Guess Jeezy's looking for a TM103 release date just like the rest of us

Since the release of The Recession in 2008, Young Jeezy has seen his popularity wane somewhat and that’s mostly due to the rise of  artists like Rick Ross and Gucci Mane, rappers who basically inhabit the same lane Jeezy does but who’s musical output and off record antics  have managed to captivate the attention of fans. For the most part, the days of taking years off between albums are over. Such a large gap in time between projects used to build anticipation for something new from an artist but today’s rap fans are spoiled by the internet and the flood of music readily available to them at any given time.  An artist who takes time off can easily get branded irrelevant in favor of the next best thing…and that’s exactly what happened to Young Jeezy.

Outside of a few ill advised single choices (That “Jizzle”  jawn was so garbage, they filmed a video for it and then locked it away in the vault under the Def Jam building….right next to those pictures of L.A. Reid and Shakir Stewart…allegedly) Jeezy’s recent music hasn’t really strayed from what he’s been doing his entire career.  Don’t believe me? Then this comp’s for you.

Die hard Jeezy fans should have alot of these tracks (The bulk of the music here was  taken from Jeezy’s last two mixtapes Trap Or Die 2 and The Last Laugh) but a few of these joints were just floating around the ‘net without a proper home, so I figured I’d zip em all together for your listening enjoyment. As usual, we got em in the best quality available, with zero DJ drops and in CDQ when possible. If Jeezy wants to reclaim his spot as “The Best Trapper Alive”, his next LP is gonna have to equal or top this comp in terms of quality.

In the words of my comrade GuttaBoyJihaD, Jeezy, don’t fuck this up!!

George Bush $$$ Presents Thug Motivation 103 (The Bootleg)

1. Handle My Bizness

2. Game Over

3. Ballin’ (featuring Lil’ Wayne) (Final Version)

4. Lose My Mind (Featuring Plies)

5. My Camaro

6. Hood Politics

7. All White Everything (Featuring Yo Gotti)

8. Count It Up

9. CTE Or Nothin (Featuring U.S.D.A.{Slick Pulla, Boo Rossini & 211})

10. B.M.F. (The Real Blowin’ Money Fast) (Featuring Big Meech)

11. I Got This (Don’t Worry)

12. The Killer

13. Stripes (Run D MC) (Featuring Freddie Gibbs)

14. Problem

15. Real As It Gets (Featuring Jay-Z)

16. Scared Money (Featuring Lil’ Wayne)

17. Trap Or Die II (Featuring Bun B)

18. Rap Game

19. Last Laugh

20. 24-23 (Bonus)

21. Lose My Mind (Remix) (Featuring Drake) (Bonus)

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  1. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    This that TM103 shit right here!!

  2. No “ill’in?”

  3. `` FUCK THE NYPD `` screeched Aubrey Graham said:

    greatest trapper ever

  4. `` FUCK THE NYPD `` screeched Aubrey Graham said:

    if you in the trap….slap this

  5. `` FUCK THE NYPD `` screeched Aubrey Graham said:

    is jeez beefin wit game?

    game lyrically murder him….but game got goons…jeezy got shooters….bamas

  6. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    No Illin?

    Decent enough song, but the chemistry wasn’t really there IMO.

    That’s why it got put on a tape instead of held for the album.

    I want a Jeezy x Pusha T collabo.

    Leave Malice at the library.

  7. I want a Jeezy x Pusha T collabo.
    pusha is that dude right now too.. Jeezy needs to get on that..

    I know u lurkin snowman..

  8. big sean is a problem….i fux with the nigga now….the hood is fickle..

    say word…dude is from west side of detroit?

    he swag like a gay ass chi nigga….skinnies, xsmall muscle shirts….and chanel lenses?

    come on b…

  9. i dont know how niggas from the d…aint run thru big sean pockets…he weigh 35 pounds soaking wet change in the pockets and construct timbs on ya heard me…

    how you let a nigga saschay and skip around the hood looking like that…

    and rep the d…..eminem jumping on his bandwag

  10. speez…king…where ya at…

    need work done in va….cash…in hand…

  11. NovemberEnd said:

    Jeezy is a weird space

    I’m not sure If the label doesn’t care

    His fanbase losing interest

    or what

    Like someone else said Big Sean can get a release date but Jeezy with Gold and Plat albums can’t?

    If he knew he was on the shelves wouldn’t he speaks out agianst the label?

    Shit is weird b

  12. For me, Jeezy and some of these other rappers are perfect to bump in the whip but I ain’t ever buying his shit..

    Snowman though >>

  13. abortatron said: May 9, 2011 at 2:20 pm
    No “ill’in?”


    This tho. Even if its just for Jeezys verse.


  14. hoots 2.0 said:

    get money leave the beef alone slowly.

  15. imboutthatlife said:

    XLNC said: May 9, 2011 at 9:22 pm This c-section is becoming a fuckery, moderate these bitches!

    ^ niggas fear what they don’t understand.

  16. hoots 2.0 said:

    why cat’s get aggy of typed words?… You think a nigga like ernest hemmingway caught flack over his expressing himself? You think C. L. R. James caught heat for his strong sentiment on his theories about socialism? Poe for being a poet who spoke from a place, to this day no man can. Being a critic is one thing, we respect that… but out right hate is not the business. I get that it comes from a place of ignorance tho… but my patience is wearing thin…

  17. Poe is one of my favorite writers of all time. Hands down, that man had no competition.

  18. Hoots,

    You think if Poe would have actually started his magazine company that he would have been more celebrated in his time?

    His life was type sad man. 2 dead wives, family disowning him, being a writer of poetry, all that crazy shit that was looked down on a man at that time period. Especially in Elitist Boston.

    They played him and he STILL cemented his legacy.

  19. george bush money pr specialist in charge of marketing and brand management said:

    Moderation is censorship.

    Thats what fucked up nahright. Nahright used to be the shit. Niggas used to get bodied, ethered, put in caskets, hearses and coffins. Eskay would just laugh it off. Then he met the fuck nigga Nate from around the way, Esgay turned him out, put him on the team. All shit went too hell.

    Thats part of Nation’s religion and culture…he half hindu and half muslim….his ancestors started that censorship moderation shit.

    This is not communist Soviet Union or the Red Nation of china.


  20. hoots 2.0 said:

    troubleshooter, what i’ve come to find out is every man is a poet by given birth right. But not every man can look beyond the physical and connect with his most deepest of thoughts and more importantly express them. You have to unlock the gateway Poe was masterful at that…. Also dudes see in black and white they are what I call prescribed thinkers, in order to touch that depth and make it your playground your thinking must be three dimensional, as a man you must have some type philosphy to you. That’s why it bugs me when simpleton niggas like XLNC take up issues with the kid. Indirectly too might I add.

  21. hoots 2.0 said:

    Moderation is censorship.

    ^ cosign, how else do we push the envelope and forge ahead?

    You think while molten lava bursting through the earths crust utimately forming new land, that anything in its molecular make up is saying “chill, you going way too hard”. “we need to moderate the flow”. Heck no. Its eruption is a marvelous display who wouldnt dare be censorerd.

  22. real nigga shit said:

    its the pussy fuck boys like McB and Kid Frankie that are pushing for moderation and getting people banned.

    They come Here and get roasted and sent back to Nah with depression….deep clouds of it…

    I’m going to slap 007/frankie in the face when I get to the ‘burgh….then I’m going to body slam McB into the pave…when I touch down in South Bosox

  23. real nigga shit said:

    these nahright niggas don’t know that I got they twitter accts and they facebook defaults pix…

    why pop shit on nah or gbm….then state your locations..

    and expect not to run up in ya ass (nh)…and not kick ya fucking head in…

    I got East Coast beef….

    VA, Maryland, Penn, Mass.

    I need some serial killers

  24. StFU Hoots

    Nigga got 25 sn’s carryin on convos w/yaself

    Troll ass nigga

  25. Moderation is not censorship. Recentley we had to delete some comments because an address was posted. If some lunatic harmed the person living at the address, and there was evidence to suggest that GBM had information about that crime/perpetrator – that would mean we would be forced to co-operate with law enforcement. Which is something I don\’t do and will never do. On the other hand, I would never shoulder the blame on any bloggers on this site either and put them in that situation.

    Do not make it out like this is Cuba. Find me a forum or comments section where you can post photos/embed videos/ talk shit about the bloggers personal lives without getting blocked or moderated. Isn\’t that the very reason one specfic commenter is here?
    I\’m probably the most anti censorship person on this site, however I am pro privacy. People come on here talking about all sorts of stories – thats fine. But posting addresses is not whats up and I stand by that.

    Censorship would be to delete a comment because we didn\’t like it. Posting an address is dangerous – in fact it\’s the underlying reason our comrade Shellz and Eskay are at a war of words with each other.

    Nobody has ever been moderated on GBM with the exception of some spammers and people who post addresses. Free speech exists even on the internet and its a constiutional right.

  26. troubleshooter1900 said:

    Awe damn…..

    Here we go.

  27. How much do trolls make for a living?

    Nigga need a life

  28. hoots 2.0 said:

    How much do trolls make for a living?

    Nigga need a life

    ^ so because a nigga type unhinged he a troll. FOH

  29. real nigga shit said:

    Frank…I got no problems witch ya….but I’ll smack ya in the face…and I guarantee you wont do nothing back…you’ll just go on with living life….put ya ipod on, ya headphones and listen to wiz khalifa and currensy new shit..

    007…i live this shit bruh….I don’t play…

    I am not a serial killer…not yet at least….but its hard for me to partake or associate with fuck niggas on the internet..

    I wouldn’t give you niggas the time of day….just spit in ya mouth eskay steez…no homo

    007…i will fuck you up b…..for real..

    I’ll do ya worse then the jew boy….and I want to catch this jew boy slipping so bad…when he high on weed…introduce him to my Aryan friends…Beecher

  30. Tony Bandz said:

    some niggas aint built for real life…

    so they flee to the safe confines of the internet…

    leave them niggas be, they dont want no trouble

  31. hoots 2.0 said:

    yall safe benign innocuous looking ass niggas. complaining about a nigga script…

  32. U parade multiple website n chats
    Creating various s/ns whilst holdin convos w yaself
    Get off the net n live life nigga
    Shits disgusting
    U 30+ u oughta be ashamed of yourself

    Carry on though

  33. real nigga shit said:



    1. Jew Boy…McBornstein…McB….”I smoke weed and use my ‘rents as an atm, got bad teeth and skin”

    2. 007/Fuck Nigga Frankie Kid…..”I listen to Wiz, it makes me jizz….”…”I Luv Currensy but got no Currency, and do Courtsies in my skirts, b”

    Keep smoking, but don ever let me catch you slipping, bruh…

    We can make a WSHH/Forbez DVD movie…ya heard me…

  34. This guy…wow smh

  35. real nigga shit said:

    nigga 007 tracking a nigga moves, got blogs, journals and diaries on a nigga e-life….the fuck..

    stop logging my moves b…you gps ass nigga…

    you want my coordinates? do you want my coordinates?

    fuck nigga….007/frank…….i’ll give you the latitude and longitude…bitch nigga..

    bitch boy…fuck nigga….

    You a fag b…you like 13 years old….you Wiz Khalifa hermaphrodite transgender shemale cousin…nigga..

    “Wiz Shit is so Saucey and Juicey”

    the fuck outta here

  36. real nigga shit said:

    007/frankie…don’t google map me nigga…We use bing over here…faggot ass nigga..

    “But you on so many forums and blogs…I check with you daily….you make me so upset….GRRR!!!”

    the fuck up child…

    007/frankly…i got east coast beef…its nothing to add you that shit list thats as long as toilet paper…ya heard me…

  37. tell mcb that i'm the one that beecher nigger said:

    soo woo

  38. Suck a dick nigga

    You kno where I can be found nigga.

    Holla, ill smack u up, u ain bout that life @ all

    Bitch nigga keep e-thuggin

  39. hoots 2.0 said:

    b Says:

    May 10th, 2011 at 1:41 pm
    word hw, at least limit the nigga to two masks.shit is outta control.

    ^ how this nigga pleading for moderation, but I aint seen near a post from this nigga.

    But job one complete on my part, … niggas is taking notice.

  40. fuck boy music said:

    I’m going to the burgh….holla nigga..

    in ya turf…in your homefield…you got homecourt advantage..

    we finna run up in ya shit like…..dallas did la….ya heard me…

    you can bring your fuck nigga crew…and ya weapons and shit..

    i’mma be dolo…just the blicky on me….2 chains, a watch that cost more than ever whip in ya life time…

    and new shape up..

    ya heard me…

  41. fuck boy music said:

    shape up not sketchers…

    when you get that edge up….no black ice…

  42. hoots 2.0 said:

    these be the same niggas looking at me funny when Im mashing through rain puddles in that 6 hunnid splashing they skinny jeans… Funny style niggas who play it safe. smh

  43. Tony Bandz said:

    Hoots you really gonna do the things u claim?

    or will there be a “change of heart” later on…

  44. hoots 2.0 said:

    fbm your name has been restored b,… I do this shit in your honor b.

  45. hoots 2.0 said:

    Amp would have a heartattack with all thes mask.

  46. fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    this is why the iphone stay with the location: afgahnistan, pakistan

    or on sundays…i put estonia…lithuania….georgia…no atl, but the russian one…

    I can’t deal with these google search ass niggas…

    “My nigga, I bing’d you…you on multiples websites with multiple names and you multiplying the fuckery…I got you“

    Ex-girlfriend type steez….ashamed of your selfs…you call yourself men..

    I got plenty of broads…i done ran thru…and told them to go on with their lives…and switch the math up on them..

    they like

    “Have you seen FBM….I know he with another girl…where is he?”


    Stop search baring street niggas…you gonna find shit thats going to perturb and disturb you b…

    “I got you on Yahoo my dude“

    the fuck outta here with that shit

  47. You ol “Stay Together” Al Green ass nigga

    Lookin all sweet on Change of Heart fag

    Ill mop u up the hit da club

  48. fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    I’m shoot that whole shit up….i aint playing..

    I’m not a nahright nigga…that goes to graduate school, lives with the parents, drives a leased whip from uncle…

    I live this shit bruh……We head bussin’….giving niggas concussions…short term memory losses….comas….no grammar…

    ya heard me..

  49. Tony Bandz said:

    Hoots played two fine dimes on national television like it was nuthin..

    even tho he claimed to be celibate (pause)

  50. fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    007 Frankie Imma catch a child abuse case…putting hands on ya…

    You going see me in court I’m going to laugh…then smack ya lawyer up…and step and stan on when i knock you out all over pennsylvania court house stairs…

    ya heard me…

    this aint a game…im not a blogger….or a rapper..

    I am not collegiate…straight outta high school ya heard me…Dwight Howard…no defensive 3 seconds…

  51. Gob Bluth said:


  52. I told u where ill b
    @ da trap 24 hrs a day gettin money

    But ill take 5min break to stomp u out

    Then back to da $$$

    We smack bitches and bitchassniggas like you

    Nigga ask for 00

  53. Tony Bandz said:

  54. obama bin laden said:

    ^dont just call out and throw out blocks and streets and corners…..shouting out the burgh and shit…nah’mean….i don’t want to know the strips and tracks your mother, sister and daughter will eventually walk thru…ya heard me..pimp steez

    give me a name…a math…and ill go there…and light ya ass up.

    you want to me to say I’m looking for 007? James “Broke Stock Bonds”…gtfoh…

    I don’t fight and I don’t box…I’m not Manny Pac or Money May…I don’t do the ufc shit neither….fuck MMA..

    Imma run up on ya…put the blicky in ya face…take ya jewelry…if you even have some…broke bum ass nigga…and light ya up like a cell phone waving in the crowd at a concert…ya heard me…

    but before all that….imma be like “So wat were you saying on that internet g shit…”….then you gonna respond “Nah nothing man, just jokes man..please”…and I’m break ya teeth the handle of the blicky…and let off in ya face…no homo…

    you still gon get hemmed up…even tho you were scared and apologized…

  55. obama bin laden said:

    i am not blogger, i am not a rapper…

    I’m a delinquent….a felon…a criminal…not proud of it…but this route chose me…this life chose me….i aint choose this…its not a option..

    nigga had no options..

    On some real shit…this aint beef…this is lunch meat, corn beef, artifically flavored pork meat….it aint real…ya smell me…

    Frankie/007….I live this shit….I play with yay all day…And I flick the safety on and flick the safety off on the hammer and biscuits…all fucking night…thats my hobby and entertainment…

    in between watching casino, goodfellas, boyz in the hood and menace II society

    listening to pac, gucci, jeezy and fiddy….come on man

    we aint just blogging…or typing..

    this real shit

  56. gramMasta said:

    just saying-jeezy & law enforcement

    that beat remind me of bklyn on a warm summer day in the mid 80s


    Some niggas think they playing poker but they dont realize that some niggas aint playing at all. They bluff and try to call out others on their bluff. The problem is that few of us DONT BLUFF. They understand earlly on that your bluff can be called so why waste time on it. It might not be today or tomorrow or next week but you will pay one day when you least expect it. Its the karma of the world. Its all natural. Expect some form of consequences for running that lip. You will be better prephared.

  58. Obama bin laden said:

    And that’s real shit if I ever read it.

    I don’t got beef with 007 Frankie


    It’s to the point he done talked up a shit storm

    I have to make an example at the yung nigga

    Because if I murk him:…and I put it on camera….is the only way they believe me

    It’s like OSAma ass

  59. Obama bin laden said:

    I want to carve the Jew boy more than Frankie 007

    But Frankie 007 from da burgh just made that #1 on my list of catching bodies

    He’s dunzo

    I got ya twitta Facebook address all that

    I’m going to make an example out of you

    Problem solved.

  60. What are your thoughts on ‘Goblin’ Jihad?

  61. Ima keep my foot on ur neck too bitch boy

    “Ima WonTroll killa, NOWB you can die too, lookin
    out for Fuck Boy, nigga when I find you”

    Tupac Back nigga

    Come see me bitch I upped da addy. U already kno w it issssss

  62. Obama bin laden said:

    Real niggas move in silence
    Guns with silencers
    Clap and silence ya
    It ain’t no science bruh
    So you defiant huh

  63. Who is this guy with all the screenames? He needs a life! Sounds like a loser to me?


  64. Silencer said:

    move in silence

    007 dont know nothing bout that. He giving out addresses while saying he trap all day at said location. Nigga talks too much and will share the same fate as a loudmouth should. He is killing himself before he gets touched and not by an angel.

  65. Fuck boy faggot ass nigga shut da fuc up
    I proved u ain bout dat life stay ethuggin Darius


  66. IMMA GET YOU said:

    You should have bluffed and lied about the address. You stupid lil boy.

  67. You ready now. Soon you will forget. You will be lax. You will be less vigil. Then when you least expect it…Hi my name is

  68. Dub Bitch! said:

    What I look like scared of a nigga who tried to be on “I love New York”

    Stopit5 you pussy boy

  69. BOO...The Holy Ghost said:

    You dont have to be scared to get touched. Enjoy life now before it is too late.

  70. Obama bin laden said:

    007 Frankie

    Gimme ya math

    I need to tell you something

    Before you die and I fade ya

  71. I’m guessing Hoots 2.0 is FBM/RNS, I could be wrong, but whoever the fuck is behind that screen name just needs to STFU, B. For real, how you gonna call me a simpleton when you don’t know shit about me, that’s mad ignorant. Now I’m not the type to type back at someone if they writing negative shit my way, but I can make an exception. I’m also not a bitch who is all for moderation, I wasn’t a fan of the fuckery on Nah so I commented here when I saw good quality posts written so we can conversate about real things, but Hoots when you writing that B-List Ghetto Movie Bullshit taking up too much white space, it’s annoying seeing it. Nobody gives a fuck about your fake stories about you moving work thru bags shifting them along planes in to other countries, like that’s hot? Your friend’s grandma tied up and shit? If it did happen, you’re looking to get indicted, but whatever b, we ain’t entertained nor do we respect it. That’s why I said moderate, cause I see this as a good quality blog, not some place with great articles and bs comments. Fuck that.. Jihad, Tron, Deen, HW etc all talk sense but to see Hoots 2.0 bs be type up is fuckery. Take that shit to worldstar or nah..

    Why I wrote all this is beyond me. This is what happens when you’re overly intoxicated and need a break from a Marketing presentation.

  72. Liquid Courage said:

    Mind ya business

    Dont let the liquor talk for you

    unless you want the business

    Move past it You fucking bastard

  73. 007 Frankie
    Gimme ya math

    Holla @ me nigga ill pick u up from airport drive u to the hood beat ya ass then drop u back off bitch

  74. *calls dub and pretends to be FBM*

    *hilarity ensues*

    *daps dub online as if nothing ever happened*

  75. Im too much for ya said:

    Bet.How bout social security and real name.You aint scared or are you PUNK

  76. How you gonna say mind your business when you talking my way? The business? Really? First cop a plane ticket to North London and make it passed Tottenham, then we’ll see.. You a fraud.

  77. Obama bin laden said:

    Fuck nigga fake address fake number
    Prolly fake name

    I can’t fire at this nigga cuz it’s like shooting at the wind or letting off in the air like pakistans

  78. maybe i’m just perceptive like that, but if you can’t tell who’s who – then you are just not looking closely .

    when a sn is hoots, it’s fucking obvious.

    when someone is just emulating hoots because it’s funny, it’s also obvious..

    some of you got your trademarks all over your comments.. it’s obvious who’s who..

  79. Obama bin laden said:

    Xlnc I got no drama with you

    I respect my London boyz for real

    I don’t want problems with the brits

    You call it backing down

    But I got way too many ties in brixton and way too many fa

    I can walk thru the whole londres

    In sandals shorts tanktop and not be touched

  80. Liquid Courage said:

    You are letting the liquor talk for you. Fuck London and your Queen. You bowing down to a woman makes yall sound less than men. If you dont like the stories, move past it. Anybody can express themselves any way they want. Go back to your marketing presentation and stop worrying bout stories somebody writes.

  81. i enjoy the stories of the coke trade..

    xlnc.. don’t take shit tudda titty (c) HH

  82. Obama bin laden said:

    This is ridiculous niggas is starting beef with niggas I don’t have problems with

    Engrep that’s my dude
    XLNC I got no problems with you

    Wtf I get love across the pond

  83. LOL @ hootie saying that ANYTHING is ridiculous..

  84. Obama bin laden said:

    My coke stories are true tho

    I mean…no offense… But I wasn’t afforded a marketing degree at oxford or Harvard..

    I don’t have the cOmplexion of protection…. You pale and I’m milk chocolate with peanut butter and caramel and almonds…in the blender concocted

    Is akon black

    I only know how market the product in the streets by giving the quality while keeping prices cheap
    And distributing the roc like j kidd and jj barrea from d mavs

  85. I can walk thru the whole londres

    In sandals shorts tanktop and not be touched

    holey shit

  86. Barack Osama said:

    Everyhing I do and type is true and real life
    Grams and ounces
    Kilos and weigh money by the tons
    And launder it at our laundromats
    And at the drycleaning
    I put up so many businesses in the hood
    Wok, chicken spot, Jose bodega, liquor stop spot

  87. i’m the whitest white you will ever see.. irish..

    if i was any whiter i’d be see thru..

    i can’t even get a tan.. i burn to a crisp with the quickness..

  88. abortatron said:
    May 10, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    LOL @ hootie saying that ANYTHING is ridiculous..

    *sees a pot call a kettle black*
    *sees a pig fly like a g6*

  89. Anybody can express themselves any way they want.

    Nigga please, what are you trying to express? I already got OB4CL and Part 2, I ain’t tryna hear that shit.

  90. He giving out addresses while saying he trap all day at said location.

    Can\’t front 007, he got you there.

    I\’d get that lawyer money ready asap. Feds taking screenshots.

  91. aight real shit – so last august, my cousin was trying to steal copper from the city power plant.. was up on a fence with some bolt cutters.. hit a live wire, electrocuted himself.. fell from 20 feet.. broke some bones, burned the shit out of himself.. electrocution fucked up his organs.. almost died.. (some may have heard this before)

    somehow he recovers.. makes it out the hospital, relatively healthy.. but he is still a junkie – so he goes straight back to that boy and smoking dope.. stealing, catching cases- the whole 9… like he didn’t learn shit from his near death experience..

    now i hear he’s back in the hospital and he probably ain’t gonna make it.. he was picking at his sores and shit.. got infected.. bad .. now he’s all fucked up from the infection, cause he didn’t take care of himself…

    endocarditis, kidney failure, staff infection, and his blood is septic..

    he probably ain’t gonna make it..

    and i’m having a hard time feeling bad. like, you didn’t learn before.. why would you learn now? if you survive this, you gonna do the same shit in 6 months..

    am i wrong for having this attitude?

  92. Nigga please, what are you trying to express? I already got OB4CL and Part 2, I ain’t tryna hear that shit.

    whoa whoa whoa…

    chill with all that, b..

    has your ethnicity been verified ? i thought you were a crackity crack like myself…

  93. Lol at Marketing Degrees being offered. They don’t do that round here, when stats are showing that more people than ever are applying for uni’s you know you gotta step your game up and be special, with fees tripling in a year to £9k a year, that’s around $16k worth of just tuition fees that you’re walking in to for just 1 year, never mind living costs and general spending. It ain’t as easy as it seems.

    Earning a degree >>>> Still being a nobody after 10 years in the drug game

  94. Earning a degree >>>> Still being a nobody after 10 years in the drug game


    you gots to chill..

    it’s the internet yo…. quit taking shit so serious..

  95. No remorse said:

    You shouldnt feel bad, tron. Just hope all goes well or the least he don’t suffer.

  96. You shouldnt feel bad, tron. Just hope all goes well or the least he don’t suffer.

    i feel bad for his mom (my aunt)

    why should she have to worry that her son is gonna die twice within a year ?

    but i just don’t feel bad for him. you got your wake up call. you ignored it. these are the consequences that you knew were inevitable if you kept up with that lifestyle…

  97. Nah I ain’t white Tron, not that there’s anything wrong with it. My dad from Tanzania and Mum from India and Kenya.

  98. a joker said:

    True but sometimes the perfect front for a joker is to appear to take shit serious. Thats how you fool em.

  99. Barack Osama said:

    Drug game is all I know
    Grandma was stuffing that white formula and similac colored substance in my baby carriage

    I am brendas baby
    That is me

    Brendas my mom
    I was the baby found in the dumpster

    Thank you PAC for making me a #1 hit on them billboard charts

    I had it rough and tough

    Never silver spoon fed or nice silverware and porcelain china from china

    We used to eat litle ceasars on the floor

    Sulk in my sob story


    But still its all in the name. You can still get touched by no angel.

  101. 007 AKA the kid frankie said:

    Hey Feds, you got my name, address, and phone number. Can I make it any more easier for you to come get me?

  102. Barack Osama said:

    My whole life involve all white

    It was a part of my upbringing

    I thought there was food in that pot on that stove

    I was hungry

    But all I saw was that white substance bubbling and forming like a crack rock in that jar

    Baking soda on the right, Pyrex with water on the left

    No cooking dance, because you don’t want to injure ya wrist whilst cheffing this shit

  103. Sometimes Tron there ain’t no telling people, they’re at the point of no return and on a collision course. That wake up call should have done it but it seems he is a serious addict for dope? I don’t think you should have to feel bad, it’s natural to feel bad or not to feel bad, but if that’s your cousin and if you love him then don’t stop trying to help dude, at least you tried man..

  104. 007 AKA the kid frankie said:

    Imma trap nigga and you aint gonna stop me.

  105. Barack Osama said:

    I used to go to the freezer to take out an ice cube
    For my iced tea

    But all I c

    Is a bag with aluminum foil balls and Saran wrap

    My guardian said “leave them rocks alone…them is gold right there….that’s money on the skreets”

    Mind you I was 4 or 5 years old

  106. I’m just saying, when he got fried alive (literally), everyone was all “oh maybe this is the wake up call he needed”

    8 months later, back in ICU, family flying in again, asking for prayers and shit..

    Nah.. No praying. I feel like He did it to himself.. This ain’t a car accident..

  107. I Murda Niggaz said:

    XLNC you’s a fuccing bitch made nigga, foh wit that degree bs.. Real Niggaz get it in fam, we sell all typsa drugz n get this money! We don’t read shit, fuk alla that gay shit! Fuccin homos! I should stomp yo ass fool, go suck da Queen..

  108. dead right said:

    You dead right. He did it to himself. No remorse even if its family. He should of known better but didnt.

  109. You dead right. He did it to himself. No remorse even if its family. He should of known better but didnt.

    he’s lucky to be alive.

    you get a free pass and then shit on it ?

    you might as well be spitting in god’s face..

    and they askin’ me to pray ? smh…

  110. Your cousin is lost fam, he will only have one life to live on this planet and it’s extremely rare you get an opportunity to live such a life. Go help him Tron, real talk, no matter if you feel no remorse for him, regardless if he’s your cousin or not, go help him get his mind right, he needs you.. I been in a similar situation before, but on a slightly smaller scale.

  111. Barack Osama said:

    This real shit
    This my life
    I couldnt afford a spalding ball
    And I used to get jumped at the hooping courts in the p’s
    Because my red chucks
    Niggas used to roll up on me with navy blue duckies and dark blue chucks and padres fitted
    ”where u from?”

    Before the punches and kicks came

    My soul scarred

    That’s why I distribute the white like wedding planner
    Its all white everything like a bride gown and her bridesmaids

  112. @XLNC

    don’t leave evidence that it’s you behind the mask. you think cats aren’t gonna click on that picture so they can find some ether ammunition ? and then it says “XLNC13” ??

    and why you dissin’ yourself

  113. some niggas never learn said:

    No matter how much you help some they never learn. They keep doing it to themselves. You just wasting time trying to help.

  114. No matter how much you help some they never learn. They keep doing it to themselves. You just wasting time trying to help.

    *daps he who shall not be named*

    word. i feel guilty for not feeling bad, but whatever.. i got my own problems..

  115. Loyalty said:

    Im loyal to those who loyal to me

    I got you you got me

  116. Fuck Tron said:

    Fuck Tron

  117. Fuck Hoots said:

    Fuck Hoots too, that nigga wack

  118. Niggas aint gonna come here and diss the host

    Are you prephared to meet the Holy Ghost

  119. Fuck Tron

    homo talk.

  120. you know what it is said:

    Its gotta be the one who quickly learned how not to leave evidence. Stupid Fuck. Some niggas is see through.

  121. Fuck an xlnc said:

    Xlnc’s life iz over on here.. Fucn about n leave an iPhone about.. We get shit craccin den.. Feel me? Fuk a pause, u niggaz gay if u fink it’s a gay sounding phrase. Fuccin homos

  122. Excellency said:

    Hoots im comin 4u too nigga, bitch ass homo rockin linen n lanvins.. Foh wit that female pretty bitch shit

    you doin the pretty girl rock nigga? Fuk tron too, fuck around an catch a loosey in the eye

  123. Listen Youngin said:

    We all know how you look bird chest lil young nigga

    You need to grow up first before you step to the vets

  124. Listen Youngin said:

    Dont get your shit caved in

  125. Its gotta be the one who quickly learned how not to leave evidence. Stupid Fuck. Some niggas is see through.
    everyone leaves evidence when your the admin..

    Tried to give you some game’s no shots.. U cool with me..

    But don’t talk that “you guys need to moderate” shit, then mask up.. And if u do, use some tact..

  126. Excellency said:

    Suck my London dick nigga..

    Ishk kaleem weselu panchy fukreh pooda

  127. Sad to see the transition from normal commenter who contributes to the conversation, to all out troll. SMH..

  128. Has to be it only

  129. Excellency said:

    Yo Listen Youngin

    foh wit that get ur shit caved in.. Come see me nikkuh!

    catch a loosey 2 ya eye piece n a pellet to yo left nut

  130. Excellency said:

    We trolling and whut?!

  131. thisdainternet said:

    Its sadder when people throw out REAL addresses to a bunch of people he dont know to show he is not afraid

  132. Pop goes the weasel said:

    Niggaz is gay yo.. Writin in a see seckshun @ diss time ov day

  133. Yo come see me..!

    Westlake projects.. Youngstown Ohio..

    Google maps.. Etc etc

  134. he just dissed himself said:

    You stupid

    and pop goes the weasel

  135. Pop goes the weasel said:

    Yo hoots, your mouf be bleedin so much from all that pussy u eat

  136. hood nigga said:

    Tron a hood dude

  137. Hoots ain’t here..

    Why you shootin at hoots?

    Do u have any idea what your even mad about?

    Is it cuz I told u you shouldn’t post pics of yourself with your screen name on the pic when your pretending to be someone else?

    Cuz I’d consider that valuable advice..

    Feel free to ignore me.. Post pics.. It’s a great idea.. Post some more pics from the hotel party you threw after prom

  138. Pop goes the weasel said:

    Da Fuck I Look Like Flyin All Da Way 2 Ohio 2 See A Grown Man.. Cracker ass nikkuhs

  139. Forgive A Nigga Foundation said:

    Yo.. Forgive a nigga…


  140. mobbdeen said:

    What’s all this rap about caves?

  141. Tron a hood dude

    Not really..

  142. Pray to be forgiven said:

    before your ass gets banned for dissing the host

  143. Forgive A Nigga Foundation said:

    A nigga dun went down da wrong path

    mistakes r made doe, no jefferey atkins

  144. Whattup deen..

    *makes a half assed joke about deen’s mom*

    *talks about soccer*

  145. don’t talk that “you guys need to moderate” shit, then mask up


    XLNC – im disappointed.

  146. Forgive A Nigga Foundation said:

    Deen my nigga though, he good money.. Fuck a host, iont bow down 2 no man let alone Elizabeth da 2th

  147. Whattup HW.

    *daps* on that acapella site.. A gold mine..

  148. FBM, you are using to many screen names. Stick to 1 name, final warning.

    Same goes to XLNC and anyone else masking up.

    Big Brother is watching you.

  149. Forgive A Nigga Foundation said:

    Warnings?? We in school nigga? No hate though, do you Harlem

  150. I\’m not down with that mask fuckery you keep doing, stop it. We can see you IP address b.

    If you\’re gonna act like a lil man, ill be forced to address you like one.

  151. hw check the e mail

  152. Forgive A Nigga Foundation said:

    There’s a cute bitch in this library, Do I Approach Her or fuxk it and not bother gettin @ a fuckin bookworm?

  153. I am brendas baby
    That is me

    Brendas my mom
    I was the baby found in the dumpster

    Thank you PAC for making me a #1 hit on them billboard charts

    That’s why I distribute the white like wedding planner
    Its all white everything like a bride gown and her bridesmaids

    smh, this guy

  154. EnglandRepresent said:

    I give a fuck about who masks up when and where but Hoots was dropping some jewels earlier on. I caught them shits gave ’em to Tron’s Mummy and now she stay with my dna in her mouth.

  155. EnglandRepresent said:

    HW, what’s the ratio of hot latina bitches to fat munting ones in Harlem??? I think my London swag would go down well with these Stateside strumpets.

  156. Eng.. u follow me around the Internet in the same manner you follow me around your moms house

    Eng-“What site is dad commenting on?”

    Eng-“Hey dad, wanna play catch? ”

    I’m not your dad, eng. I’m just fucking your mom on Tuesday’s. Let it go.

  157. I’m outro tho..

    Got a long day tomorrow consisting of me trying not to strangle everyone at my job..

    Peace to all a ya

  158. mobbdeen said:

    Whattup deen..
    *makes a half assed joke about deen’s mom*
    *talks about soccer*


    *is Eng Rep*

    *daps all. Even Eng’s filthy spud self*

  159. EnglandRepresent said:

    I see you slobbpeen (y).

    What a shit finish to the season for both of our teams.

    We really choked. Gutted.

  160. hoots 2.0 said:

    I’m glad the bloggin staff here aint with all that moderating. I cosign the one screen name… but let my niggas live. Word.

  161. What up 2.0


  162. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    why the fuck do i get the blame for all of this shit..

    do you really think i can manage 150 masks on one comment section?

    its obvious that its 2-3-4-5 other people doing this…

    niggas is being imposters and setting up beefs with people i dont even know or have problems with..

    now, when i leave the crib…i gotta vest up and turn the safety off and put the extended clip and have a cartidge on the passenger seat…


  163. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    xlnc got exposed something serious…smh….

    nigga look naseem ahmed….same weight class too..

    lol @ indian trying to act hardbody on the net…and be thuggy..

    aren’t you supposed to be a doctor or something? go cure cancer and aids nigga….

    trying to why a fitted cap and throw gang signs…stop it habibi….

    you about to enter med school…just like ya daddy Dr. Gupta Sanjaya

    XLNC…you upset me

  164. obama bin laden a.k.a. barack osama said:

    Obama Approval Rating Hits 60 Percent, Highest in Two Years
    Published May 11, 2011
    | Associated Press

    Read more:

    I can’t believe this shit…

    Kennedy > Obama

    Jackie > Michelle


  165. Tony Bandz said:

    why is like the first 120 comments missing?

    this happens on all the posts with around 100 comments or more for me…

  166. Fuck Boy Music ft. Real Nigga Shit collabo said:

    HW…you still got ties in the music industry?

    Trying to put my niggas on…..nhjic…

    real spit…

  167. @ FBM

    I\’m work in music sync now (getting placements for commercials/t.v\’s etc) but I can send you a couple contacts if they\’re serious.

  168. fuck boy music ft. real nigga shit collabo said:

    yes id appreciate it very much. thank you.

  169. EnglandRepresent said:

    Hoots is so polite.

  170. hoots 2.0 said:

    cosign tony bandz why all the comments missing

  171. i can fix that.. gimme a few..

    what up 2.0

  172. there you go

  173. hoots 2.0 said:

    thanks tron

  174. yeah.. before the background would show up after 100 comments or so.. so i changed it to show the comments in pages, with 100 per page..

    but then the background just started fucking up the comments from comment #1, so i took the background out..

    i just forgot to take the pages out..

  175. Jared Jeffries said:

    If y’all ever ban Hoots I’ll never visit this website again….His comments are the only reason I come on this shit….Real rap….This ain’t no mask b

  176. Fbm ft. Rns said:

    Hw I got in contact with you bruh
    I’m out chea

  177. hoots 2.0 said:

    If y’all ever ban Hoots I’ll never visit this website again….His comments are the only reason I come on this shit….Real rap….This ain’t no mask b

    ^ BE CLEAR.

  178. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    *acknowledges the followers no twitter though*
    *knows there is too many fuck niggas running around to ever be lax and comfortable*
    *straps on vest, safety put on off like a mute button*

  179. hoots 2.0 said:

    If not for hoots, I would’nt have been so forthcoming about my past as a drug dealer. He constantly push the boundaries and disrespected the rules, or lack thereof. I fucks wit him.

  180. hoots 2.0 said:

    niggas bout to dead that mask shit tho. *grips up*

  181. I have to give it to you coonery, your commitment to multiple personality disorder is impressive.

  182. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    I was the first nigga to ever sell drugs on nahright

    I use to blog with the iPhone while going hand to hand with the product….well black berry back then

    Went from dope boy to capo to underboss to CEO of the my own black market underworld distribution

    I tell niggas I got bricks for cheap

    Make one call h town

    My mules bring it from el paso

    Now I am the first nigga to glorify the drug trade on gbm

    I’m loving life

    Jeezy gets it for 17…..but my niggas from Medellin keep telling me 19 or 2o


  183. niggas bout to dead that mask shit tho. *grips up*

    not even..

    i’m cool with masks. i think the shit is funny..

    you just would have to get every new alias thru moderation.. which is actually really simple .. especially if you can convince me that it’s gonna be funny..

  184. someone can have an alias or 2.. in addition to their OG sn.. i encourage that.. word to crooked i and wale and agent cooper

    the issue is, when someone is switching screen names 30 times in one post…

    that leads to people avoiding the site altogether..

    so if anyone gets stuck in moderation, you can shoot me an e mail, hit me on twitter, and i’ll fix it..

  185. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    My Mexicanos but in work

    They like ants

    Carry 4 or 5 times they weight on they backs

    Take zona, vada, tx, nm, so cal

    They don’t give and eff about ice hOmeland or border patrol

    They like remix cousins and mOm

    Cross the desert and all that

  186. moderation is now enabled..

    all previous aliases should be usable still.. although, there may be a few that get murked..

    again – i am not out to ban anyone or censor anyone. but shit has gotten out of control to an extent, and the team feels that limiting screen names is the way to fix it..

    if you need a screen name/ comment taken out of moderation – contact me @abortatron on twitter or send an email to lwhradio@gmail or georgebushmoney@gmail

  187. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    Is gbm gmail for the whole team?

    What if want to email ts1900 but I don’t want to chat with jihad

    What if I want to email tron and not talk to and avoid hopp…bitch ass

  188. hoots how do you not have a twitter ?

    i can’t imagine the hilarity..

    gbm e mail is for the whole squad, although i’m guessing i catch most of the emails first.. my iphone swag pushes that shit to my phone with the quickness..

    but if you really wanted to directly contact me (ll) is my account

  189. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    Sunday i call in to your rAdio show
    We need to make this happen
    I need Ohio shooters to do va work

  190. Sunday i call in to your rAdio show
    We need to make this happen
    I need Ohio shooters to do va work


    you gonna call in and ask for people to do a hit for you ?

  191. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    Dial m for murder
    Howard stern type shit
    Mob hits on the radio

    You been asking me to call in

    I’ll holla

    You need to get signed… Like Cleveland should be paying you

    But stop with the slaughter house and Saigon


  192. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    Ohio is like 2 3 hours from

  193. Ohio is like 2 3 hours from


    more like 8 hours.

    i’m no shooter.. i never clapped them hammers..

    i once got the clap from eng’s mom.. but i digress..

  194. Heroine Headliner said:

    engrep mom so ugly

    i told her to shave her ass and crawl backwards

  195. Forgive A Nigga Foundation said:

    What the fuucck? To anyone that witnessed absolute fuckery on here last night, it truly wasn’t me, what had happened was I was in the library with course mates and needed computers so I went next door and STUPIDLY left my phone on the table without realising, and in that time, my course mates fucked up my life on the Internet.. Multiple email accounts, ignorant tweets, homosexual and weird facebook status updates, different masks on here and bullshit comments.. I’ve spent the whole days sorting shit out and would like to apologise to anyone offended last night. It wasn’t just here that I got fucked up on, friends on FB think I hated Mexicans now.. WTF

    *Is embarrassedd
    *Continues to type as if nothing happened

  196. Arrghh, just realised I forgot to change my screen name too.. fml

  197. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    You are forgiven…

    Still look like naseem Ahmed


    Justin habeebs

    J habeeber

  198. EnglandRepresent said:

    engrep mom so ugly

    i told her to shave her ass and crawl backwards

    ^^Oh shit! HH your mother got a face like a battered twat.

    And Tron Tron your mother got a face like a bulldog straining for shit. Picture that for a minute.


  199. EnglandRepresent said:


    Justin habeebs

    J habeeber

    ^^Jesus wept….lmao!


  200. EnglandRepresent said:

    Hoots in response to your e-mail mate, I’m willing to chat about that work but not on the internet. Shit is monitored like a motherfucker. I’ll get at you.

  201. And Tron Tron your mother got a face like a bulldog straining for shit. Picture that for a minute.
    quit recycling that joke..

  202. Eng’s mom got no curves..

    Ass is straight up angular.. Like a square..

    I seen her in some jeans and her ass look like 2 microwaves fighting

  203. Tony Bandz said:

    Hoots im lookin to do some big business

    get it in with the chicanos

    put in that work you feel me..

    what advice you got for me nigga

    im willin to cop that plane ticket and fly out to Cali if thats where you stayin

  204. realniggashit said:

    nahright niggas dont get no pussy.

  205. Salute to the Squad

  206. fbm rns...the real fbm rns said:

    tony bandz….you flaked on me a bunch of times…i told you to kill that nigga for me….in va…and i would pay you…

    my birdies coming from the h town…for cheap..


    I got militant niggas moving it across the border….niggas could get court martialed…….marshalled…for real

  207. hoots 2.0 said:

    *sees feds*
    *flushes yay*

    FOH pigs

  208. hoots 2.0 said:

    Pablo gone… the nigga dead.

  209. Tony Bandz said:

    hoots u really think I would agree to something like that on a public blog..

    but best believe Im bout that life


  210. Tony Bandz said:

    anyone here in a gang? I feel im ready to join one…

    listening to Gucci Mane for many years and Bricksquad, got me ready to put that work in dem skreets you feel me

    we got hella bloods where Im from, we red flaggin ova here..I might just holla at the niggas down the corner..

    soo woo if u bangin

  211. I seen her in some jeans and her ass look like 2 microwaves fighting

  212. EnglandRepresent said:

    Should probs throw up a new post you slack bastards

  213. bout to get to work on one now, eng..

    hopefully, i’ll have a dope dilla zip up here shortly

  214. YC Young Chris said:

    Racks on racks on racks

  215. Still can’t believe the fuckery I allowed to happen the other day, not cool. Oh well.

    Fuck Toronto, I’m going to Barcelona instead.

    Spanish females >>>

  216. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    I nearly got set up to tonight… I thought I could never get caught slipping

    My life could of ended tonight……no r.I.p tees for me

    I’ll get into details later….

    But it involved me, a hoe Ass ghetto stripper, a black thug dude Brolic nigga, his whip with his goons

    I got soo much beef I don’t think I’m going to live or see passed this summer

    Summer ain’t even start yet

    I am about the life
    I live this shit

  217. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    Money, pussy kills.

  218. But did the stripper have a fattie?

  219. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    She was black. One reason I don’t fuck with black chicks. Too much drama and problems.

    She mixed bi racial light skin high yella.

    Had her ex or boyfriend pimp with him and he had his niggas waiting in the lot.

    My homey warned me.

    Last time I go to meet up with a hoe bitch without the thang on me.

    Suit was sketchy and suspect from the start.

    I had 1000 dollars in my pocket, cc and debits. My jewelry and fly gear shit. And my phone and ipodd iPad shit

    Had to excuse my self and not participate.

    Niggas ain’t gonna do me like max did that nigga in new jersey.

    I had to swerve on that hoe.

    Wtf is the point of bringing so many dudes with you.


  220. If that’s true, then to bring a few mans with her is a suspicious move.. How was the situation avoided?

  221. this website rocks

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