*dead* at this nigga Albert rapping his verse while banging out a set on the Perfect Push-Ups.

Seriously, tho, this song is nails. All three niggas go in, but Tony and Albert shined brightest. Yayo was definitely smarter than Jim, Nore, and Currensy, as Albert finally sounds back to normal after that 3 year vacation he took. Along with the current song of the year, Black Devil (Yea, I said it), I am FINALLY anticipating a full Mobb Deep album, which I couldn’t say was the case after hearing “Dog Shit”.

Marvin’s follow-up to the excellent GPG3, El Chapo coming Thursday.


Comments on: "Tony Yayo x Mobb Deep- Body Bag" (14)

  1. Welcome back shellz.

    What’s good homie

  2. Trying to get this resume completed for this job offer I got. What the fuck? Why has it been slow over here? Did you never post that one we did?


  3. Nah, I sure didn’t..

    I might get to it eventually. Probably not.

  4. gramMasta said:

    yeah they bodied this track

  5. gramMasta said:

    Sony PlayStation Outage Continues

    Internet system that links users in live game play is out for sixth day. No Timeframe for Fix

    ^ go outside and get some fresh air ether

  6. gramMasta said: April 25, 2011 at 9:16 pm
    yeah they bodied this track


    I keep trying to tell em Marvin been on quite a streak lately.


    Other than Pass the Patron, the bul Yayo been winning.


  7. prodigy ate this alive

    aint nobody seeing perfect push up p in that vivid murder rap shit

  8. E aka trIlluminati said:

    El Chapo Guzman >>>
    El Mochomo Beltran >>>
    El Mas Loco Gonzalez >>>

    narcocorridos >>>>

  9. middle class mope said:

    wheres the fucking song?

  10. the fuck happened to realniggatumblr?

  11. Bricktop said:

    * good morning, and may your day be filled with copious amounts of oil money*

  12. fuck boy music said:

    Yayo been stepping up his lyrics lately.

    Dude be bodying niggas on tracks like he do in real life.

    I fux with yayo hardbody. Even though everyone hates on dude.

    Yayo is better than most rappers.

    He been shitting on 50 Cent for year on his own tracks.

  13. fuck boy music said:

    This song is crazy.

    I hope these niggas get involved in some beef. Shoot outs and stabbings, beatings stompings and fights at award shows and shit.

    Rap beef is necessary. Brings out blood, violence, murder and good music. Great music comes out of beef. It brings out the best in the booth. Big, Pac, Nas, Jay, Rule and Fifth. Rap beef makes good music for Hip Hop.

    I’ve been wanting Yayo and 50 cent to go at Fab and Street Fam for a while now. Fab always sending subliminals at 5th and Yayo…but kicking it with Banks and shit.

    I can’t believe Ross gave 50 cent props and they shit died down.

    I wanted to see Banks vs Wale, Yayo vs Meek Mill, etc.

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