Not exactly sure what an “Arch Druid” is, but from what i can gather, it’s a collective of producers from the west coast, who are prepping a long-delayed LP with a bunch of ill features. I saw this over at Unkut, and clicked play solely for the Roc Marci appearance, but after a listen or two, this beat is ill. May have to check this album out once it drops.

Download here

after the jump is some footage of Roc and Arch Druid putting in some work on their upcoming LP..

shout out Robbie @ Unkut

Comments on: "Arch Druids X Roc Marciano “Scorched Earth Policy”" (7)

  1. car fluid >>> arch druids

  2. Ha.

    I have no clue who these dudes are HW.. But this song is dope IMO, and some of the beats in that YouTube clip are nice.. Check 1:30 mark .. That’s a sick beat.. Unique too..

  3. Fbm Rns...the real fbm rns said:

    The underground is the new mainstream

    The underground should stayed buried.

    Everyone wants to be Indy.

  4. Arch Druid? Sounds like something out of Star Wars.

    HW said something about Marriage being a business transaction in the last post, can we discuss this further? It’s something I’ve wanted to explore for a minute.

  5. mobbdeen said:

    This shit is crack butter…

  6. mobbdeen said:

    “…Marriage being a business transaction…”


    Clearly. It’s a state sanctioned contract between two people. Sounds business-y enough.

  7. NovemberEnd said:

    Planet Asia is a problem…

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