If you’re anything like me, there’s definitely something to be said for the way a collection of music transitions from one song to the next . Nowadays, anyone who can throw together an iTunes playlist considers themselves a DJ, so maybe you forgot, but there are still DJ’s out there who do more than scream over mixtape songs.

Shout out to those who take the time to make sure that each song fits with the next and get the continuity just right , so that every time a new song comes on, you’re thinking “OHHHH SHIIIIT!!” Add a little cross-fader action here, and a heavy dose of scratching there, and the end result is something much more than just a playlist. Fuck a buncha iTunes.

#GeorgeBushMoneyGang affiliate, DJ Chase has mastered this art, and has blessed your weekend with a mix of what else? Aggressive content. Featuring tracks from 50 Cent, Beanie Sigel, Ghostface Killah, Prodigy, and The Clipse. If you’re in need of the perfect soundtrack to beat the life out of a motherfucker or even if you’re like me and just need some angry music in your life so that you don’t go postal at the 9 to 5,  look no further.

Download the “Who the Fuck Are You” mix

Stay tuned to GBM for more mixes from Chase, but in the meantime check out the rest of his tapes here.

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Comments on: "DJ Chase – “Who the Fuck Are You”" (10)


    The best DJ out.

    but why did you not post his ill ass logo Tron?

  2. Not aware of a logo Seth.

    If u wanna send it to me, I’d be happy to add it to the post

  3. LOL.

    Its his. I’m not gonna have you add it unless he asks. I just like to mention it.

    goot post tho fam.

  4. #TeamAggressiveContent (c) Jihad

  5. Thanks man, and no doubt.. I’ll holla at chase tomorrow and see what it is

  6. Shoutout to Chase for the crazy mixes.

    Shoutout to HW for the Bad Boy drop.

    Shoutout to Tron and Captain Planet yall need to take the act on the road cuz i laugh everytime i brush my hair now.


  7. Going to play this through in the gym… thanks and respect!

  8. Yo good looks yall for the post. Shit is official and has quadrupled my downloads. I really appreciate it.

    Now lets get to the money!!!

  9. Quadrupled ?


    You already know homie

  10. fuck boy music said:

    DJ Chase is ass.

    Big Seth is ass. Dirty ass. Dirty butthole.

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