Blu – J e s u s


Did anyone know this was dropping? Hopefully we get some good music from Blu, because the leaks so far from noYork have not been the business. Download link and tracklist after the jump

1. n e w s h i t .
2. w h a t i f i w a s
3. o n t h e p o r c h
4. l u c k y .
5. d m v
6. b u r g a n d y
7. 4 u
8. d o o w h o p +
9. b i r d z n b ee z
10. j e s u s
11. d o t h e k n x w l e d g e

download the album here

Shout out to Aaron aka Cholera (yes, like the disease) for helping me with this post (no homo)

Comments on: "Blu – J e s u s" (14)

  1. Yo this shit is sounding kinda dope

  2. NovemberEnd said:

    Kinda weak…

    I’m ready to resign from the Blu “Godleebarnes” fanclub If next Exile project ain’t crazy…

  3. I agree nov.

    Initially, it sounded aight.. It got weaker as it kept playing..

  4. So when can we start with the “blu fell off” talk?

  5. NovemberEnd said:

    So when can we start with the “blu fell off” talk?
    NoYork is gonna be electro funk album…so that more than likely gonna be awful

    but If the next album he does w/ Exile aint right…

    “he fell of” won’t be talk, it’ll be FACT

  6. real nigga shit said:

    too many underground artists posted on here..i know you like to support indy..

    but there is a reason only 2-3 people post on here..

    post Cassidy murder case….this a nigga that went from Smiling wearing Lip gloss showing off his dimples and how pretty and fine he was…go catching bodies like it was a sport…gymnast…

    if that isn’t the most vile transition in the game ever..


  7. real nigga shit said:

    its cool to support underground/buried niggas/indy weak artists…

    you niggas probably know these niggas in real life…have ties to em…personal bias…nah’mean..

    but nobody gives a fuck about them…outside of the bandwidth space..

    the faster these lil fuck fucks acknowledge this….is the faster they can go to bagging groceries at my local pathmark and hope that I tip em…


    1 and out

  8. real nigga shit said:

    post tyga, chris brown, postive shit about Jayceon Taylor, bow wow, ymcmb and shit like that…

    this supposed to be george bush money…

    but you niggas posting niggas that have no money…

    I thought it was Dead Prez steez, “Money to Burn”…but its really “Nah…b…I got lint in my pockets and bunny rabbit ears not wallets….”


  9. aggressive content >> blu

    _____ >>>> 2 dopeboyz rap

  10. So when can we start with the “blu fell off” talk?

    when did he ever fall on?

  11. real nigga shit said:

    a lot of these faggots is friends with Blu….like they sat in each others laps and shit..

    thats cool…ey body wanna see their friends succeed…get up out they momma basement…momma i made it….nah’mean..

    i aint hating….

    but be real about it….if you want to carry weed for Blu…just come out and say it..

    don’t show support..and trying portray…like Blu gets support out chea…or niggas really checking for his shit..

    nan nigga checking for that trash b…

    keep it 100….

    you can’t sling music on itunes…Steve Jobs is ass fucking you internet rappers…

    Blu drop an album…sell 500 copies his first week….not 500K…I’m talking about 5 bills….5 0 – 0….yeah nigga…5 hunnid

  12. ^^
    when did he ever fall on?
    “below the heavens” is damn near a classic..

    But I digress.. Keep going

  13. NovemberEnd said:

    when did he ever fall on?
    “below the heavens” is damn near a classic..

    But I digress.. Keep going
    “Below the Heavens” It is a classic

    HerFavoriteColo(u)r is dope as hell

    Godleebarnes dope

    Blu BEEN ill

    fuck out here with that tyga, chris brown fuckboy shit

  14. Johnson and Johnson was dope as well man. I thought this shit was solid, nothing spectacular but I do still expect NOYork to at least have some joints.

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