Here’s some unreleased footage from G-Dep. It’s pretty recent, as it’s from the time he was recording his second album at Bad Boy.

Appearances from G-Dep, Puff, Cassie, Dawn from Dirty Money, Q from Day 26, Harve Pierrre.

If you just wanna see Cassie , then skip to the 3.10 mark.

Lol at the pervert cameraman at the 4.10 mark. I see you..

Comments on: "Unreleased footage of inside Daddy’s House Studio" (14)

  1. Fuck boy music said:

    I’ve actually stood in front of daddy house studios… For hours just kIcking… Chopping it up…

    Seen Puff right hand man… That stone face nigga… Who is his manager and ar for bad boy….. With a bad ass Latina p rock bitch with a fat ass on his dick stalling and just being a groupie…

    Seen that light skin nigga from day 26… The bitch made faggot nigga always crying and shit…. He is mad tall… Like NBA player tall… Send the dark skin bitch from dirty money with him… She got cake

    My homey said he saw puff come thru in a big truck with bodyguards

    There be mad engineers and producers there just shooting the shit…

    Cool story bruh

  2. Fuck boy music said:

    I just hate callig this place “daddy’s house”… And its a studio… You know 1 bedroom apartment..

    Something doesn’t sit right with me with that name puff…

    And he got mics….eww…engineers push the buttons up and down…

    Like ya drunk uncle be waiting for ya

    I want to call it diddy studios
    Puff studios

  3. NovemberEnd said:

    Shame their isn’t much studio footage of the mid-late 90s BadBoy

  4. Diddy stops all that happy, smiley shit once he’s in the studio. He’s a workaholic in that sense..perfectionist even.

    shoutout to Prince Alexander – he used to go 2 -3 days straight with no sleep, just mixing records for Puff.

    *skips to 3.10 mark*

  5. Cassie shaved half her hair off like some Punk rock fan – she got a real cute face though, so she can pull it off well.

  6. Fuck boy music said:

    Cassie is a dime.

    Ryan Leslie had it before puffy.

    I’ve been wanting to smash her for a while.

    There stay being mad goons in front of daddy house studios.

    Big trucks caddys denalis bumping biggie black rob and mase

  7. Fuck boy music real nigga shit said:

    Them day 26 niggas is suspect as fuck

    Pussy Bois

    Fuck niggas

    But they can sing tho

    Girls like em

    But too much bitch ass ness in that day 26 crew

    They divas

  8. gramMasta said:





    cl smooth

    my top 5

    that main ingredient album is crack

  9. CL smooth is an interesting choice..

    Mecca & the soul brother..

    Everyone should have a spot in their top 5 for someone unique..

    MF doom is in my top 5..

    *shrugs *

  10. Kokane: Night Locz

    shit still bangs..

    #night riding music

  11. real nigga shit fuck boy music INCORPORATED said:

    grammasta is baby jesus/mel kiper

    or fat boy king speez, big spit game?

    niggas masks is fucking this shit up

  12. real nigga shit fuck boy music INCORPORATED said:

    “ I dont wear no 501’s 1000 dollar jeans flow “ – Wah-Lay (MMG – Self Made)

    Wale is a problem. Wow. But why he talking about my denim like that though?

    Fuck Levis. Word life….a nigga never wore Levis…..i cant sag right in 20-30 dollar jeans….fuck a 501…

    dior homme >>

    balmain >>

  13. real nigga shit fuck boy music INCORPORATED said:

    ^Maybach Music Group – Self Made

    Album stream on Youtube

    Vevo letting niggas live

    Google >>>

  14. well… boy-george…

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