A.A.P- War


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JihaD Says:
June 24th, 2010 at 7:04 pm
Thank you for choosing AirTran Airways.
We will send you an email message containing your itinerary. To ensure you receive the message, you may wish to add confirmations@airtran dot com to your address book.

confirmation number: GYGIRG
Booking date: Thu, Jun 24, 2010 Status: Confirmed
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Comments on: "A.A.P- War" (53)

  1. body bagz east new yawk said:

    east new yawk in this bitch

    nostrand ave, black flag, hustle hard in this bitch

  2. DEAD tho

    *doesn’t take sides*

  3. sarjo1988 said:

    diss track to ashmi?

  4. I’ve been waiting for you to emancipate this since we had it months ago and could only play the 1st verse on the show. Finally everyone gets to hear what the rest. You just cleaning house today my man

  5. fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    Jihad is a real nigga. Thats why I never beef with this nigga.

    Go fuck up Ashmi Rawlins…I got his address and phone number if you need it.

    Do something to B too….real niggas dont battle rap or spit on wax and hard raps on tracks…this aint the 80’s…its 2012…

    Battle Raps will get you laid the fuck out….say the wrong punchline..

    Jihad…I got ashmi rawlins address and phone number..

    I’ll post it here…but niggas always deleting comments and shit

  6. fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    Niggas on my block never had a battle rap, you got 1 – 2 mins to say your verse…

    Nah…shoot and spray….run and buck….cut a nigga face…give that nigga a fade….give him the smiley face and 150…no extra change..

    When I see niggas trying to battle rap…I laugh

    it aint like that in the hood..

    “It’s just music dawg, keep it music. It’s just rap. Spit ya verse son. Lets keep it on wax.”

    Nah man…you gotta get fucked up for that punchline…


  8. cholerA said: April 27, 2011 at 1:06 pm
    I’ve been waiting for you to emancipate this since we had it months ago and could only play the 1st verse on the show. Finally everyone gets to hear what the rest. You just cleaning house today my man



    I couldn’t get the track mixed cuz Lito’s computer got stolen– big homie lost a TON of beats, including a few for Black Superhero Music.

    War was one of them. SMH.

    I was just gonna tuck it, but after the last couple, I said “fuck it” and dropped it as was.


  9. @JihaD

    I see. I knew you had planned on releasing it on an upcoming project. I didn’t know about Lito’s computer…thats bad news. War needed to be heard one way or the other

  10. fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    Ashmi Rawlins

  11. cholerA said: April 27, 2011 at 2:04 pm
    I see. I knew you had planned on releasing it on an upcoming project. I didn’t know about Lito’s computer…thats bad news. War needed to be heard one way or the other


    Yea, we ended up talking about some changes to the project, and when we went back and played the music again, that beat didn’t fit, so we removed it, along with a few others.

    the new Soundscape sounds AMAZING tho, and I know Lito is going to be doing more to quite a few of them, so I seriously can’t wait til these jawns drop.


  12. body bagz east new yawk said:

    Ashmi Rawlins

    you want this nigga dead? 2 stacks and ill have him delivered to you duct taped, bent over a desk naked with an apple in his mouth

    or if he got bread i can extort and tort him

    2 stacks my nigga

  13. body bagz east new yawk said:

    i just called this nigga ashmi

    he pussy, i said imma find him and kill him and he hung up

  14. body bagz east new yawk said:

    all i do is snort coke, hustle, count stacks and listen to my nigga maino and waka

    i live for this murda homicide shit, ill catch a body for fun

  15. real nigga shit said:

    I want eskay butt raped, duct taped, then fuck faced, get his face fucked..

    2,000 stacks is nothing..

    but you a troll..and you aint about that life..

    send some homos to go get him

  16. fuck boy music said:

    if michael jackson was the king of pop. id say eminem is the godfather of rap

  17. Heroine Headliner said:


    Say word nation is a hindu…..?

  18. gramMasta said:

    * hears shells use shut yo bloodclot mouth track *

    * salutes *

    * re-assess both tracks *

  19. fuck boy music said:

    barcelona – man u final may 22nd…may23rd…whenever it is…

    i hope manchester wins…for barza and those fucking spaniards…pieces of shit

  20. i cant stand barcelona fc, smh


  22. Shellz/ B- u open to the idea of battling on the show on Sunday?

  23. Tron are you gonna let me freestyle on sunday since I missed last time?

  24. Post some bars NOWB..

    Lemme see what u got (paws)

  25. Wait.

    That isn’t even really NOWB.

    Masks <<

  26. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    Tron always trying to salvage that show

    Give it up radio personality just aint you

    Dont quit your day job

    Fedex is taking intervièws

  27. Tron it really is me, I’m just using a differnt IP & email right now since I’m at work and have to go through a proxy

    Dude I have bars, but you are welcome to cut me off if its wack. I dont have time to write shit down right now

  28. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    B = memphis bleek

    Jihad : cross between styles p / 50 cent / hell rell

    Jihad got wild disrespectful

    On peoples children

    And his screaming and yelling at the end was g unit esque

    His cursing before the raps and on the hooks was puffy like

  29. gramMasta said:

    good idea tron



    wasted bullet/self-ether.

    ^ a punched a nigga in the balls, point deduction move

    rd 1 is looking like b came and threw some blows that landed, but jihad got his strategy going and took the time to land them body blows that hurt the internals.



  30. Hoots if I quit my day job it ain’t gonna be because of the show..

    It’ll be because I got put on with a Brick of that white. ..

    Ya heard me

    And fuck salvaging the show.. I just do it for fun.. If I wanted to save the show, a freestyle from NoWB isn’t gonna do it lol

  31. @ Tron – Is it a legitimate freestyle battle or what? Its gonna be wack if JihaD knows the beat before the show but we have to go off the top

  32. Battle between shellz and b, if they agree to it

    No beat

  33. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    Blacks arent fucking with your show because your racist….rush limbaugh

    And you have 2 corny white dudes exploiting the culture

    You talk like gnarly rad

    Hip hop rap will not fuck with you

  34. Heroine Headliner said: April 27, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    Say word nation is a hindu…..?


    A Canadian Hindu. He’s like a black hole of bullshit.


  35. gramMasta said:

    rd 2

    lhw radio

    ova an alc instrumental

    download link

    2 site promotion


    nowb v wondough

    land & 88

  36. Tron – Why cant I do it? Lemme spit for like 30 seconds

  37. Alright, I’ll go at $Wondough$

  38. Man I don’t care if u freestyle..

    Just don’t get mad if u get cut off..

    And no beat. Plan on acapella

  39. gramMasta said:

    georgebushmoney.com & lightheavyweight radio presents

    keystyles coliseum

    main event jihad v b round 2

    undercard whoever agrees

  40. Jihad and B haven’t agreed to any type of battle tho..

    I’d like to see it happen on the show, but it’s ultimately up to them

  41. Heroine Headliner said:

    Oh shit…..

    B versus jihad……

    It goin down…..no engrep momma…..

    I’m postin this all ova twitter…..!

  42. This aint no FUKIN game

  43. I’m comin with the fuckn heat sunday

    I aint leaving none of my haters unmentioned

    The Eulogy….. 5.1.11……..

  44. real nigga shit said:

    some of you dudes need hobbies and real friends…

    “I can’t wait till sunday…to see jihadii and bee go at it on internet radio…*giggles*”

    you niggas don’t have girlfriends, babymomas or wifeys to attend to?

    you don’t have kids to take to applebees or dennys?

    pussys dont get pussy..

    thats why your twitter and facebook…is filled with people you dont know in real life…and that you met through the internet…

    me: “how do you know so and so?”

    you: “uhh…..mmmm….jeeez….met them thru a blog called nahright..”

    Me: …………..

    Me: you’re kidding right?

    you: I wish I was…my social life is boring lately…I gotta get out more.

    Me: ………….

  45. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:


    Tron/JihaD/TS please do an IP check on whoever the fuck is posting as me

    I only post under Nah’sOnlyWhiteBoy

    I am not NOWB

  46. SPITGAME Says:
    April 27th, 2011 at 11:22 pm
    *Daps Shells*

    Yo… 1st off… FOH Deen… LOL


    A.A.P > Shellz thee Odor…

    The Collective: “Of course he gon take his homie side…. Boooo”

    So the fuck what…. All bias aside:

    b dropped off a pretty entertaing joint… When Shells told him to drop a song I’m sure he meant just an original jawn to see if what he can do is better, so I can see the diss as coming outta no where (which really, this whole thing did cuz I remember the nigga callin Shells brother in law all heavy)…

    It was even moreso entertaining in the sense that, the c section got suntin to pick apart and make alotta jokes about…

    And b didn’t slack either, he knew if he was gon drop it he’d better put some real thought into his rap…

    As far as beat selection he could have went deeper… Ether is too cliche….

    Def put Shells in a pickle… What kinda ammo do u have vs a Internet presence who go by b? Especially being a show and prove guy like Shells and sorta unknowingly giving ammo out over the last year or so… Whaddya do?

    You say fuck it…

    You sit and hand pick 5 or 6 good beats and go in wit whatever you got for ten fuckin minutes like, “You thought you wasn’t go see me?”

    Niggas say “b had power punches”

    Maybe to you, even so not all matches end in a knockout either… Sometimes you just gotta keep swingin and connecting and let it go to the cards…

    If I’m judging, I already told you where this round goes…

    And I fuck wit the nigga b…. I don’t like how you was puttin my name in ur disses doe, talmbout “u holdin bsg back” nah don’t give nobody that credit if anybody holdin anything back it’s ME

    But that’s it that’s all RIP the sixers shoutout Jrue and Lou and Elton n nem

    *daps everybody*


    And thats all that matters niggas.


  47. bro, dude, its you

  48. rabbi glocc
    rabbi cocc
    rabbi hott
    rabbi knots

  49. *daps the gods*


    as far as the recent disses go, b’s diss had some funny jabs but was too short and sounded horrible quality wise, jihad’s joint was waaaaaay too long [ll] but had some potent shots peppered throughout

    in a nutshell, what’s good with round 2?

    the spirit of competition>>>

    niggas got me contemplating recording suttin

    peace negus

  50. gramMasta said:

    ^^^ chief ali v SICK undercard

    some galaxy wars type of ish

    peace original

  51. Tony Bandz said:

    in which way did Eskay and Nation entertain the beef? they came out clowning on Jihad in the c-section or what?

  52. Tony Bandz said: April 28, 2011 at 7:42 am
    in which way did Eskay and Nation entertain the beef? they came out clowning on Jihad in the c-section or what?


    But of course.

    Ashmi got it tho cuz he posted my address on his website cuz he offered to fight me, I bought him a plane ticket, and everyone laughed at him when he backed down.

    He posted my shit and claimed he would send “goons” to my house.

    Needless to say, that never happened.


  53. stot Says:
    April 27th, 2011 at 10:21 am
    # Danny Ocean Says:
    April 27th, 2011 at 10:19 am

    JihaDs is kinda cluttered and long winded,

    usually a sign that emotions have been touched

    no homo



    stop tryin to sing like fif

    b had 5 times the ammo in 1/5 the time

    b won

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