Who gives a fuck if he’s a swordsman, i’m a gunman, i run from nothin.

The latest visual from Rae’s Shaolin vs Wu-Tang LP, “Butter Knives” finds the chef in chase mode. The video opens with the caption “earlier that day”, but all i see is some kid running through the neighborhood, trying to duck and dodge what i assume to be Rae and his goons from the Icewater Crew. Maybe i missed something, but i have no clue who this kid is, and why is he running agin?. I thought “who would run from Rae and his weed carriers? Why isn’t he trying to get Papa Wu’s autograph?”

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it must be Joe Budden. ( it isn’t)

Presented by LRG

Comments on: "Raekwon “Butter Knives” video" (98)

  1. 1) This video doesnt match the song. Real crappy.
    2) Why does GBM comment section attract so many alleged killers & drug dealers lol?!?!
    3) Hoots running like 10 masks at the same time.

  2. EnglandRepresent said:

    Rae > ______

    NOWB you got your front teeth kicked out son. You rocking the porcelain joints right now. Them shit could blow away in a strong wind. And you got the temerity to talk shit on Hooooooooters????? Fuck outta here dickhead. You’re a herb

  3. Sup O.G Eng Rep

    @ NOWB
    Thats not Hooters – Hooters is called Darius.

  4. LOL @ Joe Buddens.

    I just wonder how someone who seemingly has so much going for him can have so many ether moments.

    And they are all self-inflicted.

    *daps the squad*


  5. Sakief Mikko Baron said:


    ^This is the faggot I need murked.

    Look at this fag. Jail Bird ass nigga.

    He’s a crook…steals ipods from Asians and white kids.

    Jihad and Tron. That’s not me with all the names just in case.

    Its some other fuck nigga

  6. Sari Kristin Baron = Light Skin Hoe

    Clark Baron = Dark Skin Felon

    SMH @ this lame bagging ugly ass white girls.

  7. Good Evening Republicans

    *Addresses GBM Senators*

    Who gives a fuck if he’s a swordsman, i’m a gunman, i run from nothin.


    Only thing Rae\’s fat ass is running for is the hot dog vendor.

    Rae tho >>

  8. Whattup HW, shellz

  9. Raekwon = Rick Ross = Biggie

    They are liars. Never sold an ounce, gram. These niggas never even picked up a vice or habit. You nose aint never run thru that raw.

    How you rapping about Colombian Cartles…yes you Rae…stop playing

    Rick Ross…you got mexican mules on the roster…and take trips to medellin…but you a correction officer retiree?

    Biggie…Volletta Wallace had a good paying job…and you lived in a Brownstone in Brooklyn…Volletta Wallace was a RN making 80K a year…after taxes with benefits..

    I love Biggie to death….but come on…he was bagging groceries at C-town…

  10. It\’s not worth it Hooters. Feds will have you bunked up with some Aryan Brotherhood type niggas who think it\’s perfectly normal to have male prostitutes.

    He looks like a fruit anyway. No need to catch a case over a guy robbing lil asian kids.

  11. HW…thanks for the advice….but I’m going to make some Hick from Dumfries, VA do it..

    dont care about the internet….We just talking shit here…and freedom of speech…print shit out….you can’t track shit on me…fuck a ip..

    I just want a nigga to do it…cuz I know a nigga will shoot and kill him…

    the fucking hick…i got…pick up truck driving nigga…wants to use his dog and baseball bat…and go into his house..

    Brett Favre ass nigga…

    He is a fag…..but he violated and disrespected…and he is doing us light skin playaz a disservice by dating them beat and ugly ass white girls….bitches is hurt…got hit with the ugly stick..

    I don’t give a fuck about an asian geek or white suburban nigga..

    I need this faggot murked..

    VA niggas…if you bout it..holla…I pay cash


  12. tron and jihad…just need to reiterate….im not making 15-20 names on here..

    i actually think that might be bloke, nowb or heroine headliner…them niggas is bored….

    it might be the jew mcb…since i stay sonning him…

    i only made obama = osama type names…for my ahkis…

    I am not

    hoots 2.0


    reincarnation of hoots

    or Darius

  13. Yo, this El Chapo >>>>>

    Aggressive Content >>>>


  14. Enough with the damn masks, fucking up the c-section in this bitch.. Yo Tron, Jihad, block these fools.

  15. niggers is supposed to be hood niggers

    thugs, g’s, ghetto bros…

    but whining and complaining about the vulgar language displayed on this webpage…

    deleting comments and shit..

    bitch made faggots…tell ya wifey to hand you the purse and let you borrow her skirt….and tuck ya dick and ball sack in between ya legs…and bend the fuck over…mangina…fuck niggas..

  16. gramMasta said:

    park hill pjs>>>>>

    used to pipe this lovely broad from there back in the day

  17. Jesus Christ said:

    You wanna know why you can’t see all the comments in the last post???

    Cause the nerds who run this site are faggits.

  18. EnglandRepresent said:

    Sakief ain’t Hoots. The screenname is but not the facebook. Don’t get it twisted.

  19. Fuck this maskery, replays Covert Coup for the 3rd time tonight. Wait it’s 6am, I should be sleeping..

  20. Jesus Christ said:

    Tough bloggers can’t even regulate your own c-section.

    Niggas is e-pussy, word life blood.

    I’m fittin’ to slip the clip in on these faggits, straight up.

    I’m Jesus Of Nazareth hoe, King Kong ain’t got shit on me!!!

  21. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    I love Biggie to death….but come on…he was bagging groceries at C-town…

    “He was a sweetheart” (c) The guy from C-Town in that Biggie & Tupac docu.

  22. fbm rns dario jorge said:

    i get the blame for every fuck shit that occurs on this shit

  23. hoots 2.0 said:

    word of advise, I am not fbm…. his reckless abandoment should be admired though real talk. One thing you learn is the street, is stay a few steps behind a live nigga. He clearing the lane for you, sorta like an ambulance… Doing all the dirty work, when he mack up crash, get bodied. You slide right in that spot; with little to no effort on your part…

    I could right a manual on this shit real talk.

  24. I know that, 2 point 0

    See, when hoots goes into mask mode he doesn’t even bother changing the e mail he comments from.

  25. hoots 2.0 said:

    Tron whats good with a guest feature post… I’d like to share a story of when I got cozy with a (female) r&b singer. I forget the year, but I remember I was pushing a forrest green coupe, with bronze 35% tint. I had this lil shorty who was auditioning for a Source mag photoshoot. So we up in Manhatten and a I dropped the broad off into the audition.. The photographer and stylist immediatley flooded a nigga, on some yo can we get you to participate we like your look blahzy blah. So of course I pleasantly declined the offer cause I’m a street cat, we don’t do that. It coulda been varsity jacket with the fresh line up or the god like features. Iunno. Fast forward 2 hrs, i’m getting kinda aggy cause the kid celly is blowing hard, I’m missing all kinda loot fucking around with this photoshoot waiting on homegirl. So I decide to take in some scenery. On my way out who I bump into… Our eyes locked on something fierce, she had a team around her ushering her into the studio that was the floor above the photoshoot. She stopped in her tracks, her handlers were like, “you ok, is there a problem” wondering why she aint moving. I knew why, we both did. I knew if I had to get her alone, I would need a plan. Shit was crazy b.

  26. Keef Richardson said:

    Tyler’s GOBLIN Album – ASSCHEEKS MUSIC <<<<<<<

  27. Keef Richardson said:

    OF=OVERRATED FUCKERY…. That is all

  28. hoots 2.0 said:

    you know that twix commercial where son break the bar to buy himself some time. Well I did that, without the bar. Its like the World stopped spinning long enough for me to come up with an elaborate play. Shit was worthy of an academy award really. “Nef” I said smilling “we went to highshool together”. She responded “Brandon…? Brandon Tucker”. It worked like a charm and also let a nigga know she was game. After all, my name aint no damn Brandon. What I look like carrying a fuck nigga name like that. We later joked about it over room service that night lol of how her security detail wouldn’t have left us alone, had it not been conveyed we were old buddies.

    She dismissed her team to “catch up with an old friend”. She looked exactly how she looked in those videos, ass plump, stilletto game on ridic. We chopped it up and made plans to meet up later that night.

  29. Bricktop said:

    Whoever posted about vacationing in Cancun, here’s some advice: STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MEXICO.
    That’s all.

  30. Big_seth said:

    I love this site, but the comments are wild.

    Weirdo’s need to leave this to the intellectuals.

  31. Seth , I’m all bout free speech.. But lately I’m more inclined to agree with you.. Shit is getting out of control, and we might have to do some weirdo removal.

    2.0- I’m down with a guest appearance.. Holla via e mail
    Lwhradio @ gmail

    Georgebushmoney @ gmail

  32. Big_seth said:

    *daps Tron*

    I still visit and support regardless. I just find it difficult to participate sometimes.

    anyway. Whats good?

  33. hoots 2.0 said:

    shorty who I had originally dropped off is now finished and smiling from ear to ear. I’m smiling too, but for different reasons. I’m running through my mind the next few hours: … Drop shorty off, move some weight, eat, shit shower, then call my r&b princess around 7…. I was interupted by a nudge to the shoulder. “what you so deep in thought about?” said Tawana my shorty. “it aint about nuffin” I replied and made my way up the Major Deegan Expressway to the BX. Got to T’s house, she wanted me to come up and fuck her, but nah I wasn’t having that. That’s probably my first time turning down that pussy. Tawana was type bad, light skin with freckles b. She had an ass you could pitch yay off and some juicy strawberry lips. I aint even bug when she started pouting, slammed my door and stormed off. I had bigger fish to fry.

  34. hoots 2.0 said:

    Big_seth said: May 5, 2011 at 11:11 am *daps Tron*

    I still visit and support regardless. I just find it difficult to participate sometimes.

    anyway. Whats good?

    ^ my dude, no shots, but you gotta learn to dodge and dive, and don’t get wrapped up in shit that don’t concern you. You acting like someone got a gun to your head forcing you to read the shit b. Heres a tip that might help you. You seem like a smart enough dude. Stop perusing the writings and gloss b. See a name you don’t like? keep it moving. that all.

  35. hoots 2.0 said:

    2.0- I’m down with a guest appearance

    ^ its aight, I’m lettin this one fly for free.

  36. Yo Brick, what’s up with Cancun? Are Tijuana and Miami any better?

  37. Yo

    When I’m having a bad day at the gig,
    I go outside and smoke a bogey and put the headphones on and listen to “die free”.. Shit is like a cleanse of negative thoughts.

    The fly 2>>>
    (this cannot be overstated)

  38. Yo Tron, I’ve had The Fly 2 sitting around on my laptop for a month now, still ain’t listened to it.. What’s good about it?

  39. hoots 2.0 said:


    When I’m having a bad day at the gig,
    I go outside and smoke a bogey and put the headphones on and listen to “die free”.. Shit is like a cleanse of negative thoughts.

    The fly 2>>>
    (this cannot be overstated)

    ^ this that shit foreal.

    “fuck being an artist if you miss your target audience”

  40. hoots 2.0 said:

    I’d rather die free tho. true story.

  41. obama bin laden said:

    niggas always saying

    “chill, hoots you aint gotta murder and kill niggas”

    nah b….niggers are animals

    they only get tame…when you shoot and stab em

    you have to make them sit down or go to sleep….

    thats why im always tucking….facing years on my hip…

  42. hoots 2.0 said:

    thats why im always tucking….facing years on my hip

    ^ this that argument Prodigy made when he got indicted for that burner. Its kill or be killed. It’s a trap set up for you to lose. It taskes the skills of a master mind to make it out.

    “side-step cops on the way to the top (Yes!)” (c) Hovi baby.

  43. hoots 2.0 said:

    my nigga Tron… Yo honestly b. That die free. Is where the road stop at the edge of a cliff, and a nigga take flight. Or in your case a kizza. But you get what im saying.

  44. Tony Bandz said:

    whats good GBM

    what up hoots

  45. Comments is fine by me
    post your pictures and other assorted fuckery -just dont post addresses and you wont get censored/modded etc.

  46. Comments is fine by me
    post your pictures and other assorted fuckery -just dont post addresses and you wont get censored/modded etc.

    pretty much. Im willing to let a lot of shit slide, but don’t post somebody’s address and get us caught up in some bullshit.

  47. Sup Tony, what you saying today bro?

  48. I apologized to Jihad and Tron…I guess HW throws his weight around here..

    I rarely apologize to niggas…I spit in they mouth and make em swallow it Eskay steez…and I cave their chest in and make their shoulders clap..like stripper booty…

    Tell niggas…”Get that shit off ya chest”

    Niggas that violate and disrespect…get their mothers name and adresses and phone numbers posted on here…

    fuck what ya heard..

    Imma make a craiglist and backpage ad…with his mom pic…her address and number…and tell all the weirdo and creeps to rape that bitch…”THE DOORS UNLOCKED”

    i live this shit nigga…

    cross the line…get that chalk line up around ya…

  49. I never knew hood niggas…to be so worried about being polite and having human decency?

    “It’s just not right, stop posting numbers and address. It’s wrong.”

    “It can get us caught in some shit”

    LMFAO…pussy ass niggas sounding like a Boarding School Graduate…

    Tron was bragging about being related to Cleveland Wop Mafia family…and having ties to all these Guineaus that extort, murder and sell heroin..

    now you a model citizen?

    shaking ya head…”It’s not right?”

    what type of niggas are you?

    being law abiding citizens of the community?


    this is George Bush Money….George Bush sent soldiers to die in Iraq for money….

    Halliburton…google it niggas….about the only thing you good for..

    “It’s just not right!!”

    I can’t believe i’m texting and commenting with supposed hood niggas from the streets..

    you niggas have compassion and sympathy?

    what the fuck is this?

  50. obama bin laden said:

    “Uhhh….ummm…..mmmm….mhmmm….ehhh….bbbbuuuuutttttttt…..I am a part of society“

    The fuck up nigga…

  51. The fuck you talkin too hoots ?

    I’m just telling you how it is. U post an address, the shit is getting deleted..

    If u got beef with some body, go clap them hammers.. U talk all this goonish thuggery, but u posting addresses, not handling biz.. U got paper..right? So fly to the east coast and handle your business..

  52. we the fucking government nigga

    you citizens will do as we say

    post addresses and youll disappear to blogtanamo bay

  53. hoots 2.0 said:


  54. obama bin laden said:

    Boss never gets his hands dirty…thats where you fuck niggas don’t understand..

    Murder/Killing is a worker job…thats for an employee…you send ya lil homie to do that dirt…

    Don’t get it misconstrued….I’m not a blogger or a rapper..

    I put in work…plenty of niggas can co-sign and shout out my rep in the streets..

    fuck what you heard..

    it aint a game…i murk niggas for real…

  55. obama bin laden said:

    fuck what them niggas saying on nahright

    I dont make blog posts….I am not a blogger…I repeat I am not a fucking blogger…ya heard me

    ya heard me..

    fuck blog post…fuck updated thread or post….fucking that shit..

  56. Bricktop said:

    Yo Brick, what’s up with Cancun? Are Tijuana and Miami any better?
    I’m not sure on the specifics, I just read the headlines. Currently Mexico is a certified narco-state.

  57. hoots 2.0 said:

    cosign fuck rss feeds, permalinks feed burner, google analyst an all that shit b. Yall tech savvy niggas prolly with cisco a+ certifications. Where they do that at?… I’m in these streets cousin.

  58. hoots 2.0 said:

    like to me, typing with my banger right by the keyboard is the order of the day, because no matter how much I might type, send little comments and what not. I keep that heat early!.. Its a constant reminder that i’m a thug first, looking to increase the murder rate, not page impressions.

  59. What type of cold blooded goon killer knows how to draw a giraffe out of dashes dots and equals signs?

    That’s how the hood is on the west coast?

  60. obama bin laden said:

    Cancun is ghetto trash vacay spot….same thing like Miami…South Beach..

    please if you going to do mexico…go to Puerto Vallarta. Cabo San Lucas….everything in the baja california..

    also Acapulco….people with class…and the night life is great…beautiful white bitches..

    I can speak ESPANYOL…and I got the mexican mules on the roster..

    ya heard me

  61. hoots 2.0 said:

    I went to cancun back in the day with my girl… we fucked in the pool. true story.

  62. obama bin laden said:

    Cancun = South Beach Miami

    nothing but ugly thugs, dirty bammas…and ugly black folks…

    and white girls with diseases and stds….fat bitches…that will suck ya daddy dick, yo dick, ya boy dick, ya bro dick…and kiss you on the lips..give you a peck..

    Cancun is for the fuck niggas

  63. obama bin laden said:

    If you want sex, drugs and lil senoritas and lil chicas..

    go to Tijuana…but be careful…do not pop shit…you will get popped..bitch

    go to rosarito….

    the whole baja cali…is the shit…

  64. hoots 2.0 said:

    Cancun is for the fuck niggas

    ^ chill son, I don’t play that disrespect b, keep it civil. Or you gonna force my hand.

  65. obama bin laden said:

    I live this Sexico shit..

    I live it…

    Fux >>>

  66. obama bin laden said:

    Fuck nigga…Fuck Nigga…Fuck Nigga

  67. hoots 2.0 said:

    I sent warning shots over that nigga head earlier in here talking that nonsense. cause I’m really bout that life. Put I practice peace ever since catching that body in 04′. I aint trying to revisit that unecessarily, but I gotta defind my honor at all times so…

  68. obama bin laden said:

    hoots 2.0 need that work done…go to va…i’ll send the money in lv knapsack…name ya price

  69. obama bin laden said:

    im pitching the white…like a white girl swimming through the crowd at a concert../

  70. hoots 2.0 said:

    I gotta get some pussy tonight. I’m thinking asian or morrocan, some exotic shit.

  71. Tony Bandz said:

    ayo Hoots! I know u got cake like that, whats your hustle? You really be in the streets like that?

    in between spending extra much time on nahright, niketalk, hoodtalk, GBM whatever…

  72. Tony Bandz said:

    and dont front like you moved weight like that, your act on here is real funny and all but homie..

    we seen the youtube videos.

    You are NOT about that life.

    u cant even put hands on your worst enemy down in VA

  73. obama bin laden said:

    yeah man…28 grams a o….thats all i know…

    i done know what a 9-5 grind is…..I grind 24-7…in duh skreetz

  74. All these places are the same to me, beaches, bitches and booty..

  75. obama bin laden said:

    ^Tron is in this video…fucking wigger

  76. obama bin laden said:

    blogging is supposed to be free..

    everything gets deleted and moderated..

    shit is like nahright now..

    thats what fucked up nahright

  77. obama bin laden said:

    ^wiz, waka, frenchie…fucking fat hoes…

  78. obama bin laden said:

    ^wizard, cocka, french kiss…fucking fat hoes part 2

  79. Cosign South Beach turning into a fucking circus -especially on Memorial Weekend – WTF

    Every thug and thugette travels across state just to be there.

  80. There are similarities with Cancun & Miami now but they\’re still good money, just more dangerous than before. Bahamas is a nice getaway spot but its more expensive.

  81. Venezuela
    Costa Rica
    Puerto Rico

    all better then Mexico – Mexico is for if you want easy slores and drugs and alcohol (no shots at Mexicans)

  82. gramMasta said:

    cosign cancun & south beach being hoodrat roach motels


  83. gramMasta said:

    even in puerto rico & dominican republic they robbin tourists on gp

  84. Obama bin laden said:

    I go to sexico for the sex and drugs

    But I like to do my drugs with rich white folks with class and elegance

    And I like to have sex with white tourists and Latinas

    I don’t like thug ignorant black niggers fucking up my vacaytions

    I love Barbados Bahamas and bermuda

    Imma sucka for light skin

    He gotta look like Obama

    She gotta look like Lisa raye

    For me to party drink dance and ultimately fucks with you

  85. Obama bin laden said:

    Also in dr

    You can get ass pussy mouth food tourist attractions and air fare all inclusive

    I went there for business and got relatives there

    But my little nigga went there

    Stayed at this hotel and the Dominican bitches would knock on his door in the midnight…suck him off…fuck him till he nut…and leave

    Next day a midnight same routine

    And he’d tip em like 2 dollars….which is like 60 70 pesos or pesatas

    My Mexicano homey went there for free because or university campus there did a transfer

    Smashed 2 sisters who were dimes in thefirst 3 hours he touched down

    His dick ain’t been the same

    Bitches in dr is throwing that pussy atcha

  86. Obama bin laden said:

    I got Mexico and the whOle carribean on lock….if you touch pussy…that’s my pussy…I’m giving you to her

    But I want to go to the phillipines and Thailand

    Fuck with the Asian smuts ya heard me

  87. Sex trade is rife in D.R
    But the same can be said for America lol.

    No deviancy – but some of the prostitutes in Dominican Republic look like good quality video hoes – no bullshit. You can be a straight edge and be easily tempted – it costs next to nothing.

    But I dont mess with prostitutes. I like the challenge and chase.

  88. obama bin laden said:

    if you in dr, young, skinny, mildly attractive, and got some bread..

    you really dont need prostitutes…b..

    if a fat ass bitch…with big tits…light skinted…and she only HABLA espanyol…then yeah ill buy her drink…give some bread for that 10 dollar skirt…and take her to my room..

    but in dr…there is plenty of hoes…willing to give it for free…and wanting to get fucked..

    presidente is free there…so give that hoe that..if not throw the vodka at her..

    Euro hoes stay there….business and vacay….

    Euro hoes is proper too….they like black niggas too…black dominicans..lol

  89. obama bin laden said:

    dr hoes stay jocking american dudes…cuz they want to come over here to us…and they think we got crazy bread…but compared to them and their fam…we do…they next to haiti…shit is worse than africa…

    DR >>>

  90. Skip to 9.10 minute mark – these some world class prostitutes b. See the phatty on her? Woah.

  91. gramMasta said:

    Harlem World said:
    May 5, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    ^ gospel

  92. obama bin laden said:

    that dvd is a waste of 43 minutes….no fucking…no naked bitches…

    just some nigga that paid cake to go to DR…and just talk to these hoes…

    you at the very least have to have them stripping and shit…show some ass, puss or tits..

    #TeamDeeVeeAnt (I do not know how to spell that shit…gtfoh)
    #TeamMissKreant (same here)

    those dr bitches are thick…i light the light skin jawn in that dvd…i dont want them hoes to speak english or french…just spanish when i smash

  93. obama bin laden said:

    chris brown dancing at a sausage fest…


  94. Heroine Headliner said:

    Where hopp at? Dead?

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