Gators -N- Furs

If you don’t know who J-Zone is, I feel sorry for your mutha. The producer/DJ and now retired MC who hails from Queens is often overlooked when it comes to ultra talented, innovative producers, but when you hear a J-Zone beat, you can’t help but notice a certain funky element that he somehow manages to make seem really intricate and clever. To say he has a unique sound would be an understatement.

The other thing that you should know about Zone is that he has really eclectic taste in rap music. Known to count Tim Dogg’s Penicillin on Wax among his favorite albums, his opinion may not always be popular, but it definitely makes for some crazy playlists. How would I know? Because of a podcast that I had incorrectly assumed was dead and buried in the abandoned amusement park that we know as MySpace. After asking Zone himself, he told me where to find the podcasts online, and I would be a real shiesty bastard if I didn’t share these conflict diamonds with the squad.

Check the Gator$ -N- Fur$ Archive on UGHH. Trust me when I say that these are worth your time. If any of you have taken the time to check for my garbage truck of a show, this is LWHRadio on HGH.

Thank me later. (Grey Hoooodiieeeee!!!)

Be on the lookout for J-Zone’s book, Root For The Villain: Rap, Bullshit and a Celebration of Failure dropping this fall, and the accompanying GBM interview.

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Comments on: "Gators -N- Furs" (21)

  1. AfricanGangsta said:

    I feel sorry for you for knowing J-Zone. Please please neh. I beg I beg I beg I do not come here for people no one knows. This cant be like Nahright. Mathew Raggazino and all those other faggots. You must post that good shit. Unfortunately you dont have a c-section to fall back on. So please.

  2. Self-Made vol.1>>> Get it while its hot niggas!

  3. Young Breed said:

    Yeah Triple C’s coming soon too. Colour Cut Clarity. Shoutout to my nigga Heroine Headliner. Keep holdin it down for that MMG my nigga. The bawse appreciates it.

  4. I feel sorry for you for knowing J-Zone. Please please neh. I beg I beg I beg I do not come here for people no one knows. This cant be like Nahright. Mathew Raggazino and all those other faggots


    wow, this is disrespect, african gangsta brought the shooters out

    smh x lol

  5. diddy just called….

    He says whatup…


  6. Ah man nice one cheers, theres a bunch of these I missed and assumed were dead and buried. The summer one was my shit and if im not mistaken, put me up on teh gawd Suga Free.

    J-Zones that dude, his blog on Dante Ross’ site and stuff for Fatlace and HHC were the greatest. Cant wait for the book.

  7. Ah theres gonna be an interview, lookin forward to it.

  8. FBM Real Nigga Shit said:

    I always knew that one day…..

    They’d try to bring me down……

    Way down……


  9. Worldstar Hiphop Nigga said:

    niggas trolling and stealing names…as usual

    typical twitter thug shit

    as a fuck nigga would…

    The real cannot be faked….faggot…

    I know its NOWB or that tranny nigga Dub Frank…You name ya self after a Kid’s Weiner…fag…homo…”I make sure my franks are all kosher…haha” Gay nigga

    007 Frankie


  10. hoots 2.0 said:

    i’m willing to shoot the one, with any of youse. on the strength, gp and all that… Everybody tough behind the PC talking bout what they do and how they do what… Fuck that shit…

  11. “niggas still talking i aint get robbed yet
    fell asleep on the couch, hand on the tec“

    “you will get robbed before i do, take a bet“

    “goons on deck
    money you want, money i get“

  12. AfricanGangsta said:

    I dont get robbed. In my hood people carry machetes @ night to avoid robberies. Anyone tries anything. You pull it out of the side of your leg and start swinging. #massacre.

  13. AfricanGangsta said:

    Do you guys know how easy it is to get off from a illegal firearm charge? The equivalent of $15 to the officer who caught you with it on the spot and you walk. Put that poes in your pants again.

  14. Hoots.. Check Your e-mail

  15. Drake is Darius a.k.a. Hi Yella said:

    Linen and Seersucker
    For the summer
    mother fucker

  16. AfricanGangsta said:

    Well its winter here. So Balmain jackets, oxfords, brogues and cashmere jerseys!

  17. George bush money said:

    Balmain in Africa

    Stop lying

  18. Hootie I been e mailing you..

    I need some work done no homo..

    Check your yahoo

  19. I know its NOWB or that tranny nigga Dub Frank…
    You name ya self after a Kid’s Weiner…fag…
    homo…”I make sure my franks are all kosher…
    haha” Gay nigga
    007 Frankie

    ^you like one of my hoes, you always got my name in ya mouth. Even when I ain around. Get off my dick faggot! Seriously get a life dude, u got 25 sn’s talkin to yaself. Your a loser! You live online 24/7



    We still waitin to chalk ya ass up its June. We goin put you out ya misery.

  20. Yo, get to work. It’s been 2 days. Again, where a new post at? Holla at me with a new mixtape to download.. This Weeknd shit is holding me down til sunrise every night. Get at me, I’ll write some shit, I’ll put that work in 3 times a day, keep shit popping.

  21. Channel 4oD Unreported World Series >>>
    This dreadlock boy from the UK went out to Ivory Coast to document the civil war that was happening in regards to the general elections, he got robbed and had to duck bullets as shit was popping off outside his hotel.

    UK Journalism >>>>

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