LWHRadio 5/1

Join us today on LWHRadio : the wicked hangover edition. Lots of new shit that you’ve already heard, and a heavy dose of classic shit that you’ve already heard. Also, expect to hear a lot of jokes and nerdy commentary that you’ve already heard. We may, however, debut a track from the upcoming Shellz X Spitgame X Lito project that you have definitely never heard. This is shaping up to be a classic.

UPDATE – check the rebroadcast after the jump..

Comments on: "LWHRadio 5/1" (26)

  1. sarjo1988 said:

    lmao at the pic

  2. lmao at the pic
    Word. That’s hov’s next move..

    RocNation abortion clinics..

    With a complementary t shirt designed by J Cole

  3. EnglandRepresent said:

    RocNation abortion clinics..


    I gotta Roc that shit right outta my womb
    I gotta Roc that shit right outta my womb
    I gotta Roc that shit right outta my womb
    And if that don’t work then I’ll sit on a broom

    No disrespeck to Remix.

  4. No disrespeck to Remix.
    damn.. Unnecessary gunfire

  5. LMAO. That pick…. SMH/


  6. Fbm rns said:

    So how many listeners today tron?


    Or is that too much?

  7. fbm rns said:

    Dead @ the fact that no one tunes into this show
    No one calls in and no one has an opinion about it

    Gotta love the effort

    Howard stern you are not

    More like rush limbaugh

    I see you


  8. Yo hoots.. U think u could listen to the re-broadcast and validate my hobby as legit?

  9. Obama is about to get on tv ..

    They’re saying it’s a major announcement regarding national security

    Live now (c) HW

  10. obama the hardest out

    makes bush look like a puppy

  11. fbm rns said:

    jihad, tron, ts1900

    please make a GBM lite…with all the downloadable music tracks on right or left…

    i hate having to go back to download tracks..

    get on it..

    tighten up your staff too..

    i can smell the pussy from a mile away..

    so many assholes, pussies and jerk offs in the GBM blogging team…shit looks like an orgy…

  12. fbm rns said:

    osama bin laden is dead…wow

  13. Osama Bin Laden said:

    Still alive niggers….Try to catch me…Can’t find me…
    This is a ploy….Gullible Americans

  14. Obama 2 Osama said:

    FUK U

  15. *Dead* at the fact that my iPhone tryna correct me with the spelling of Osama when I really mean to write Usama..

    American Media<<<<<

  16. Obama's Back said:

    I got that Arab son of a bitch good and proper, didnt i?

  17. Bin Laden said:




  18. Fuck boy music said:

    I shed a tear and cried when al Qaeda leader died
    Usama or Osama it don’t matter
    My girl saying I’m the anti Christ devil Satan
    And we arguing
    Because of it
    I got a swastika on my body
    And niggas in the hood know me As the black nazi
    Hidler to usama
    Hitler to osama

    That was my homie tho

  19. Fuck boy music said:

    This is hard on my ahkies in philly
    And my kufi wearers in the nation of Islam

    They took one of our brothers

  20. EnglandRepresent said:

    Hoots you smell a bit like bin Laden. (n)

  21. Marcus Garvey said:

    Can you help me get an A for my Media assignment by joining my facebook cause http://www.causes.com/causes/609906-legalise-marijuana-for-all-of-south-africa?recruiter_id=175992460 All you gotta do is join. I need numbers, so the course conveners can give me a decent mark #Dead serious.

  22. Tony Bandz said:

    ayo FBM what u think about all them racist commenters over at NahRight?

    the shit’s disgusting b..

  23. body bagz east new yawk said:

    abortatron is a racist because i saw him on the twitter calling him obama bin laden

  24. I’m glad tron doe was ousted as a racist
    Let’s me know I am not the only one left
    KzA landers too much to negroes
    Nowb is handicapped vocally, another nigger lover
    But tron paved the way for me and my kind

    Now that we got rid of Obama (freudian slip wishful thinking)…. I mean
    Can we please get rid of the niggers and fuck the Muslims

    Tuff jew

  25. Hoots how you gonna call me a racist when I’m the only one who got your back on this site..

    They be like “we need to ban hoots”

    I’m like “nah.. We squashed our beef. That’s my e-homie now..”

    I see where your loyalty lies

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