Let’s fly over to the West real quick for a moment.

A Crip convention is in full effect in this video, with G-Unit affiliate Spider Loc & Cash Daddy.

*rocks khakis with 100 pockets*

*rocks blue converse*

*rolls through crenshaw in a deep blue 64″

*is bout that life*


  1. ab what happened to Hopp?
    he’s around.. Been busy as far as I know

    He posted that wtk post a couple weeks ago..

  2. Everyone always talks about how Kanye and Just and Bink started that sped up soul sample shit..

    But ski and rza were doing that in the 90s..

  3. hoots 2.0 said:

    this song is completely horrible, like not even a little bit… And the fact is promoting ganglife, it really sucks.

    I see Ab… just making sure he aight. Got goons on deck if need be.

  4. hoots 2.0 said:

    But ski and rza were doing that in the 90s

    ^ cosign and even before rza Pete Rock owned that lane.

  5. hoots 2.0 said:

    I thought GBM would be this revolutionary place just bustling with flyness and uniqueness. Out the gate the momentum would command respect and absorb anything in its path. But it seems like only a few of youse are keeping this thing floating. What gives?

  6. hoots 2.0 said:

    *deathening silence*

  7. its real easy to point the finger, but nobody showing love to west coast rap on the internets

    and by west coast rap, i dont mean a buncha fuckin nerds like kendrick lamar and blu

  8. hoots 2.0 said:

    its real easy to point the finger, but nobody showing love to west coast rap on the internets

    and by west coast rap, i dont mean a buncha fuckin nerds like kendrick lamar and blu

    ^ horrible is horrible tho Harlem, don’t matter the coast.

  9. and besides that, nobody got anything to post

    gotta put something up, or else hits go down

    im puttin in work

  10. you might not like it, maybe someone else might

    i dont like every post thats ever been on this site

    the eye of the beholder and all that

  11. hoots 2.0 said:

    and besides that, nobody got anything to post

    gotta put something up, or else hits go down

    im puttin in work

    ^ no doubt… but why the other bloggers are not putting in that work? I’ve seen it happen all to often, the young gunna puttin that twirk in, then somebody else wanna pick the fruits of that labor.

  12. pete rock was not chopping up soul samples

    he was looping them shits

    bink was chopping em up, like a yugoslavian butcher

    pete rock bit off j-swift from the pharcyde to make searchin – he called him for some game (its an interview)

    listen to 4 better or 4 worse and then listen to searchin – when does pete rock use fender rhodes before then

    no ideas original (c) goat

  13. i know shellz is studying for his finals

    and hl is more of a contributor every now and then

    i can write posts before work and during lunch break

    but i honestly couldnt tell you where everyone else is

    i just make posts, keep hits up

    this is what i do (c) hell rell

  14. Shout out Harlem. He puts in mad work fa sho..

    I’m on vacation, when I get back, Aaron and I are gonna move the site to an official server and then shit will start popping.. There’s mad limitations on what we can post right now.. Gotta fix that..

  15. hoots 2.0 said:

    “i just make posts, keep hits up”

    ^ true team player… But lets say due to your hard work and dedication, shit eventually starts to generate a decent amount of traffic. Whats to stop these non contributers from from wanting a slice of the pie?

  16. gotta do the short posts sometimes

    im all for the long wordy posts, but nobody can do 1 everyday, especially with work and other factors involved

    its like a news site

    if cnn stops reporting, people will go find the news some place else

    so i throw in a smaller post, until another is ready

  17. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    spider loc is a real nigga tho. sadly dude has been black balled and black listed all over the industry. similar to a black rob….or a crip suge knight..

    the word is out. nobody wants to work with him or make money or break bread. too much hassle and too dangerous. Only 40 glocc bitch ass.

    Spider Loc lost beefing with Game…Game got the west….he just too isignificant…

    but dude is a real crip….punched out Yukmouth and took his chain….ran up on Slim and Baby when they were on that truck and afraid to come out…etc

    the climate right now is so Anti-thug…Anti-Gully…Anti-Gangsta….

    its fuck boy status….its fuck nigga season..

    shout out to lil b, wayne, kid cudi, wale, khalifa, bob…do ya thang….in the 80-90’s…you niggas would of been food…abused…and used…like a hooker…

  18. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    Spider Loc is a horrible rapper…but most real nigga are…most gangbangers are….most thugs are…

    they don’t go to school…to be lyrical…or learn wordplay..

    niggas cut class….to sell crack….beat niggas up…shoot guns..

    all that fuck shit…

    Some of the realest niggas in the rap game are worst rappers…

    Only nigga that really developed was Jeezy…and he was with Big Meech….borrowing Big Meech chains/cars and running with BMF…

    The rap industry is geared towards the cowards…the fake…the manufactured….

    They the best rappers…they can sell the image…and keep a clean record..

    I hate rap…i swear…I hate what hip hop has become..

    give me a time machine back to the 80-90 era of rap…when niggas was getting robbed, stomped out, made part of the pavement, shot up, slice and jumped…for saying a slick rap punchline…remove ya teeth from ya gumline..

    the era of Death Row…the Wu….Bad Boy (bad body was pussy…and still is…Mase getting two piece by GFK)


  19. real nigga shit fuck boy music said:

    “jigga wasn’t making comebacks when pac was living“

    SMH @ Pac calling out that ugly dick sucking lips camel faced dude…and Jay just staying quiet and doing the subliminal steez like his Big Brother Biggie…

    Dame, Jay and the whole Roc feared Death Row….niggas knew what Suge and them Mob pirus was about…gave niggas beat downs in the studio…at award shows…in the park…at ya crib…

    Respect to suge…..Dame and Jay soft anyway…getting punked by Terror Squad, Joe and Pun…smh….then Keith Murray beating up Dame and shit….Jay backing down from a beef with The Lox…apologizing via 2 way…and Prodigy midget ass confronting Jay…and Jay saying “It’s just music, b…keep it on wax please”


    Diddy fears Suge Knight…he won’t go anywhere near him…you know what happened to Puff jew lawyer…made the nigga drink piss…and beat him up for not giving up the address to puff momma crib…

    Throw ya dubs up

  20. suge knight killed hip hop man

    fuck suge

  21. Fbm rns said:

    Says diddy
    Says dre
    Says snoop
    Says easy e rip

    Rip big PAC

    But the man was and still a legend

    Ran the whole rap industry in the 90s

    Tha row was just a crime syndicate

    Criminal enterprise

    Suge was the og boss CEO

    You heard of eminem having to wear vests because he wanted to kill him dre and fiddy

    So Curtis Jackson brought some goons from his hood and some boxers… Bang em etc….

    Suge sent them vatos sa,s zetas Mexican mafia niggas but nothing went down really

    You heard of suge knight tormenting xzibit
    And crooked I too

  22. Fbm rns said:

    “game got slapped by suge”

    Jay backed down… Camel didn’t want anything… PAC disrespected them and called him out so many times…PAC would to Brooklyn and Harlem doll and act up in they hood… Big and jay held no weight in the boro or city

    Big was a liar and jay was a butch made faggot getting beat up robbed and chased in Marcy for his jewels

  23. Fbm rns said:

    I respect nore black rob and some qb niggas for holding they own… Tragedy pone (not nas tho)

    For bringing the gats and goons when suge knight, kurupt, snoop, dpg tried to disrespect NYC

    “came thru and crushed the buildings”

    A qb nigga shot up snoops video shoot thinking PAC and suge were there

    Cuz biggie told niggas not to have these west coast niggas come here and disrespect the east and the city

  24. FBM Real Nigga Shit said:

    Tron you are a faggot and a loser. Your kids will hate you one day.

  25. Alotta bad blood between Suge & Dre/Jimmy.

    Only desperate artists go to Suge now. He’s part of the reason why no wanted to sign Crooked I for years – just because he was signed to Tha Row

    He ran the industry in the 90’s – but that was then, he’s washed up now. Dude is a control freak & megalomaniac.

  26. Harlem World said: May 26, 2011 at 10:53 am
    and besides that, nobody got anything to post
    gotta put something up, or else hits go down
    im puttin in work


    I got my certification test coming up. I been working on posts, just haven’t finished them yet.


  27. The Psychlone said:

    Hell Rell should be quoted more often.

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