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I said umm...

Looks like Willie The Kid’s about to orchestrate another slaughter. The Cure 2 coming soon. And not like Lost Tapes 2 is coming soon. Like actually coming soon. And if you thought The Fly 2 was a fluke, it would appear that you are about to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping that Willie is the type of  artist has been slowly rounding into form and steadily evolving and improving, showing signs that all along, his best shit is still to come.

Here, Willie demolishes an instrumental that was once graced by Wu’s finest weedcarriers,but expect some dopeness from Lee Bannon and V12, the same team that blessed The Fly 2.

Willie has been holding down the top spot for mixtape of the year so far, despite strong efforts from Pusha, Fab, Curren$y, and Perfect Push-Up P.  Maybe only The Kid himself can take shots at the title and surprise us yet again.

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  8. Funny that Victoria Beckham post was brought up earlier, I went to the same high school as her, her parents live 2mins from me. I seen David in his 4 x 4 outside McDonalds. My sister met him at work.

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  10. Is that Salvador Dali artwork up there^^ ?

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    lol im not insulting the ad space or ad revenue..

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    Hoots you think I got a chance in this game? I’m an up and coming light skin rapper…

    You might have heard my song “Racks on racks”… Do I have the potential for the longevity of say a… Young Berg type?

  17. Do I have the potential for the longevity of say a… Young Berg type?


  18. EnglandRepresent said:


  19. Good lookinout tron


  20. @ cypher
    For what, exactly ?

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    tron i know you can’t compete with nahright or esko…

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  23. I actually try to look out and help you niggas…

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    Paypal email addy now

  25. Ha! I’m bullshittin hoots.. We don’t even got a paypal account rofl..

    If your people’s got some music tho, send it.. If it’s good, we’ll fux witcha ,nohomo

  26. Big_seth said:

    This artwork is hella dope tho too.

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