale & Rick Ross feat. Jadakiss (Produced by Cardiak)
4. Pacman – Pill, Rick Ross feat. Diddy (Produced by Young Shun)
5. Malcolm X – Wale, Meek Mill, Pill & Rick Ross (Produced by Lil Lody)
6. Fitted Cap – Wale, Meek Mill, Rick Ross feat. J. Cole (Produced by Beat Billionaire)
7. Rise – Pill & Wale feat. CyHi Da Prince, Curren$y & Teedra Moses (Produced by Cardiak)
8. That Way – Wale & Rick Ross feat. Jeremih (Produced by Lex Luger)
9. I’m A Boss – Meek Mill & Rick Ross (Produced by Jahlil Beats)
10. Don’t Let Me Go – Pill & Gunplay (Produced by The Inkredibles)
11. Pandemonium – Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross (Produced by The Inkredibles)
12. Play Your Part – Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Wale feat. DA from Chester French (Produced by The Inkredibles)
13. Ridin On Dat Pole – Pill (Produced by Beat Billionaire)
14. Big Bank – Pill, Meek Mill & Rick Ross (Produced by Young Shun)
15. Running Rebels – Wale, Meek Mill & Teedra Moses (Produced by Tone P)

Featurin’ tha biggest producers in tha game…..

An tha realest hustlas in tha streets…..

Dynasty. Dominance. Decadence. Drugs.

Cum see how a BAWSE lives…..


Comments on: "Self Made Tracklist…..Y’all Ain’t Ready….." (37)

  1. #BuyAnyJeansNecessary


  2. LOLsmh @ this.

    Its dope and absurd at the same time.

  3. Bricktop said:

    So Triple C’s is Diamonds In Da Ruff status now?

  4. real nigga shit said:

    why are they wearing Choppa Suits….Steve Harvey Suits…MJ (no moonwalk) suits…Hakeem Olajuwon at the draft suit wearing ass niggas…with the fitted cap on..eww


  5. real nigga shit said:

    Ross, Wale always talking this money shit, flossing shit, I been saving for that Benz flow…600…yup they got em now biggie shit..

    but these niggas suits from Mens Warehouse…”you’re gonna look all right. I guarantee it” ass niggas…hell nah..

    Jos. A Bank suit wearing niggas…

    Potato sack suits is whats hot in skreets?

    Portabello suits that 2 for 400 dollar suits deal ass niggas?

    Go to Paul Stuart….go to Brooks Brothers get you some nice shirts and 3 piece suits..

    these niggas disgust me…

    50 Cent and Lebron James be wearing Italian Tailor Suits and get Fitted in French 3 Piece suits…holla

  6. …”you’re gonna look all right. I guarantee it” ass niggas…hell nah..

  7. real nigga shit said:

    what happened to the original triple c’s collective?

    that got signed to def jam…and sold 12,000 records with their album?

    young breed
    lil duce

    them niggas were nice

  8. real nigga shit said:

    Jay-Z, Kanye….can’t lend Ross their stylist or tailor?

    Get this 360 pound nigga fitted correctly….he looking sloppy flabby in that shit like Shaq…

    Jay-Z and Ye quick to jump on a Ross track or ask Ross for a collabo..

    but you can’t send this nigga to a proper garment fabric district for his atrocious fitting suits?

  9. real nigga shit said:

    Looking like a round table at 1980’s 1990’s draft day…

    all they need is the snapbacks from those franchises and shit..


    Wale and Pill are some Kwame Brown ass niggas..

    If you going to be Self Made and Mafia…you gotta do it all the way…

    You just can talk shit on record….Mafia this, Mob that..

    you gotta live it…to the aura, the personality, the speech, the vocals, the shoes, the movement down the streets, the attire….google John Gotti…google Paul Castellano (wall street swag wop guineau)

    How you talking La Costra Nostra shit…but you shopping for the dress pants and suit jacket at Target and Marshalls..

    nah shun….nah…dunny…

    Niggas wearing Bartender and Waiters shirts that the companies give to the employees for free….looking a Broke Porter and Poor Doorman…eww

  10. google John Gotti…google Paul Castellano (wall street swag wop guineau)

    yo.. – you crazy RNS

  11. Prodigy talk about how Tru Life and his LES rican goons…stripped you naked and beat the living shit out of you, havoc and had alchemist crying, drooling and broke his jaw. Alchemist went to the cops.

    Prodigy talk about how Keith Murray caught you outside of the club. Beat your fucking ass. Knocked you the hell out for talking shit on the radio. And you ran to go get your gun and hid behind a cop car. You were scared. Keith Murray beat your ass.

    How about PRodigy…when Sherm knocked you out…spit on you, stomped you out and took your chain…For trying to be Trife with Lakey the Kid…and Cormega was in the car laughing and didn’t do shit..

    how about that? remember the show at the tunnel…when you got beat up by Sherm and Lakey the Kid…and you came out front…you couldn’t get them in show…so they popped ya chain and beat you up….infront of the tunnel where you were gonna perform..

    pussy ass nigga prodigy….

  12. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    Lattisaw Tapes said:
    April 20, 2011 at 12:58 pm



    its a kanye line


    ^Lakey the Kid and Sherm calling in from talk about how they knocked out PRodigy….stomped him out on the floor…snatched his chain…and P did nothing but look at the car driveaway…with Cormega in it laughing..

    Sherm is a blood doing 2 life sentences for murder…respect him

  14. Gangstas Launch Blood Feud Crew’s Superior Warns Wanna-bes
    Monday, October 13, 1997

    TELEPHONE TIME is a precious commodity at Rikers Island. More than a few hard-core inmates have been killed or cut in a dispute over the phone. But at 5-foot-7, 141 pounds, a teenager named Sherman Adams, better known as Sherm Da Worm, talks as long as he likes. And the fact that he does has everything to do with his good standing in the Sex, Money, Murder set of the United Blood Nation.

    “You talking to a real Blood,” says Sherm Da Worm, referring to the legions of wanna-bes making headlines and heat for the prison gang.

    At 18, Sherm is all too real. After his arrest on murder and attempted murder charges, he quickly rose to the rank of “Superior,” the highest-ranking Blood in the Adolescent Reception and Detention Center, according to investigators. Now, Sherm says he has something important to share with the “free world.”

    “I speak for people who have some say-so,” he says.

    He also speaks for some people targeted by a federal RICO investigation.

    He’s speaking for Rob Tucker, 24, also known as Rob Lowe, the most powerful Blood at Rikers, according to correction officials. He’s speaking for Cash Blood and Paws Blood and Omega Red. He’s speaking for the bizarre bloody codes formulated by the two OGs, the Original Gangstas who founded the gang in the George Motchen Detention Center four years ago. He speaks as a disciple of Leonard (Deadeye) McKenzie and Omar Porter, aka OG Mack, the man Sherm calls “our Godfather.”

  15. “OG Mack says no cutting, robbing, beating or raping of any neutrals,” says Sherm. “He forbids the victimization of civilians.”

    The jailhouse Bloods are greatly offended by the wanna-be Bloods on the street. They are not of the eight “gangland sets” sanctioned by OG Mack. “Fake Bloods are enemies of the people,” says Sherm, referring to the kids who slashed a 59-year-old woman and those accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old in Martin Luther King Jr. High School.

    “They will be dealt with accordingly if we find out who they are,” says Sherm. “If they come in here they jeopardizing they life ’cause they causing us unneccesary attention. If they raped, they as good as gone.”

    It has been a tough day for Sherm. In the morning, correction officers dragged him into the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office. “They trying to get us on this RICO law ’cause of what those fake Bloods did. They wanted to know what’s going on in the street. I told them I don’t want to talk.”

  16. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    and HH clearly went through the motions on this. disappointed

  17. Are you saying this is the “blueprint 3” of HH’s blogging career ? ROFF

  18. Heroine Headliner said:


    stop snitchin…..

    stop lyin…..

    My kiboard covered in ‘caine residue….ya dig…..?

    BAWSE got bigga ambitions then typin words an shit…..

  19. Heroine Headliner said:


    May all yo pain be t-pain…..

  20. Yo EngRep if you lurking.. FUCK YOU!
    Nah, well played son, tottenham played well and once again Arsenal fucked it up, we can never seem to finish shit, 5 draws in last 6 games, I’d say Man Utd got the title.. To sum up that game, both North London teams failing to apply pressure on both of the Manchester teams..
    Mad Gooners around my area heading home with the sulky face, sad times yo!

  21. Im ready for whatever

  22. Heroine Headliner said:


    Tread carefully…..

    Don’t get tpf’d…..

  23. Heroine Headliner said:

    I be gettin’ head…..

    From crackheads in tha lobby…..

  24. This looks promising.

  25. real nigga shit said:

    Alls im sayen step your suit game up

    Fucking peasant peon

    I get fitted in thousand dollar suits

    My tailor puts my dick to the right and my balls go to the left

    When measuring my pants size

    You asian whitez noe nuffin bout dat

    Country bama souf nigga

    Im rob dinero in casino

    Stunt on nigga with the radiant pink suit jacket pepto bismol pink shirt and tie underneath with the pussy pink hanky


    With the white dress pants and cocaine cream blanco loafers

    My aura on full tilt

    I clip the end of the havana cigar and take a glass of hennesy black

    Lester diamonds ass niggas noe nuffin bout thousand dollar suits

    I was dancing in tuxs a age 2

    If you dont own a wardrobe of suits

    You not a man

    You a broke child

  26. EnglandRepresent said:

    @ Eng

    I’mma just apologize for my squad making you cry like a bitch in advance, you dank gash.

    ^^Anyone seen slobpeen I mean mobbdeen??? Cause someone tell that tampon his team just lost the fucking league title! AH HA HA HA!! Fucking mugboat. You come round our manor these days and you ain’t leavin with all the points and you were fuckin lucky to leave with 1. Get the duster out and clean the cobwebs from your trophy cabinet chump.

  27. EnglandRepresent said:

    @XLNC. Tuff luck bro. Amazing game. Modric, Sandro, Crouch, Van der Vaart all should have won it for us at the end. Your keeper had a decent night. Probably one of the best derbies of recent times although they are all decent these days.

  28. Yeah Tottenham dominated the play towards the last 15/20 mins, Arsenal lost their way a bit, a damn shame.. I fancy a change in Manager for us Gooners, whether or not it would make a difference if Arsene were to go, I’d like to see someone new leading the team and giving a different energy to the club, cause we been a 2nd best type team for the last few years.. And it’s making it difficult for me to be supporting my home team Arsenal..

    Just outta curiosity, where in England you from man?

  29. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    abortatron said:
    April 20, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Are you saying this is the “blueprint 3″ of HH’s blogging career ? ROFF

    LMAO exactly.

    HH brush it off bro everyone has an off day.

  30. EnglandRepresent said:

    Yeah Fabregas will leave at the end of this season unless ARsenal spend big in the Summer, he’s had enough. You’re about 3 or 4 world class players off winning the title, not far away but need to spend the cash.

    Just outta curiosity, where in England you from man?

    ^^Originally from Bricky and then latterly Peterborough.

  31. We do indeed, we need some star players, bunch of decent players, we need match winners..

    Mad quiet on here tonight, must be that 4/20 shit, got the whole GBM gang smoking on the doobie. Had me some haze and Alize today.. Did my part.

  32. EnglandRepresent said:

    I’ll be puffing on some stank tonight inshallah.

  33. real nigga shit said:

    Cesc Fabregas is that dude though…he needs to make his way to Barza…

    Mesut Ozil >>>>

    That Turkish German….wow….He might be the most amazing player in the world….He stay playing with niggas…

    Niggas be dick ryding Cristian Fuck Boy Ronaldo..

    Mesut Ozil is that dude…

  34. real nigga shit said:

    Is it me or is Wayne Rooney the most overrated wanker ever?

    What exactly has that fuck nigga done?

    Has he brought a world cup to the Kingdom or Inglesh?

    Hell nah..

    At least Beckham brought them farther….I know they lost to Brazil in 02..

    but that Brazil 02 squad had Ronaldo the Imperial…the real ronaldo…one of goats of Soccer…fuck that porkchop with too much greese in his hair..

    that Brazil 02 was unstoppable…nobody was fucking with em…Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Cafu…I think the Great Romario got some time in there…

    Shitted on Germany..

    what the fuck has rooney done? and don’t say United victories….Fergie is responsible for that…and all the worlds greatest players they circumvent into that fuck nigga organization of Man U…sorta like Barza…

    What has Rooney done? will he ever get a world cup for the England?

    nope…overrated piece of shit…and niggas give him the benefit of doubt..

    fuck wayne rooney…he is not the white pele or the white maradona…its an insult do not compare..

    Maradona singlehandedly brought Argentina a world cup..

    Pele was goat…and brought Brazil the crown of footie..and won the world cup..

    WANKER ROONEY will never win shit.


    La Liga > Premier League

    Bundesliga > Serie A

    Ligue 1 > Portoguese League

  35. real nigga shit said:

    Cheryl Cole >>>

    English women are bad. How you cheat on her Ashley?

    She might be the most beautiful woman in the world. Fuck Beyonce, Alicia, Ciara, Cassie, J Lo.

    give me Cheryl.

  36. new post hoots..

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