Lost Tapes 2 is Dead

Looks Like The Lost Tapes Vol. 2 Will Remain Lost

If you haven’t heard by now, Lost Tapes 2 is “canceled” according to Esco himself. What the fuck is going on over at Deaf Jam? (Let’s call it “Deaf Jam” from now on, because apparently, those bastards can’t hear) If I’m running a label with Nas on the roster, I’m making sure that shit gets out. Obviously, I don’t run a label, I’m speaking as a fan, but let’s look at it from a numbers perspective – if you want a Nasir album that has the best chance to succeed, why wouldn’t it be Lost Tapes 2? An LP of new Esco material would be welcomed at this point, but let’s be realistic, it could very well end up being more I Am than Stillmatic. Distant Relatives 2? Nah.. no thanks. Lost Tapes is prepackaged crack. The best producers in the game have gone on record saying they have Nas joints in the vaults. One would assume that the songs that would make up Lost Tapes 2 would be the same caliber as it’s predecessor, which most fans count among their favorite Nas LP’s. People WANT this album to drop. The controversy alone surrounding this project has provided it with a bigger buzz than Distant Relatives ever had.

So what does Deaf Jam do ? They shelve it. Nas says it’s because he is trying to focus on his next album. While that’s probably true, it also sounds like an answer to appease the fans. Maybe he pissed too many people off with his letter to his employers. Or perhaps Nas just isn’t buying into that weak ass budget that they were proposing to market the project, so rather than see it under perform, he made the decision to pull the plug from the already dying album. Maybe LA Reid heard the LP, and just thought it sucked, because he is a Jay Z stan. I think it really just seems that Nas doesn’t have enough allies who are high enough on the food chain at Deaf Jam to make this album a reality. Despite the success of the first Lost Tapes volume, we are basically left to speculate that the higher ups at the label just don’t believe that they would get the return on the type of investment Nas was looking for with this project. Maybe a combination of things? Who knows? Maybe I’m just a shit starter, but maybe that’s the problem here is simply that they just don’t know what the fuck they are doing over at Deaf Jam anymore? Under LA Reid’s leadership, the label has been run more and more like a pop label, only concerned about the next hit record, and while it may have always been about the money, at some point you have to remember what got you there. Thing is, while you might think their decisions are only motivated by soundscan numbers, they have consistently done some dumb ass shit over the last few years…

– Signing Shyne Po fresh out the joint. His deal was rumored to have included a 1 million dollar signing bonus. Not sure why this is a fuck-up of epic proportions ? Then maybe you haven’t heard that new heat from Shyne, sun.

– How does the person who greenlit Sheek’s last album cover justify their decision? Explain how a bunch of marketing suits sat in an office with LA Reid and convinced him that this…

…was a good decision? What was the logic there?

– How is it possible that the artists who have legendary or near legendary status are ALL upset with the way their albums are promoted? A lot of these artists signed with Deaf Jam after they had already got on, so you can only assume they were signed because someone believed that their fanbase would support them. It’s not like Ghostface signed with them because he thought they could help break him as an artist. So why aren’t you getting behind these projects and helping to get the next classic album to the people?

Because they don’t know what the fuck they are doing. That’s the only explanation. Fuck this shit. If an artist like Nas can’t get a project on shelves, even though the people clearly want it to be released, why would any other rapper stand a chance? They need some hip-hop people in the offices up there, cuz this shit is crazy. If  I’m Nas, I would start leaking songs tomorrow. I bet they would regret not releasing it once a .zip file of Lost Tapes 2 started circulating. So Nas, if you need an outlet to leak those songs…we’re available (ll) Send that to GeorgeBushMoney@gmail.com

Comments on: "Lost Tapes 2 is Dead" (13)

  1. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    Deaf Jam Stay Losin’!

  2. NovemberEnd said:

    Not sure who to blame

    Def Jam:

    They can give Big Sean a release date but their flaking on Nas and Jeezy? SMH


    He can leak Lost Tapes If he wanted to…but he announces Lost Tapes 2 w/ Pete Rock placement got niggas excited and shit but in the end when Def Jam didn’t count LT 2 as an album he bails.


    Just because

    She fucked up this nigga’s whole equilibrium w/ that ridiculous 50k month child support/alimony arrangement…

  3. in the end when Def Jam didn’t count LT 2 as an album he bails.


    did he bail of did Def Jam bail ?

    and co sign some of the blame needed to fall on Kelis

  4. real nigga shit said:

    Deaf Scam

  5. FBM youza bitch nigga

    You ain bout that life. You on da blogs 24/7 my nigga havin 25 screenames conversing w ya self.

    Real G’s is puttin n work, makin da trap go AYE all day. Fuck u doin? E-Thuggin.

    Nigga I had a blunt of Kush and some dome of dis nigga bitch fa breakfast now its back to da $$$

    Come June you ain goin be able to blog no more so get in where u fit in now!


  6. real nigga shit said:

    fuck niggas do what they can
    real niggas do what they want


    “move birds on the iphone“

  7. real nigga shit said:

    Harlem World Says:
    May 17th, 2011 at 10:55 am

    claire: “what happened when you went back to brads place”

    becky beckinski: nothing really, i only gave him head, that was it


    smh @ me for dating girls named bridgette, claire, ashley, becky, barbara, elizabeth, kimberly

    and for staying away from the diamonds, keesha, shuana, shaniqua, kiyana, daynisha, _______ <–insert ghetto name here

  8. NovemberEnd said:

    did he bail of did Def Jam bail ?
    Before LA Reid got the boot from the universal kizzas he said he supported Lost Tapes 2…Nas weeks later had a email “leaked” where he went off on Def Jam for not counting Lost Tapes 2 agianst his album deal.

  9. real nigga shit said:

    Meek Mill >>>

    philly got a new king…no disrespect to Gillie

    Beans is washed up, old, fat, sloppy, lazy, stupid and dumb

    Cassidy might be going in for murder and 2 other murder attempts….Hold ya head Cass…do not snitch nigga…

  10. the streets aint checkin for this boi………….

    I never heard a NAS song being played in the streets

  11. Fella “Plies Artist” Big Gate Records With The Hood Anthem “Whole City Knows” [User Submitted]

    hood nigga shit

    B’s up

    soo wooo

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