Momma I made it…..

*BAWSE tears*

Here’s a mixtape…..

For Momma…..

Because behind every tru BAWSE…..

Is a momma that made him…..

Steel sharpen steel…..I’ma keep it real…..

Peep game…..

A Mixtape 4 Momma (Link)

1. Boyz II Men – A Song For Momma

2. Nas – Dance

3. Saigon – If…(My Mommy)

4. LL Cool J – Big Mama

5. 2Pac – Dear Mama

6. Kanye West – Hey Mama

7. Kanye West – Hey Mama Pt. 2

8. Big Sean – Whatever You Want

9. Brian Ennals – Mama Told Me

10. Beanie Sigel – Moms Praying

11. Ghostface – Momma

12. Aloe Blacc – Mama Hold My Hand

13. Anthony Hamilton – Mama Knew Love

14. Cam’ron – Me, My Moms, & Jimmy

15. Snoop Dogg – I Love My Momma

16. Fat Joe – Thanks God For That White

Comments on: "A Mixtape 4 Momma….." (55)

  1. 16. Fat Joe – Thanks God For That White

    dope playlist, but that addition is fucking hilarious..

    *refrains from jokes about peoples moms for the day*

  2. Heroine Headliner said:


    We should always give thanks fo our moms…..

    But we should neva foget…..

    To thank god…..

    fo that white…..

    My momma raised me…..

    But that white girl paid me…..

  3. Heroine Headliner said:


    I say fuck fathers…..

    Salue all Mothers…..

    An all Muthas as well…..

    Peace be witchu…..

  4. mobbdeen said:

    This is fucking bullshit.

    I thought the Bawse was above conception. As in he just magically appeared in the talons of an eagle flying down from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


    But yeah, shouts to all the mothers. And Derrick Rose’s speech coach. I welled up seeing that shit.

    Happy Muthas’ Day…

  5. @ HH

    “hey mama pt 2” by Ye Tudda

    is that a studio version ? or a rip from the grammy performance ?

  6. Heroine Headliner said:

    Don’t kno…..

    I sell tha dope straight off tha iphone…..

    Ya dig….?

  7. LOL at Thank God For That White! Actually laughed out loud after reading that whole tracklist.. I’m guessing it’s Mother’s Day over in the US? A different date is set in the UK.. Whattup Doe?!

  8. nas “dance” just made a kizza shed a tear…

    i promise ma.. ima get out these skreets..

    as soon as i make another milli..

  9. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    But yeah, shouts to all the mothers. And Derrick Rose’s speech coach. I welled up seeing that shit.


    D. Rose has a ways to go before he’s comfy on camera with a mic in his face (nh).

  10. Anybody know anything about Toronto?

  11. Anybody know anything about Toronto?

    i know that’s where Marv calls home..

    so i would guess that breathing in the air in Toronto will kill your brain cells..

  12. Heroine Headliner said:

    why u askin questions….?

    U soundin like tha feds right now…..

  13. #BASED tribute to the #BASEDmom

  14. Marv? Don’t he comment on Nah? My shit gets moderated continuously over there, never seem to get a comment thru, so I’ve given up on that site.. And I’m hitting up T Dot for 13 nights towards the end of June, I need to know where’s the best places to get Canadian poon or just general pussy. Canadian bitches apparently love the British accent..


  15. Heroine Headliner said:

    Fuck nah right…..

    We don’t congregate wit fuck bois…..

    Ya dig…..

  16. canada birthed drake and marv..

    they gotta be a fuck boi nation..

  17. Heroine Headliner said:

    Fuck canada…..

    That shit is juss america’s hat


  18. HH..

    my momma let pie’s cool on the window sill..

    ya moms let that pyrex do the talkin’..

    whippin work in the pot..

    lawd knows life’s a bitch..

  19. I been to NY and plan to hit up LA in the future but I need to see what’s good with Toronto and Montreal this summer.. I hear they got wild strip clubs and mad foam parties.. Count me in.

  20. mad foam parties.. Count me in.

    Is this a new drug?

  21. Indeed, makes women drop panties and do great things wit a bwoi.

  22. *daps room*

    That is all.


  23. i’ll see you “she got it from her mama” and raise you 1 “bitch i’m fuckin’ yo mama”

  24. Lol

  25. Big545 said:

    You niggas silly lol

  26. EnglandRepresent said:

    Fuck all yall’s mothers.

    I meant.

    I’ve fucked all yall’s mothers.

  27. oh hey eng…

    i thought i smelled yeasty puss.. you been at your moms today?

    eng’s moms monistat game >>>>>>>>>

    bitch can eradicate a yeast infection in like 8 hours..

  28. EnglandRepresent said:

    yeasty puss……..lmao.

    I see youse Tron Tron.

  29. gramMasta said:

    * salutes *

  30. Yo, I ain’t listened to it for a minute, but in the process of getting all this shit off my Macbook, I just wanted to say-

    A.A.P >>>>

    That is all.


  31. hoots 2.0 said:

    *currently listening to thank gawd fo dat whiiiite!*

    ^ this that baggin up music. Naked bitches with hazmat mask on type shit.

  32. hoots 2.0 said:’s come to my attention, that certain commentors here are unhappy with the unraveling of a past drenched in an abundance of arm and hammer, compression plates and fishscale. The sordid details are often times employed with the greatest possible vantage in rap music, but this is not my intention… In order to make ammends with society there is a strong urgency to clarify these elements – mysterious and baffling to most. My goal here is not to exploit the trade, but give you an understanding on the motiviation behind the criminal aspect. There is only one reason I am able to spread this message today and auspicate the following…

  33. hoots 2.0 said:

    crooked I murked the thank god for that white beats. sheesh.

  34. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    Yo real talk what happens if you don’t have a mother?

    You an orphan…and the streets took you in and raised ya…


    Shout out to all the niggas that ain’t got mommy…or a daddy…orphans…the streets brought em up…they upbringing like a rose cracking through the concrete…

    fuck a single mother household…a nigga had no one…not one parent…no household….just a house to hold the bricks…

  35. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    Mother….Mother Earth? Mother Moon?

    I do not know any other mother…why bother?

    My homie….his moms use to stuff the powder in his pampers…it wasn’t johnson & johnson…it was that colombian cocoa leaf…when you mix it with the chemicals…

    I import Africans from the Motherland….Akon Black type niggas…to move that work…and lay their hammer game down…arm and hammer baking soda….baking coca….and arms and hammers…when they murder niggas…

    Mother board for you jihad type niggas…that break down a computer and fix back up…faster than you can….break brick and distribute it to the roc…

    fuck niggas

  36. hoots 2.0 said:

    Yo real talk what happens if you don’t have a mother?

    ^ true steez… Some cats had soccer moms bringin em to practice, then would go out for pizza with their buddies after the game. I kicked rocks on a destitute streeet corner oblivious to the world outstide my block. Pizza? nah, bread with ketchup and a slice of block government cheese. Moms worked 2 jobs she had no time for pta meetings sleep-overs and such. But momma did the best with what she had. She had no chance winning, until I decided I wouldnt loose.

  37. hoots 2.0 said:

    momma did leave me with something I hold dearly till this day. If I fuck nigga moving against the current opposing your force, cut his limps off. (figuratively speaking of course). I learned what this meant years later. I aint gonna drop this jewel here tho.

  38. shellz thee odor>>>>>>>>>>>>a.a.p

  39. Big_seth said:

    DEAD. Great post & dope comments.

  40. Big_seth said:

    LMAO @ Track 16 still

  41. hoots 2.0 said:

    Great post & dope comments.

    ^ I see what you did there. I think.

  42. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    im not talking about ya moms busting her ass, work 2-3 jobs….to get you the new fila’s and tru religions…

    nah…like you had no mom around….daddy…left a while ago…

    or if they was around they never gave fuck….mom’s needle pops…moms needed pops…….pops was on the couch with the spoon…heating it up…tombout “Hurry up bitch, tie the rocawear belt around ya arm..and pass that shit too me”

    this is reality…your life fictional….
    i don’t talk this shit on a blog…..i’m really from the block

    a nigga never had a moms growing up…fuck a pops…i was probably hooping with him at the park…but i aint know that was my pops….smell me…

    streets took me in…bounce from group home to group home…churchs too….then I moved in with a supposed uncle…taught me how to move that work…and raise your arm when you firing…hold it steady…nh

    We don’t do cooking dances in the kitchen….way too focus on this paper…thats what fucks it up…putting to much soda and water in the shit….fiends get picky…

    No significance for me Mothers Day…its just another day….move some other yay….hoe-ray…yay!…hey…whatchu say!…nay


  43. hoots 2.0 said:


  44. hoots 2.0 said:


    ^ I dig it, but ya sob story missing some holes b… My pop wasnt around neither, all I had was a picture of him standing besides that ’76 coupe. he left for the paper, he was out. I got his genes and his jeans literally. I became the man my father was, rocking his jeans they found him dead in, I vowed to avenge his murder and not take em off until I had his murderers head on a stick b. Cause I fully understand the lore for that paper, I aint mad at him no more. Of course seeing kids daddy’s teaching them how to ride a bike, swing a bat, stop and tie they shoe lace, was a little unsettling for a young nigga. But that was necessary for me to detach myself from the common boy and be this drug czar kingpin type nigga. I aint never mad, you sounding mad b.

  45. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    my other homie…my close homie…im tombout…he like my cuzin…but we bloodin’….he like my brother….but with no father…no mother…ya heard me….

    his mom a street walker a night crawler…ya smell me…a prostitute…my niggas….he grow up…find out why his uncle and cousins always coming late at night…and they stay for hours in the room alone…talking and shit…allegedly..

    it broke his heart…he cried real tears…i hate to hold back mine….”Real NIggas Don’t Shed Tears, We Shed Blood”…i tells him…cuz if a nigga cry tears…then he gotta get it tattoed on his face…the same place wear the salty tear trickled down your cheek…you save it…don’t taste it….go to the tat parlor…and get work done on ya face…

    thats the cloth we cut from..

    i tells him…fuck the world….and went to the window…and let off shots in the air….thats how i show my emotions…

    we over there consoling each other…of a 2 piece and biscuit…and we got 2 pieces and biscuit..ya heard me…but the food from crown friend chicken or kennedy friend chicken…couldn’t even eat that KFC…we from the hood..

    niggas got moms that is call girls and escorts?

    and you want my nigga to celebrate mothers day?

    nah b….life is fucked…there is niggas out there with real problems…real shit..

    don’t cry…tattoo it on ya face…
    don’t get sensitive or emotional…let ya gun go off…

  46. hoots 2.0 said:

    let ya gun go off…

    ^ I agree wit this. When you popping them thangs off, that kick and rush dispells all hurt feelings. Pop off nigga. Pop off.

  47. hoots 2.0 said:

    for years I took my pain and hurt out on pussy, untill I discovered the trigga. I left my mark on copious amounts of punnany, I’d fuck and nut and feel better instantly. But that shit was short lived, until one day I let that thang fo off. Man no feeling can express that feeling of letting that blicky spark, and clear blocks.

  48. all you need to know about toronto:

  49. I hear this is the place to come for assorted fuckery, and drug talk. Reminds me of the 80’s.

  50. Heroine Headliner said:

    holla atcha boi…..

    if ya got that work…..

  51. black baby slash crack baby said:

    anybody here ever been shot?

    not shooting up….I mean like bullets…

    That heroin some shit…b…

    Shout out to Derek Rose…I luh to c niggaz make it out chea…..from slums of Chi…to the franchise of the Bulls…fuck a Jordans

    Kobe >>>>

  52. black baby slash crack baby said:

    “Walk on By“ – Issac Hayes is my theme music..

    When I’m bussin’ slugs, and hussling drugs…ya heard me…

    60-70’s type steez…

    watcha kno bout dat….eh….

    70’s > 80’s

  53. `` FUCK THE NYPD `` screeched Aubrey Graham said:

    ayo…fuck the police

  54. Heroine Headliner said:

    TrillAAAAA in Manila…..

    Crack bundles in tha Jungle…..

    The 80’s…..

    When we were Coke Kings…..

  55. This c-section is becoming a fuckery, moderate these bitches!

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