According to,

Macho Man Randy Savage has died in a car accident in Tampa, Florida. The story reports that his brother Lanny Poffo claims he had a heart attack at the wheel while driving.

Savage was 58.

For real homie, the most hip-hop of all these wrestling niggas.

And yea, that is a REAL song, b.

Rest In Piece Larry “Macho Man Randy Savage” Poffo


Comments on: "Be A Man Hogan (RIP Macho Man)" (16)

  1. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    this cannot be serious…i used to love this man for real…my father figure….i remember watching him as a toddler….everyone loved and admired Hulk Hogan…but Macho Man Randy Savage…had that swag….

    Man i’m crying right now…..this really hit home….I really fux with this dude heavy.

    I’m real fucked up right now….

    WWF in 90’s >>>

    i grew up on this shit…

    watching it at my baby sitters house with her son

  2. Cant believe it man, I was also a huge WWF & WCW fan.

    RIP Macho Man Randy Savage. One of the best to ever do it.

    He and Elizabeth were like Bonnie & Clyde man…life’s ill.

  3. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    ^Meek Mill at age 10…young bul was spitting back then…he was doing the jimmy jones thing with the fucked up braids steez….He got Hov flow though…”Break ya jaw, KABOOM…Let the 8 rip off, you playing basic ball”

    ^Act like Jay aint spit that on guess who’s back scarface album with sigel…

    come on b….

    get off hov flow

  4. this cannot be serious…i used to love this man
    for real…my father figure….

    ^niggas need better role models b

    No wonder your steez reeks on homosexuality


  5. In terms of swag, he was like a one man Dipset.

    R.I.P. Randy Poffo

  6. Big_seth said:

    co-sign JihaD

    he def was the most Hip Hop professional Wrestler

    Fuck John Cena.

    RIP Macho Man

  7. Big_seth said:

    there was some novelty to having every artist from the South not currently incarcerated (and Fat Joe) on a single track with Akon or T-Pain on the hook.


    Amp’s a fool tho.

  8. fbm rns inc. said:

    Sean Michaels too….Sweet Chin Music….boy was dripping in that swag juice…paws….

    Brett Hart too….his pink leotards…no homo….but you gotta be swaggalicious to come out in that….but you gotta be confident and secure….he pulled it off…

    there is so many wrestlers…..Sting….Kane…Undertaker….

    I can name drop all day….Mankind….

    The Rock’s eyebrow though >>>>

    Eybody was doing that shit…the People’s Champ…boy still got that swag…saw him in Fast Five

    DX >>>>

    Eybody was doing suck it…

    WWF >>>

    those were good times…

    GoldDust >>>

    ^nigga was suspect as fuck…now that i look back at it…he was fuck nigga…of the highest caliber…

  9. fbm rns inc. said:

    yayo know..

    “lil Niggas like game think their ultimate warrior, Fat niggas like Joes think he Andre the Giant /
    I put my ruger in his face, his fat ass will be quiet“

    yayo knows..

    “this rap shit is like wrestling, everything is fake/
    but its a good pussy getter and the cash is great“

    yayo knows…

    Wrestling takes me back to the 90’s….everything was so better than now..

    Men were masculine…bitches had fatter asses…and it was real…not fake like Kim K….

    Bitches aint have access to plastic surgeons….only time you went to surgery was to remove the slugs from ya body…or nigga left a 150 on ya face….like parking meter…and you trying to get ya change back….ya dig…have doc fix it for ya…

  10. fbm rns inc. said:

    i remember when i found out Wrestling was fake…WWF was a hoax….Vince McMahon = santa claus

    my heart was broke as kid….a nigga teared up…didn’t wanna believe that shit..

    I remember some 20 year old like…

    Light Skin 20 year old nigger: .”Nigga WWF wrestling shit is fake b…..Boxing is real…you gonna watch that boxing match saturday”

    Lil FBM Rns: “Fuck you nigger. Fuck your mother”

  11. africanized justin timberlake a.k.a white usher a.k.a caucazoid ray j said:

    why am i the only nigga recollecting memories, reminicising about wrestling/wwf?

    you broke bum niggers never had a tv or cable?

    you couldn’t order pay per view?

    I had the hot box….I was getting spicetv and silky stockings specials back in 97 98….I was bringing dames back to the crib…and running thru em…at age 8..

    you fags…



  13. Who is this man? Was he the equivalent to what Triple H is to The Rock?

  14. Lex Luger was the most awkward member of NWO Black/Red (got too much respect for the original Wolfpac to call em that)

    real shit i might make a nostalgic wrestling tumblr dedicated to the 90’s wrestling

  15. *daps RNT*

    *is chauffeured to airport in maybach*

    *takes G6 to exotic destinations where a brick a that white girl will runya about 7-no Michael Vick*

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