Welcome to the Future


We all know how good records mixed by Dr Dre sound through a good system.

If this wasn’t the case, would people be spending hundreds of dollars for a pair of Beats By Dre Headphones?

But wait – Chrysler have announced that Dr Dre & Jimmy Iovine will be working with them to create a 10 speaker audio system, for their 2012 300 s Model. Pretty crazy right? Imagine bending corners to that…

It should be noted that Dr Dre isn’t the first producer to have his own brand of speaker..it was in fact his brother Warren G.


The Warren G JVC went hard in the whip

Comments on: "Welcome to the Future" (7)

  1. The future is now…

  2. The future’s Orange.

  3. Ashmi Skin said:

    Dre in World Class Wrecking Crew > Dre in 2011 and beyond

  4. Salute to the squad

    New DJ Chase Mix

    Who the F*** are you


  5. I am so Fucking ILL

    And by ill, I mean sick.

    And by sick, I mean .. Having a fucking wicked headcold

  6. real nigga shit said:

    Dre has tattos? did he have them removed?

    Never figured Dre to be a tat kinda guy..

  7. Good Job on this site gentlemen. Shit is dope. Keep up the good work

    *Places gold star on website*

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