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Released in early 2005 and intended as a showcase for all the artists under his newly branded Dame Dash Music Group (which at this point still included Beanie Sigel and State Property, Cam’ron and The Diplomats, N.O.R.E, M.O.P., R&B acts Rell, Denim and Nicole Wray, and the rights to the Roc-A-Fella recordings of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard), Damon Dash presents Roc 4 Life – Vol. 2: The Second Part Of The Life actually became sort of a swan song for Dame, who by 2006 had seen the dissolution of his label after only one release (Beanie Sigel’s The B. Coming) and by ’07 had almost completely fell back from the music industry, choosing to turn his focus to his other companies. Over the years, rumors of bad investments, money mismanagement and bankruptcy begun to surface and Dash showed back up on the scene in ’09, this time moving behind the scenes as a “consultant” to Jim Jones, eventually netting an executive producer credit on his Pray IV Reign album.  It wasn’t until 2010 that Dash fully reinvented himself and reemerged as a joint toking, gray beard sporting Warhol-esque leader of his own DIY hipster rap/alt-rock collective  DD172 and his BluRoc imprint, which released Curren$y’s critically acclaimed Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk 2 thru Island Def Jam.

A “rare” mixtape with a limited run of copies, what’s most notable about this one (Outside of a few epic rants by Dame) is the apparent inclusion of Joe Budden into the Roc family, an under publicized chapter in Budden’s career that I’ve never really had any clarity on. Was he ever signed to Roc-A-Fella? Cause the couple of times he pops up on this tape along with the song he recorded with Bleek and Beans lead me to believe that at some point there was some sort of agreement between Dame and Budden. Still, the collection of talent gathered on this tape was thorough and had Dame actually been given a fair shot to get his label off the ground, I think DDMG actually showed some promise. Will Dame ever get another opportunity to make an impact similar to the one Roc-A-Fella had when they came in the game? I seriously doubt it. But there’s no denying the guy had vision.

Damon Dash presents Roc 4 Life – Vol. 2: The Second Part Of The Life (Hosted By DJ Big Mike)

1. Dame Dash Is Done Skit
2. Dame Dash Intro (Produced By Boola & Dame Dash)
3. Joe Budden, Raekwon, Young Chris, Oschino, Sparks, Peedi Crakk, N.O.R.E. & Nature – Triumph
4. Raekwon Feat. Denim – Tribute
5. Nicole Wray Feat. Beanie Sigel – Can’t Get Out The Game
6. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Stomp
7. Beanie Sigel Feat. Peedi Crakk, Joe Budden & Young Chris – Flatline (Remix)
8. Beanie Sigel – One Shot Deal
9. Dame Dash Skit
11. M.O.P. – Instigator
12. Bun B Freestyle
13. N.O.R.E. – Cuts From N.O.R.E.
14. Rell – Don’t Take It Away
15. Beanie Sigel Feat. Melissa – Feel It In The Air
16. Juelz Santana Feat. Hell Rell – Not !!ing With Dip Set
17. Killa 3 Freestyle
18. Jim Jones Freestyle
19. Cam’ron Feat. Kanye West & Sylenna Johnson – Down & Out
18. Joe Budden Freestyle
19. Militainment/Gem Star & Big Mato – Nueva York
20. Clark Kent – Ol’ Dirty Bastard Segment
21. Dame Dash Outro

Comments on: "The Throwback: Dame Dash’s Last Hurrah" (18)

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    Did you lot hear about them two white british men that went to Florida for a holiday, got speaking with two chicks, they left the club.. Next thing you know, the day after, news are reporting two British men were found shot up and dead in a hood in FL.. What the fuck.. Them chicks is shady as hell, how can you possibly end up in the hood whilst on holiday?

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    so does money.

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    them niggas bout to tear it down literally…


  6. fbm rns said:

    House of Blues in Hollywood

  7. that’s right around yo parts innit?

    Don’t u live in Hollywood, Coonery?

  8. 19. Cam’ron Feat. Kanye West & Sylenna Johnson – Down & Out


  9. young buck was a fuckin ill mc

  10. fbm rns said:

    about that life

    is NOWB or 007 Frankie?

    Dude knows all about me like a Stalker…its crazy..

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    my reply

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    “It’s my preference…high yella….or anglo sax cauca…ya heard”

  13. Max B Back said:

    are the Dipset cuts on this tape any good?


  14. hoots 2.0 said:

    get money leave the beef alone slowly.

  15. Hell Rell Ruger Rell said:

    are the Dipset cuts on this tape any good?




  16. Fbm rns said:

    I have no beef
    Shit tofu

  17. Thanks for this great tape! Didn’t know about this.

  18. Back to Ohio today..

    I love it down here tho for real..

    May have to make a move someday

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