Let’s talk business & technology for a minute…

So the other day, Jimmy Iovine (Chairman of Interscope & Owner of Beats By) was on Bloomberg talking about a range of topics, some interesting and some pretty absurd if you ask me.

Now, I’ve always strongly agreed that the digital era of music that we’re in has decreased audio quality. An mp3 is so heavily compressed, too much data is lost in the process of transferring formats. It’s acually better to listen to a .wav file, although they are much larger files than mp3’s.

But I strongly disagree with him saying they want to “replicate how it sounds in the studio”.

This is near impossible because studios are specifically tuned so that the acoustics are as “full” as possible.

It’s important to understand that sound quality decreases once a track leaves the studio. The mixing desk and state of the art sound systems aren’t there to support that sound, outside of the studio.

I also find it patronizing how he expects people to pay $100’s for some headphones, just to hear “how it was supposed to be heard”. I’m an audiophile, so I kind of care about that sort of stuff, but I doubt the average 14 year old browsing iTunes gives a shit about sound quality.

Talking Points

  • growth of Beats By exceeded expectations
  • “how can you buy an mp3 for $400 and then buy an earbud for $3 or $15 “
  • said sound increased with HDTV but digital era (mp3’s) has decreased the quality of sound
  • wants to fix the “ecosystem” of sound
  • wants to put pressure on tech companies to fix the sound quality of laptops/pc’s
  • Beats By is 50 % of the American market of headphones over $100 – and soon to be 50% worldwide
  • Dr Dre and other producers (Timbaland/Will I Am/Don Was) spent 2 years tuning the headphones
  • says the industry has declined due to piracy – not the same since 10 years ago
  • wants to get music subscription on a mass scale to combat piracy/increase sales
  • “people want music on demand, quick & good” –“want to be their own dj”

Comments on: "Jimmy Iovine on Bloomberg" (29)

  1. I’m sure that he made some good points at the sametime we all realize the man has an agenda.

    That piracy comment proves it. being able to get music illegally shouldnt have any negative effect on the quality of music. I will say that the technological advances that have enabled almost anyone to record music has definitely lowered the quality tho.

  2. real nigga shit fuck boy music collabo said:

    jimmy iovine is a good dude

    looks like a 14 year old…short…a midget at that…

    weighs about 60 pounds..

    nice, polite and kind..

    but a devil to these artists….of course

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  6. NovemberEnd said:

    Is Jimmy Iovine a classic record producer where he prescribe to an artist/manager what he wants a record to sound like so he can sell it most effectively, does he know specifically how to produce record (instruments, mixing & mastering) or is the LA Reid/Lyor type where he leaves others to their own devices, just signs off what people tell him what dope?

  7. Fbm rns said:

    Jimmy iovine was an engineer for the Beatles
    Bruce Springsteen
    And the rolling stones

    Give the tuff Jew gangster his respect

  8. Fbm rns said:

    Jimmy iv (no er or trauma unit)
    Was a mixer edited producer dj

    He told PAC to not go las Vegas
    And to cut out suge from his circle
    Because mr knight was going to get him murked

    Rip Orlando andersen

  9. Fbm rns said:

    Eminem got all nike everything from Jimmie iovine

    Lol dude is from staten island and dresses like a teenage guido

  10. I’m high as a fuck watching Training Day.. Fuckin A-Grade movie

  11. Fbm rns said:

    Jimmy iovine dream team >>>>

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    50 cent
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    Eminem does and listens to everything Jimmy says and does… Man maid… Man slave

    Paul rosenburg

  12. Fbm rns said:

    Add Chris brown

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  13. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    I doubt the average 14 year old browsing iTunes gives a shit about sound quality.

    Or 20 Year old, for that matter.

    I don`t know if subscriptions are the answer, but there definitely needs to be a new way of charging and pricing for music.

    Something to consider: while SALES of music are lower than ever, CONSUMPTION is higher than ever. Think about it– people listen to music more than ever now that phones and mp3 players offer a much better way of carrying music, and mp3s have eliminated the drag of listening to shitty album tracks.

    Now, given the fact that consumption is up, the music industry could easily operate on a new model that gives less revenue per unit of music sold and STILL make a similar or even a larger profit.

    I don`t know if subscription is the answer though, I guess it would depend on the specifics of how subscriptions would be priced.

  14. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    Steve Jobs got people to pay for something they were getting for free before (mp3s) it wouldn`t be impossible for someone to do it again.

  15. Bink & Just Blaze are going at it on twitter about a beat for Ross, weird shit

  16. fuck boy music said:

    never liked just blaze…

    saigon is a fucking lame…herb…recycle trash bin music…if you can even call it music…

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    they grown men…let em fight it out..

    I am like Suge Knight…I love violence and fuckery..

    Negativity and Pessissimistic is my nature

  17. fuck boy music said:

    just blaze is fucking overrated trash…

    take hits from the 80’s and make em sound crazy…you diddy…

    you fat chubby ugly nigga…wearing used polo..and think you stunting..

    you look like raekwon..you get no hoes…

    give me Alchemist..

    give me Scott Storch

    give me Rick Rubin

    give me Dre, Timbo and Pharrell

    over that fuck nigga Justin Blaze….Jay put you on…fat boy…lazy nigga..

    taking hits from 60-70’s…soul music…jazz…and not getting sample clearance…and letting these 90’s-80’s babies…blow smoke in ya ass…faggot

  18. Negativity and Pessissimistic is my nature
    Lol I clocked this shit already! Ain’t one positive bone in your body brah..

    But in regards to Saigon fam, that album was a lil corny.. I don’t mind the positivity, it’ll help some people through the struggle which is cool, but I’m only checkin for new Kendrick, Krit, Spitta or Voli.. Nobody else getting my P’s

  19. @ November:

    Iovine started off as an engineer & went on to produce albums for the likes of U.2 and Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac fame).


    Im against music supscription – it sounds like youre paying for a service that might be of poor quality (crappy music). And all the majors & retailers would be price fixing for a premium rate, just like they did with C.D’s.

    @ FBM:
    Just Blaze is about his money.

  20. hoots 2.0 said:

    I just completed the pilot for drug dealer wives and submitted to VH1. Wish ya boy luck. The description read as follows:

    To whom it may concern, with the success of popular “______wives” shows, it recently occured to me there isnt much representation of inner city urban wives. Hence I propose drug dealer wives, an excitingly adventureous herald on the lives of ghetto wives. This show will exhibit the cream of the crop ghetto chicks. Strippers who’ve graduated to drug dealer wives.

  21. @ Hoots 2.0

    Drug Dealer wives sounds like it would be a hit- but it would be glorifying negative stereotypes of black women.

  22. Most of these producers are striaght up weirdos

    Rappers do some strange shit.

    But producers are just straight up weirdos man, I never really liked being around too many.

    Straight up critics and anti socialites – stay in a studio for 15-20 hours a day, reviewing and being cut off from the outside world.

  23. Abortatron said:

    What up republicans ..

    *sips Gatorade *

    @JustBlaze is a dope producer don’t get me wrong! Would never say he wasn’t! But just not original!

    cosign this

    kanye > just

    just even jacked the drums from 1-800-huster to make i really mean it

  25. Whoops wrong mask

    Harlem e mail me if you want me to let go of a post.. I’m in the car for a minute heading somewhere so I have a few

  26. early just blaze beats have no samples in

    wasnt till he got with bink he started doing that soul shit

    just is still one of the best in the game, but we need to call a spade a spade

  27. hoots 2.0 said:

    @ Hoots 2.0

    Drug Dealer wives sounds like it would be a hit- but it would be glorifying negative stereotypes of black women.

    ^ sorta, but the underlined theme would be about the struggles and the decision making that lead to their current status as “down chicks/trophy wives”…Wanting out and seizing the opportunity, the whole time aware of the likely outcome (catching a conspiracy charge or caught in a home invasion) but hoping for different odds. Desperation is the key factor. I’ll let you know if VH1 hit me back. The 15 minute pilot shows a dude with a blurred out face with yay on the scale and the wife conflicted cause she’s with child.

  28. hoots 2.0 said:

    ab what happened to Hopp?

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