note- words by Mobb Deen, all i did was put the pieces together. Teamwork yo. Teamwork.

Great first effort from Jeezy and Gibbs, but it’s hard to enjoy this shit unreservedly when Rick Ross (someone that Jeezy seems not to like and essentially came into the game as a Jeezy clone) has essentially cornered the market on Lex Luger-ish beats (we see you biting Lil’ Lody – pause and stop that) and hooks that reference some iconic character. First, there was ‘Ballin’ with the original Lex Luger beat reconstructed by Lil’ Lody, now this. I’m a big Jeezy and Gibbs fan (some might say Gibbs stan – pause?), but this shit should be beneath them. Someone in that studio should have said something. I mean, what are weed-carriers for (other than carrying weed of course)? But whatever.

Freddie gets a pass, after all he can’t just turn down work offered by his new ‘boss’, but Jeezy should know better. Jeezy should stick to what he did on The Recession and Trap or Die 2. If he feels the need to experiment, maybe Gibbs can hand over The Blockbeataz’s contact info. The Blockbeataz take enough creative risks to make Jeezy do some interesting shit again. In any event, staying away from Lil’ Lody’s Lex Luger impressions should be top on his list.

(Damn, that was kinda salty. I’m still a fan, I swear).

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  1. fuck boy music said:

    Freddie Gibbs reminds me so much of Pac…my god…he is the spitting image…resemblance of him..the whole aura everything…

    Lesane Brooks = Freddie Gibbs

    When I see Freddie Gibbs rap..
    I Know that Tupac’s Back…

    fuck ross…fuck a biggie…

  2. fuck boy music said:

    Jeezy actually sold weight

    Ross was law enforcement and correction officer…showering niggas…looking at niggas naked…getting them their shower sandals…passing them the towel….putting the soap on the rope for em…to avoid…ya know…but

    Ross gets praise…Jeezy gets hate?

    Jeezy opened up that lane for the Dope Boyz and Trap niggas…don’t forget..

    Jeezy is reason you rap about that white…

    fuck a raekwon and biggie…biggie never sold a gram in his life…raekwon doesnt know colombians at all..he dont speak spanish..

    Jeezy was getting them for 17 and flipping em for 30 upstate and up north..

    respect that please..

    I fuck with both camps…but CTE and Jeez is the real..

    Jeez knows how to break down a 64 to a 48…and cut that white….

    Jeez shit is pure….Ross shit been stepped on and cut so much its garbage..

    you pay a rack for Jeez shit

    Ross shit go for 40-50…because its not pure…and been mixed and cut down…so much…it fucks up ya nostrils…fucks with ya nose hairs…word life

  3. fuck boy music said:

    ^Strictly for the Dope Boyz, Trap Niggas

    “Fingers in they ass again“-Big

  4. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    Trae spot
    Spray glocks
    Hit you with a stray shot
    Fire at your dome piece
    Crack it like a clay pot

  5. @youngdopeman

    Dope Boy to Trap Nigga

  6. I’m taking 3 racks to LV…no designer fashion…Nevada

    I got the Black Card on deck…stacks on deck…

    Wifey just got an abortion…shout out Mexican women!!

  7. Tony Bandz said:

    Jeezy aint the only one who moved weight..

    none of these rap niggas pushed white like that…they was doin smaller numbers and tried out the rap shit..

    we got niggas like yo gotti, freck billy…some niggas in brick squad who about that life..niggas who will put hands on ya manz over some stupid shit

  8. Tony Bandz said:

    them Clipse boys might not have done it like that but they was definitely around heavyweight niggas..they got some knowledge

  9. hoots 2.0 said:

    Jeezy aint bout that life, niggas used his name to get rentals. That was his only involvement in BMF. That’s how come meech let Ross ride wit dat.

  10. Tony Bandz said:

    Ross is definitely not built for that life tho

  11. hoots 2.0 said:

    yo dunn, why the page look all funny, my fonts dissapearing like a true fiends weight.

  12. hoots 2.0 said:

    back when Pan Am existed I was flying them birds cross coast… real talk. I remember giving girls girdles with pockets cut out to fit keys of that white… I felt no guilt as I sent them on their way. I only kissed the rosemary beads and told the girl, when she touch down we going shopping.
    I’m bout that life foreal.

  13. Tony Bandz said:

    so much white disappeared from this page i would think its 05 again

  14. hoots 2.0 said:

    I would scout small towns looking at the globe n shit. Get shorty to spin the globe, find a town check the population and growth rate and demography… we were real street savvy executive thugs. Used to internet to project future sales, while eryone else was on aol chats. To the average nigger Utah aint got shot to offer them. No weed no ghetto booty’s, maybe, just maybe a liquor store that sold hennessy. Other than that was no use for a nigger to be there. But my team was different, we were visionaries. Park City Utah.. .here we come motherfuckers. Ready or not. That’s the type steez I was on.

  15. hoots 2.0 said:

    word Tony, its like the sun came out and melted all that snow… on some shit.

  16. this why i only fux with latin chickz….
    i use to have them spanish mamis shove the dope or coke in their cho-cha…
    and put the pills in they ass…we used to fly avianca..
    thats colombian for niggas that don’t know
    its easier to bring it to panama tho..
    mexican niggas will mule ya shit across the arizona border…word to remix

  17. beast nigga said:

    Da fuck is the deal niggas,. Its you boy Beast in this bitch… just came of a 4 year bid for a domestic charge. Holla at me. Where sour d and the rest of them niggas at? I tried commenting on nahright but them niggas moderating now?

  18. beast nigga what happened to ty biggums killer?

  19. hoots 2.0 said:

    oh shit, the legendary drug dealer and beast. all we need now is two times, and its official tissue.

  20. beast nigga said:

    beast nigga what happened to ty biggums killer?

    ^ ty biggums got a job doing sports radio. Used to listen to him in the slammer. His pops had bread.

  21. I’m tired of niggers saying that Jay-Z moved dope or sold white…stop that….Jay was getting chased in marcy p’s….gets punched in the face, slapped until he bled….his chain go took and stomped out by real pushas…and he had to call Jaz O to get his shit back…

    Jay was a Victim…he a billionaire now…and dates that light skin bitch that sing dance and shit…but he was fuck nigga of the highest order in Brooklyn

    Dehaven, Calvin Klein, Jaz O, Jaz man’s that did 10 year sentence in the bing said Jay was ass soft, getting robbed and beat up..and he was going to get killed in a trip to DMV…but niggas gave him a pass…since he was yung’n..

    Big Daddy Kane dont even like Jay

    Jay swacked Big…

  22. not kenard ty…the white guy from jersey…who went to rutgers university and joined the ny jets organization as a reporter…

    im talking about ty biggums KILLER…the nigga from bay side queens that wore ed hardy…and said he ran with Yayo and G-Unit…and he sold weed and shit….but lived in Bayside Queens..with all the jews and wops…

  23. hoots 2.0 said:

    its not secret Jay wasnt bout that life.. he was associated with some henchmen and some hustlers that really lived it. Naturally when your around that type shit, it rub off on you enough for you to spit game. All my life I was in close proximity to dealers, huslters, pimps and gangstas. The idea of college was a joke, niggas were getting their masters in the streets.

  24. Pusha T sold weight because Anthony Gonzalez his manager got indicted on fed charges for distributing drugs?

    stop that…

    so my farther on the block pitching that white like a Cliff Lee from the philllies…and all of a sudden Drug Dealer Jr sells drugs?

    nah b….

    ya man can’t sell weight…and now all of sudden you move bricks…it dont work like that…

    I got a uncle that pushes a caddy…60-70K off the dealer lot….that nigga stay with the white shit in the glove compartment…and the blicky and white girl on the passenger seat..

    Guilt by Associate dont work…I gotta see you moving that shit…not ya man or bro…or manager

  25. beast nigga said:

    oh you talking about biggums killer, that nigga got murked up at some frat party. From what heard he pushed some extascy and a young broad, she over dosed and her big brother tracked him down and blazed him up, like a terminator flick.

  26. thats fucked up…
    if true…damn…
    queens niggas stay in some drama

  27. they going for 30 – 40 a birdie in nyc.

  28. hoots 2.0 said:

    I remember when they were 16.5 out in NY. 3 hours later we were letting em go down south for 29. Talk about your come up.

  29. any bostonians here.

  30. this shit like Trap Or Die in here…

  31. hoots 2.0 said:

    what yall know about…stinking up your bedroom with fishscale, hiding the dinner plate with the razor under the bed. Your moms walk in and you’re fronting like your playing nintendo. There was always a little left over, not enough to fill a vial. So you taste for the freeze then snort a lil something. Young nigga on some scarface shit.

  32. Tony Bandz said:

    Brooklyn niggas get shot in the head Uncle Murda
    brush it right off, we only respect murder

  33. The Psychlone said:

    As a person who’s never listened to more than 20 seconds of a Rick Ross song, I find this very easy to enjoy.

  34. fbm rns said:

    tony bandz and psyc
    i need that dirt work done in dmv area…

  35. Tony Bandz said:

    what up

    i thought u had done taken care of that fbm. i cant really engage in that type of business on a blog tho nigga

  36. Middle Class Zo. said:

    Rotlmfao all the comments are one person. Hoots running a muck in here.

  37. gramMasta said:

    lmao @ hoots

  38. fbm rns said:

    SMH @ these supposed Killers and Goons and Thugs and G’s.

    “I can’t engage in that type of vocabulary on a blog. Alphabet Boys watching. Ya heard me!”

    GTFOH with that shit…

    Speez, Tony Bands, Psyc…holla…

  39. Rashard Medenhall said:

    follow me on twitter if you agree with my views please.

    twitter: @R_Medenhall


  40. big545 said:

    Yall need to do something about hoots mask…

  41. Anybody know anything about buying property? I’m looking to buy a 1 bed & 1 bath apartment with a pool for only £12,500! it’s in Orlando and 15 mins from the airport, Disney world and sea world.. I’m looking cop it on straight cash and then let people rent it until the American economy returns close to normal and then sell it. But I need advice on buying property abroad. Which one of you Republicans can help?

  42. this nigga Hoots. SMH.

    *daps room*


  43. yo why does the page look so fucked up ?

    *daps shellz*

  44. Darius George said:

    XLNC i got fam in kissimmee, fl….shit is going for super cheap over…

    selling homes with pools, access to lakes and ponds….5 minute walk to a nice beach with white girls for…

    40,000 – 60,000 USD…

    2 door garage, will eletrical remote control and voice command…i kid you not..

    I got fam over there….got a mansion for the low..

    florida is like old people state, retirees and broke niggas too…a lot of poor niggas there…people with no jobs..

    go to miami, tampa or orlando and make that bread..

    kiss me florida is 30 mins from orlando…

    Orlando got homes for cheap…but O-town is an open sewer

  45. Darius George said:

    the only reason i even go to florida…is to catch some sun, the weather…and to walk around in my chancletas…in wife beat and shawts….to spit g to these white girls that like to swalla..

    Miami tho >>>>

    cubans, brazilians, venezuelans, colombians, dominicans, prock women..

    will leave your dick dry…my niggas…

    but be careful of the thugs on south beach…

    goons is plenty in miami…zoe pound an all that…shoot blickies and shit

  46. 2 door garage, will eletrical remote control and voice command…i kid you not..

    LMAO ..

    that’s what hoot’s is hustling for ? Louie V loafers and an automatic garage door opener?

    keep pushing that snow in the streets, homie..
    keep servin’ them fiends

  47. Darius George said:

    chap…XNLC you’re crazy if you going to get a crib for 20K cash in flo rida…

    maybe in detroit or flint michigan…

    they letting em go for 1,000 – 2,000….

    but in florida…sunny florida…

    nah b….but its cheaper in kississimee…

    its close to orlando too..

    orlando hoes >>>>>

    Central Florida U hoes >>>


  48. Darius George said:

    tron fix the background

  49. It looks like someone is messing with The background now..

    I’ll at least make it all white so you can see the letters

  50. is that better ? it’s hopefully temporary.. we will get it figured out. but at least you can see the text now.

  51. Yo who the fuck would wanna live in Detroit or Flint? I may be from the UK, but even I know it’s gonna be a while before the D and Flint fixes up. 1-2k? You serious? Maybe I’ll cop a few and play sitting duck til them cities fix the fuck up..

  52. EnglandRepresent said:

    You ain’t about that property mogul life XLNC.

    Fall back.

  53. Darius George said:

    XLNC…yeah the D got homes for 2K….its basically run down, crack house boarded up…in a dope neighborhood, with shoot outs, rapes and molestations, violence, gang fights and robberrys (they’ll take ya blackberry and iphone too)….aint that even the worse of it…there is no jobs in a 50 mile radius…and they knocking down homes and building…rebuilding…and no money…

    you in the D…and with 50 dollars…you are Tom Gores…

    Flint is worse…schizos stab you in the face with a knife for some 40 money…or change for the bus…

    Michigan is not playing…

    but yeah…XLNC…20K wont do it…get your money correct..

    40-60K for a down payment…in florida…

    I know 18-22 year olds that are buying homes for 40 and flipping them for 100-120…and so forth..

    I got hoes in the real estate biz…this shit will get cant get any worse…2008-2009 was the worse..

    i got my bread back…had to turn back the benz…and pulled out in the Beamer…

    I am full stack up mode right….stock piling like Bill Belichick in the 2nd and 3rd round…

    I stack bread in the summer time like March Madness Butler Basketball D 1 Team…thats real stingy and stagnant

  54. EnglandRepresent said:

    Hoots you frontin on me son (n). I’m trying to collab here on some corporate/weight distribution scheme and you’ve gone all quiet on the western front.

  55. Darius George said:

    engrep…i hit you up nigga…holla…no homo..

    I’m getting bricks for cheap from Texas…

    real talk…i know the feds is watching..

    but my nigga from Texas…is going to bring em in for me…

    Need ya corporate connects in NYC..

    to sell it to them at the Wall Street “I just got my MBA, Mom” White Boy price..

  56. Darius George said:

    send me the corporate dudes in nyc…i will powder their noses up like a make up artist…

    for real….shit is pure…

  57. Hoots ain’t nobody flipping houses for profit like that in Florida LMAO.. It’s a recession out chea..

    Bad time to sell.. Great time to buy

    I’m thinking about just renting my shit out when we move, cuz u don’t get what your crib is worth if u sell right now.. but u can get a decent crib for 30k.. Easy.. Foreclosure everywhere..Just rent my spot out and let someone else make the payments

  58. mobbdeen said:

    Applaud Hoots’ work ethic


    As a person who’s never listened to more than 20 seconds of a Rick Ross song, I find this very easy to enjoy.


    I envy you. If I had just stuck to my guns and kept ignoring Ross like I did for the for 2 albums (Nas being a guest on the 3rd one forced me to reevaluate my stance on Rawse as artist – NHJIC), I’d be enjoying this shit unreservedly as well.

    But alas…

  59. Darius George said:

    30K is ridiculous…Maybe in Ohio tron..

    Ohio is a fucking shit hole…no disrespect…I wouldn’t live there…

    Afghanistan > Ohio

    Bruh….Ohio = Armpit of the Midwest

    Seriously….I hate nigga that brag about Real Estate in Ohio…

    like seriously?

    I can purchase 3 homes in ohio….fix them bitches up…get some section 8 welfare recipient porch monkeys in there…rent them out there….and get my cake back..

    or just wait 5 years…and sell em to the some niggas from natti or cleve….

    Ohio is a shit hole…no jobs….no work…nada…

    Michigan will pick back up tho…the Black mayor…is rebuilding Detroit….going to bring back more industry….more jobs….more construct work for Remex family…and the car companies have be cut in half and will be rehiring..

    the D will be back…

  60. Hoots is the Snowman in Florida & Texas. He got Mexican connects, that move that white like a Caucasian crossing the street.

  61. Darius George said:

    I got watches that cost more than a home in Delaware…

    There is plenty of 18-20 year olds…out there…doing the property hustle..

    cop cheap…right nah…

    wait a few…fix the bitch up…

    flip for more…and so on and so forth..

    or like tron said…rent that bitch out to some porch monkeys….or some yuppies…get bread from their daddies and mommies…

  62. Quit hating Engrep. 20K in pounds equals a whole lotta dollars. I’m a student and got 20K in the bank, quit expecting me to be ballin on some jay z shit just yet

  63. Darius George said:

    I’m not playing games with that White Girl.

    Shit is looking like Cancun in Spring Break.

    I can cut them…and break em down = thats topless

    She’ll take her panties off for you…but I’m taking them to nyc for 30…maybe a little more..

    So Eng Rep…I need those Wall Street and Finance niggers…

    Got associates in El paso….that will make em pass yo…

  64. Tron, so you would advise buying property and rent it to people to get some money back and sell it whenyour economy revives? But roughly how long would you estimate for the economy to get back in to shape?

  65. I’m not bragging about shit.. Just talking common sense..

    If I can get a bigger crib for 30-40k , decent 3-4 bedroom, garage, decent yard etc..

    But I payed 60k for my small 2 bedroom house, because I got it 5 years ago.. When shit was different..

    So now I need a bigger crib, and I can get one for 40k, but I owe more on my house then I could get if I sell it.. So why not just remortgage the shit, get the lowest payment and rent that bitch out? That’s the only way I can get what I need to get outta the house I’m in now..

    Is this a terrible idea? Cuz I dont see another way

  66. Osama Bin Laden Jesus Piece said:

    Only nigga ya know, that bring snow to Zona, New Mejico, ‘Vadas and Tejas…in the middle of the desert.

    Ya boy stay with the powder like baby butts…

    I’m single responsible for NYC Fashion Models staying so skinny…

    I beat the shit outta one of my workers with a Wiffle Bat…lucky I aint take the Louieville Slugger out the case, off with his head…for putting too much water and soda in the shit…Custies was complaining…

    I got a reputation to protect…

    “put that white over the plate like el duque“>>>

  67. That could work xlnc, but there’s a lot of variables.. What if the economy takes forever to get right? I mean, if u can get a crib in Florida for 20k, that isnt a shack, I’d say do it, but I have a hard time believing that’s accurate..

    20k where im at? Yeah, u can get a for forclosed crib, but even here, u gotta put at least 10k into it to make it livable and up to code.. Crackheads cleaning out all the copper plumbing and all that..takes a lot of work/money.. It’s gonna be a shit hole.. If there’s really a spot in FL for 20k, it’s gonna be a fucking shed..

  68. Osama Bin Laden Jesus Piece said:

    Tron you got a 60K dollar home in Outside of Cleveland right?
    in 2005, 2006?

    for ohio thats decent…

    if you struggling, then you should stay in the Cornhusking state of Ohio…

    Major Cities…We dealing with 2,500 a month in rent…and 500-600K dollar homes…

    I hate to see you niggas in Miami, LA or NYC.

  69. Not outside of Cleveland.. Outside of Youngstown. Cleveland is an hour north of me..

  70. But I’m saying..

    Now I can get a house that’s twice the size at half the price.. But I can’t sell my house and get what I need to break even..

    So I really can only take a huge loss, or rent it out..Or just stay in my crib where I’m at until the economy recovers, but miss out on all this cheap real estate..

    What other option is there?

  71. Osama Bin Laden Jesus Piece said:

    Youngstown is dangerous bruh…

    Daynton too…

    Stay alive white boi..

    Yeah…I can see why its affordable.

    No disrespect.

    Ohio sucks man…only thing good about it Ohio State and the bitches that go there.

    Thats about it…

    Columbus >>>

    not the curly haired nigga from Italy…

  72. Osama Bin Laden Jesus Piece said:

    Tron you are in the worst state for economy recovery…just saying..

    it will get better in other places way before Ohio…or Michigan..

    there really isnt shit in Ohio man…get the fuck outta there…

    It won’t pick up in Ohio..

    Ohio is Welfare State…Unemployment Haven…Minimum Wage Salary is Balling…Education is being illiterate..


  73. Education is being illiterate..

    if the bar is set really low, then it makes it easier for me to appear intelligent.

  74. wtf is this garbage cole just dropped ?

  75. that link appears to be shady..

    don’t put any bullshit up here thats gonna fuck this shit up

  76. Fbm rns said:

    Dude it’s is it shady?

    ^yaris Sanchez
    Doom from wash heights
    Lloyd banks ex jump off
    Low budget vimeo hoe

    Thoughts on this broad?

  77. I clicked, it didn’t look like twitter normally looks on my pc, when I clicked something, it acted weird and gave me weird popup windows..

    So I closed it, cuz I thought my pc might catch the aids..

  78. Fbm rns said:

    I don’t play thAt

    I’m a street dude

    Not a hacker b

    I clap uzis

  79. EnglandRepresent said:

    Quit hating Engrep. 20K in pounds equals a whole lotta dollars. I’m a student and got 20K in the bank, quit expecting me to be ballin on some jay z shit just yet

    ^^I’m not hating young man for fucks sake, it was just jokes. If you’re a student with 20k in the bank then you’re better off than I was when I was a student cos I was minus 20k in the bank. Good for you.

    Hoots fuck Wall Street and New Yawk haul that shit Down Under and lets make real cake. You need to hit Beezy up for the Stockbroking connects.

  80. Dario Jorge said:

    Beezy is a liar.

    Nick. Will you ever come to ny? Nh

    Let’s keep this email. If you serious bruh.

    I take a penitentiary chance every day I walk out the crib.

    Nahright niggas is college students and IT programmers

  81. E aka trIlluminati said:

    Hoots fuck Wall Street and New Yawk haul that shit Down Under and lets make real cake. You need to hit Beezy up for the Stockbroking connects
    that’s El Chapo’s turf now wombat boy

  82. I don’t know how to upload pics on to here but the property doesn’t look like a mess at all, it’s an apartment so it looks like a hotel with a communal swimming pool, some nice trees etc.. Looks like a hotel tbh but with some countryside feel to it. Here’s the description:

    These apartments have been reposessed by the banks by people who could not afford their mortgages. These apartments were selling for $180.000 in 2006. They now have an amazing 80% reduction in price! These are now excellent investment properties. We suggest that to get the best rate of return they need to be kept for three to four years. They could give a potent capital rate of return of 400 -500%.!! The reason for this is, that even if the market does not return to the 2006 highs they will definately return to at least 60% of their original price. Remember these apartments are near Disney World and when the American economy returns the U.S. property investors will return to zones where there is tourist attractions.

    Not only are these good investment for the capital gain but they also yield a good annual rate of return of approx 10% ( depending on which apartment you choose) when you rent them out. We help with restoring, rentals and property management.

    As a foreign national you pay taxes to the american government of your annual rate of return. But any restructuring cost and items such as cookers can be deducted from this, before you hate to pay tax. So the first few years most of the tax does not need to be deducted. U.S tax for most foreign nationals is 15%, but this depends on your personal situation.
    Types of apartments

    * 1 Bed flat , 1 bath, facing the car park costs about $20.000 or £12,600

    Close to the Millennium Mall, close to parks, restaurants, fine shopping and close to downtown Orlando, the perfect location. There are four choices of apartments in a community that has controlled access, a beautiful community pool, state of the art gym and laundry facilities.

    What you people think?

  83. EnglandRepresent said:

    Nick. Will you ever come to ny? Nh

    ^^I got a trip to South America in August for 3 months and then when I get back I got peoples including a step-brother who is now staying in BK, I’m out there for Xmas. I got real peoples who stay in BK and Jersey (shithole that it is) I got some connects, lets make some wonga Hoots.

    Reply to your e-mail you muppet.

  84. EnglandRepresent said:

    that’s El Chapo’s turf now wombat boy

    ^^lmao. Wombats would tear your whole set up though taco man

  85. EnglandRepresent said:

    Sidenote : This track is fucking horrible like E’s mother’s fanny flaps

  86. Yo Eng, thoughts on the title race considering our win against Man Utd? How you think their game with Chelsea will pan out?

  87. Heroine Headliner said:

    Pill got next….

  88. hoots 2.0 said:

    I just had a major night last night, got off a bird in o’s from the comfort of my smart phone. Nigga never left the whip. Around 3 am when the strip club was letting out, I posted up one foot to the wall both arms folded on my shit. There was this money getting glow that surrounded me. I had my pick of the litter stripper. Left with some big booty broad named onyx. Just now getting up, hoe in my robe chefing up a kings breakfast. Im bout that life.

  89. hoots 2.0 said:

    HH pill don’t go no damn next. I bet the bently on it.

  90. 2 point 0

    You definitely ain’t bout that life fam..

    U never cooked no crack..

    Never sold to a pregnant fiend and then saw her on your nightmares..

    U ain’t built for this..

  91. hoots 2.0 said:

    tron, lotta niggas talk about it, I really live it b. Got niggas right now doing tax evasion bids for getting caught with half a mill… My other mans bout to do 9 for getting hemmed up with 3 birds, and 2 bangers and 1 really offensive outlook on life… His response to me when I asked how he gone handle that 9; “Just show my daughter those LV accessories”… I hugged the nigga, which where I come from is a way of saying I got you…. Son I beat charges, I aint gone speak on at this time. But just know the “invisible hand” in the hood is working overtime. I know that last sentence went over your head, and if you aint about that bread I dont expect you to get it.

  92. hoots 2.0 said:

    I took economy classes just to look at this drug trade on some GDP shit… learned about the money multiplier and all that. Who aint about that life?

  93. hoots 2.0 said:

    just because I take the time out to kick it with brethren on GB$, don’t mean I aint bout my paper. Your money should be making you money even when you’re sleeping, if it aint, you aint doing something right. Think of your money like pimps recruiting hoes, to make you more money. Niggas get bread coupla thou, and think they doing it. Nah son, I know niggas you check they bank accounts they got the bare minimum in there cause they money tied up in investments, whether street or legit…. But the game supposed to be sold, an I’m tellin a little bit too much.

  94. hoots 2.0 said:

    I know the feeling when them things get across, its a feeling like know other. Not sure how Jay knew that feeling. That was Klein and them niggas moving that hard white. From what my sources telling me they re-up game was funny style.

    Quick story, the nigga Alpo doing that fed time, ran with my older bro his name was low, he dont get mentioned much cause he was true to his name. Well anyway I seen one night the niggas out in the driveway chopping it up, it was dark and I remember the fog lights from the kitted out cherry red 190 benz putting the exhaust on diplay. Im a young nigga like 12, looking out the window to a trunk full of cash. That was the begining and the end so to speak. I went from bright eye’d youngin contempt with levis and nintnedo, to wanting that life.

  95. Two point 0 you aint live it you witnessed it from ya folks pad

    Scribbled it in ya notepad ..

    And created ya screen name

  96. I said umm ..

  97. hoots 2.0 said:

    Ima change the subject cause I see you desecrating my name tron, whatever tho. How you man… lets talk about some regular shit.

  98. I’m good fam

    No real shots here, just a friendly game of baseball

  99. Tony Bandz said:

    what you niggas know about going cross a state border and back in an Audi RS6, the ones the fedarellis cant catch. with about 150 kilos of cannabis in the trunk and 15 kilos of white in the back seat.

    if them niggas dare turn on the sirens a nigga gone quicker than Speedy Gonzales spottin a nice piece of cheese..

  100. body bagz east new yawk said:

    yall niggas aint never touched a mac milly with 5 bodies already on it

    then prayed to allah and squeezed the trigger at a nigga… even if his kids playing in the area

    my niggas pick that white girl up and distribute it across the tri-state area

    we live this life…i dont no any better…and i dont wanna no no betta

  101. body bagz east new yawk said:

    real nigga shit..holla at me

    i got some domos in the bronx..holla at a mami and she might take that white girl down to d.c

    pick it up from there and move it to atlanta for 28

  102. hoots 2.0 said:

    yo, body bagz, this shit just gave me an idea. How about an exclusive site just for pushers and dope dealers about their paper. Membership is dependent on proof that you moved hard white. What you think?

  103. body bagz east new yawk said:

    hoots 2.0…a nigga is feeling that movement right there…unnastand

    a real loco and trill nigga would constantly click that site like a mac trigger

    this is my domo mami…she on the run for moving that perico..she suck a dick like a vacuum…but never let me buss off in her

  104. hoots 2.0 said:

    say no more nigga, I got my youngin working on the site right now. universal dope dealers .com

    I welcome all my Dominicano’s, Russians moving that ecstasy, hood niggas pushing loud, and my country trailer park white folk with that meth. You need a prior conviction to comment tho, or proof you really live that life. I don’t care, post your blicky’s, take pics of those pounds of kush… niggas need some kinda proof.

  105. hoots 2.0 said:

    its looking more and more likes its gonna be the continental GTC this summer

  106. body bagz east new yawk said:

    much love for making that site my nigga….my thugs will visit and spread the word through the streets and twitter

    its gone be a hot summer

  107. osama bin laden face replace the jesus piece said:

    feds is watching tho…

  108. London Bloke said:

    I’ll confess, I am indeed Beezy. But keep it a secret. Do not tell anyone about it. Please. Thank you. Chap.

  109. London Bloke said:

    i’m trying to start up a business using my wife…the fat whore…her dad rich…any ideas? i’m broke spend all day on nahright and got no money and friends…her dad rich…did i say her dad rich? lol….she lazy and fat

    what should i do?

  110. Tony Bandz said:

    lmao hoots!

  111. FBM RNS Dario Jorge said:

    EngRep…bruh…answer those emails…fam

  112. hoots 2.0 said:

    yo GBM got like 7 bloggers and the same post up all day. Whats really good.

  113. Real Nigga shit said:


  114. Middle Class Zo. said:

    ^^^^Lmfao. All the shit said on here has been one dude! Hoots is having convo’s with himself. Yo #teamfbm man nahright needs to free hoots man.

  115. Rashard Medenhall said:

    ^Steelers Running back Apologizes…The Powers that be…tell him to “Sit the fuck down…NOW!…nigger!”

  116. Big545 said:

    How many copies do think Goblin will push?

  117. Republicans, I’m heading to Toronto for 10 days in the summer, anybody knows what I need to see out there? Clubs? Sights? Restaurants? Etc

  118. the reincarnation of hoots said:

    if you going canada….what you need to see is dem mexican eses

    dey got that chapo for sale…..& the jamaican niggas got.blickies the size of lexington steeles dick….mad impressive

  119. the reincarnation of hoots said:

    canada aint got shit on thailand…me and my homies posted up in a bangkok brothel for a week….and ran a train on a ladyboy….for 20 dollars a nut… had him eat the pills out my asshole

    real nigga shit…ya heard?

  120. the reincarnation of hoots said:

    he yell 5 dollar…sucky sucky
    i tell, nice swalla…then fuck me, fuck me

    real nigga shit..ya heard

  121. Is that homo weirdo still talking about me? Dude, get a life seriously!

    Jealous because I’m fucking with rich white girls, while you still stuck in the hood? Is that it? Keep my name out your mouth, bitch. V.A all day nigga.

  122. Hoots, Thailand ain’t filled with ladyboys you know, even though people’s perception is that the hoes out there are all boys really, but nah there actually are women out there. I need info on Toronto though, Thailand is next summer or Cancun, still undecided and too far to think..

  123. And why am I only able to see just 4 comments of the 124 that were actually posted?

  124. Sari Kristina Baron said:

    I’m craigslist on casual encounters holla.

    Will post address and phone number here soon.

    Sakief Behave son

  125. King Speez said:

    Sakief I know you live in Lake Ridge….Wood Bridge

    I’m going to kill you nigger

  126. Obama Bin Laden said:

    keep playing sakief…
    keep playing bruh
    im od on ya momz..
    post her on wshh
    make her a trending topic for rape nigga

  127. You wanna add me on Facebook, just to look at the chicks I’ve fucked.

    Sad….I left the link in my name for you. Niggas won’t do a damn thing! Im ballin like an even more light skinned Derrick Rose out here.

  128. hoots .. you gotta chill with the screen names mane…

    shit is getting out of control ..

  129. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:


    You got the ugliest chicks of all time b. You an arab looking mofo, on the real. You look like you fucked sand for the first 29 years of your life.

    You a camel fucker b.

    That girl next to you looks like a guy. The ugliest girl that got on the bus for new years eve looks like a 10 compared to that -1.

    /Sorry for changing the topic. Carry on.

  130. Why do you want me dead?

  131. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:


    I’m cereal, b. You look like you had no friends in high school. That girl you hanging with looks like she didn’t either.

    You lost. You got kicked off your favorite blog. Wifed the ugliest chick at your high school. Turned 31 with no career. Didn’t go to college.

    You lost b

  132. Hoots has been trying to get me killed out of jealousy. I want answers.

  133. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy said:

    I can’t believe you were dumb enough to link your FB.

    I redact my previous comments. Hoots >>>

    That girl is ugly as fuck tho, for real. Change up

  134. EnglandRepresent said:

    NOWB you got your front teeth kicked out son. You rocking the porcelain joints right now. Them shit could blow away in a strong wind. And you got the temerity to talk shit on Hooooooooters????? Fuck outta here dickhead. You’re a herb.

  135. I ain’t got no problems with NOWB but these teeth jokes don’t ever tire.. Eng, you a fool man! lol

  136. Only just DL’d this Covert Coup mixtape.. Alchemist killed the production!

    Scottie Pippens >>>>
    Double 07 >>>
    Success Is My Cologne >>>>

  137. Jesus Christ said:

    Yo Hoots…

    Kill yaself Nigga

  138. who the fuck is fake Sakief Mikko Baron?

    fess up…who are you?

    smh @ hoot 2.0 and reincarnation of hoots

    you weirdo stalkers need help b…

  139. Jesus Christ said:

    Word to my mutha cuz, this site iz da worst!!!!

    Who the fuck is Young Jezzy?

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