*checks Calendar*
*Sees Osama Bin Laden has been killed*
*Sees Donald Trump thinking about running for President*
*Sees another Detox single preparing to release*
*checks e-mail*

Yea, people, either Hell is freezing over, or these are truly the last days.


The long-awaited Illmatic tribute from detroit emcee, Elzhi is actually going to be released! Scary, isn’t it? Keep it real, although Elzhi left the people with a holdover project, The Preface and a couple of features here and there, his long advertised for Elmatic was eventually placed in the same release date category as The Greatest Story Never Told, The Nacirema Dream, Act II, and Detox— Nevuary 32th. Shit was vaporware for a while, and although there was a song or two released (including the excellent Verbal Intercourse), rappity-rap enthusiasts had seemingly written off the project, content with the underwhelming Fashawn Ode to Illmatic project. Thankfully, Elzhi has finally completed the project, and the songs we have here express a COMPLETELY different take on the tribute project– rather than spit over the established instrumentals, Elzhi teamed up with Detroit Jazz/ Hip-hop fusion band* Will Sessions, who replayed EVERY Illmatic track, giving this project a live production field usually reserved for a Roots album.

As someone who is unimpressed with rappity-rap (c), I must say that Elzhi really impressed me. Elmatic, based on the three leaks so far, has the sonic and lyrical ability to EASILY be project of the year, especially considering the current releases both out and upcoming.

Now if only Jay Electronica could get off his ass and drop Act II.

Halftime- Elzhi
Download Here

Detroit State of Mind- Elzhi
Download here

Elmatic available for DL on Elzhi’s website http://elzhi.com/ on May 10th, 2011.

Props to MacmediaPro- Follow on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/macmediapromo


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