For those that don’t know, Mike Delorean has some harsh words to say to Prodigy after talking about his deceased mother in the controversial biography – My Infamous Life.

Background Info:

Mike Delorean was signed to Prodigy’s Infamous Records back in the late 90’s to early 00’s.

Alleged to be a NY Blood. Was signed to Suge Knight’s Death Row East with Lakey The Kid.

  • Promises to catch Prodigy either at his show or when he goes to his P.O.
  • “E Moneybags had you under pressure” – (does this relate to the racketeering aimed at rappers?)
  • Says Prodigy wasn’t even there when Nas & Mike Delorean got into a scuffle

Shoutout to Doggie Diamondz

Comments on: "Mike Delorean: “Prodigy got Hepatitis C”" (22)

  1. This oughta be interesting!

  2. hoots 2.0 said:

    co uh oh

  3. yella niggas run the world ft. c breezy, tyga, trigga said:

    P light weight….

    Wrote that book, had the whole world shook…

    I’m suprised he aint get punched in the face yet….his own goons turning on him and shitting on him…

    but…I hope Prodigy can cure Hep C if he even has it….this nigga used to suffer from that sickle cell shit…

    “Man my life is painful, pray to angels
    I’m prayin to myself hopin I ain’t got to spank you“

    this usually happen to high yella nikkuhz

  4. yella niggas run the world ft. c breezy, tyga, trigga said:

    Super head fucked the whole world…she used the Strap on Tigga…Big tigga from BET Bassment…and had son leaking out the a… georgia major city….

    Super Head got a trizzy ran on her by Ja and Irv….

    deep throated Jay….

    she is a boss out chea…

  5. yella niggas run the world ft. c breezy, tyga, trigga said:

    hepatitis p…

    damn niggas is way too disrespectful and wild…

    QB niggas do not play..

    ask why Nas always got his chance snatched and punched in the face and getting chased thru the basketball courts…and ran away from niggas in the p’s…

    QB niggas even burned Nas promotional van in the hood…

    Jungle got beat up and shot….

    QB niggas >>>

    P got beef with pone, nore, mike d, his old infamous mobb goonies

  6. yella niggas run the world ft. c breezy, tyga, trigga said:

    Mega got shot in the thigh…..Nas was banned from QB for a while…for rapping about niggas in the bing and that passed on..

    Capone is stupid tho….Prodigy dont fuck with 50 or G-unit like that anymore….Fiddy ran thru P…he released that faggot…

    Yay and his niggas would shoot up in everybody in that video..

    word to Israel Ramirez at Busta video shoot…when Dee – wah got punked….Swizz had to be carried to his car….

    Busta security got lit up

  7. yella niggas run the world ft. c breezy, tyga, trigga said:

    see how ‘pone fell back…”5o stay out of this, you my nigga, we both from queens, don’t get into this. This doesn’t concern you”


    I know Capone shot it out with D Roc and C Gutta from JR mafia over that kim shit…

    but how you coppin pleas? snitching and then asking 50 cent to stay outta this…

    Dont even mention Yayo…one call….that whole shit will get shot up….niggas would be in wheelchairs and stretchers…

    old ass niggas

  8. I\’ve yet to read it but I wonder how much of the book is about himself and not other people, because that\’s all I keep hearing about the book – is what other people did.

    Lakey gotta be loving this – he been waiting years to say something about Prodigy again.

    But the Hep C thing, I hope thats not true – because to catch that and sickle cell would be fucked up. You can get Hep C from alcohol abuse too.

  9. hoots 2.0 said:

    this that bars and hooks nigga?

  10. hoots 2.0 said:

    ^ QB shit.

  11. hoots 2.0 said:

    this might be a good time to educate the readers on QB, cause somebody gonna catch hot lead. A good starting place is the QB Chronicals.

  12. Queens is the most segregated borough in NY (no race).

    If Queens was a country it would be on some nationalism shit – I remember Yayo said in an interview that Fif was gonna sign Nicki Minaj years ago, just because she was from Queens.

    But anyway, these Queens rappers are on some civil war shit. SMH at hood politics.

  13. real nigga shit said:

    segregated but the most ethnically diverse boro..

    got ya mexicanos…

    got ya colombians…ecuas, venezolanas….

    got the blacks in south jamaica and hollis, lic astoria….

    hindus indians in bay side….hill side

    whites and asian in maspeth….

    russians and jews in forest hills…

    this prodigy book is getting unintentional promotion by all these hood dudes…that are tying to yell on P…

    P is laughing all the way to bank..

    barnes and noble swag

  14. real nigga shit said:

    QB aint even that bad now…all the yuppies and white people moving in…shit look like manhattan and shit…1 stop at least 5 minutes away… in downtown brooklyn and shit…

    but yeah there is still the ps 41st where the street niggas reside…ravenswood..

    p from hempstead…free port and baldwin and shit….like B pumper…lol

    fronting ass niggas….yelling out QB…but from Long Island….

    trying and dying to be a queens nigga…

    Nore from Lefrak City…

  15. yella niggas run the world ft. M-BONE CALI SWAG DISTRICT said:

    R.I.P to M-Bone from Cali Swag District


  16. NovemberEnd said:


    Slander >

  17. nigas get a camera in they face n just run off @ the mouth

  18. yella niggas run the world ft. M-BONE CALI SWAG DISTRICT said:

    did chris brown, tyga and game….make it ok and alright for black men to dye their hair?

    real spit…i might just do mine all blue….but the pirus will not have that…

    Shout to Sisqo tho…he a pioneer…a head of his time….

    game = red mohawk….which actually looks nice..

    chris brown = silver hair…raiden steez

    tyga = tayshaun prince x delonte west collabo in the nappy head brillow scrub hair line…he got that shit auburn orange

  19. yella niggas run the world ft. M-BONE CALI SWAG DISTRICT said:

    i c u pussie

    dont think i forget

    fuck nigga

  20. ya dead said:

    Hoots don’t even trip we goin die ya hair for all red!

  21. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    P single handedly revitalized the QB rap scene with his book.

    They should be kissing that nigga’s ring.

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