The latest episode from Choke No Joke (former Roc-a-fella videographer).

This is an interesting video because you can sort of see how Dame,Cam & Biggs had formed a new power structure, while Jay-Z was M.I.A.

  • Juelz tells Cam to tell Dame that ODB forgot to take his meds and said fuck Dipset on stage.
  • Dipset in Sony Studios.
  • Freekey Zekey shows Victoria Beckham his bullet wounds.

Comments on: "Last Days Of The Roc: Dipset meet Victoria Beckham" (16)

  1. #platinumposts

  2. real nigga shit said:

    Dame Dash was that dude though. Always yelling and screaming at niggas. Sonning em like New York say.
    Dame Dash took down prime euro pussy too….He was fucking the Rolling Stones daughter…was it Mick Jagger or Keith Richards daughter?

    Had that pretty white thing on the bed…in a bikini…he was ordering that bitch around to…like a g… “go get the armadale”

    “come here bitch”

    Dame will always be that dude….Jim and Cam get their asshole attitude from Mr. Dash

    Dash is cuzins with Stacey….so much win

  3. real nigga shit said:

    Victoria Beckham likes niggas though…I respect that….White bitches that grew up around money and affluent society…always love the Bad Boy niggas…No puff…

    Like to be surrounded by thugs…

    One of the reason I need to get my ass to Europe…and run through these hoes in London…

    show off the tats and shit….tell em my war stories..

    Thug > Pretty Niggas

    Thug always overrides pretty niggas

    Real Women want the thug bad boy asshole niggas that dont give a fuck

  4. real nigga shit said:

    women want that neanderthal…they can stand behind and console her…when she crying and shit…the nigga that will break bones if a fuck niggas disrespect or violate..

    picture a bitch with drake….roffle…drake gonna do the crying and screaming….she gone be like “Bitch sit the fuck down and shut up”

    Drake aint built for dimes or females…he wants the fun boiz in his life…

  5. nigga how u gonna go to London and show off a black nazi tat?

  6. I support these type of surprise it’s HW

    him and Amp only bloggers on here who fux with real muzik..

  7. yo what’s the beat that is playin in the studio when they meet Misses Beckham?? Shit sounds dope.

  8. HH posts funny too, he makes great articles and nice interviews..

  9. It\’s funny how Cam doesn\’t even acknowledge Victoria Beckham is there, even though she\’s standing right in front of him

    I love her accent though, its real sexy.

  10. damn..

    cam x dame were living the fucking life man – multi millionaires before 40 years old, wake up, go studio, get some food, hit the club or weed spot

    they were living the life, american dream and all that shit

    harlem >>>

  11. real nigga shit said:

    victoria beckham was a little more plump back then…she had the door knocks and the fitted tilted brim…i fux with that..

    now she is too skinny…way too slim….rack of bones with elastic tight skin holding it together..

    I need to get to London….I’m probably going to catch like 6 – 7 stds….have 3-4 baby mamas….my dick is gonna be sore and hurting..

    I won’t be able to contain myself..

    Euro broads >>>

    Brit Accent >>>

  12. real nigga shit said:

    word is hopp got ran the fuck outta here…

    smh @ braided blonde fuck boi from rio de janeri BRAZIL

    yall niggas got too much influence on that white boy….caucazoid…got him braiding his hair…listening to pusha t…

    knowing he live in sao paolo and rio di janeri…suburbs..

    stop it fun boy

  13. Jim even appeared on a Victoria Beckham remix

  14. real nigga shit said:

    Jim Jones had the dusty fucked up braids even back then…I seen that Byrdgang chain swanging on his collar…

    Freekey is a victim….but crazy as fuck…

  15. Big Meech is my Father...Black Mafia Family...Kiss of Death said:

    soo woo

  16. YC Young Chris said:

    Racks on racks

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