A lot of times, a good rap battle is over before it even starts– for the fans, we only see the aftermath: the public shame, the declining sales, the ether. For every monumental battle, however, there are oftentimes many other dope diss songs floating about the outskirts of the beef (in most cases, from the various weed carriers or gawkers looking to get a little blog love by involving themselves in the beef) that never got. Then there are those battles that simply weren’t documented; forgotten over time and relegated to a P-Cutta compilation.

Cormega- Poetry

As written here a couple of weeks ago, Cormega wasn’t exactly silent following the release of Stillmatic and the Lil Homie’s diatribe against his fellow Queensbridge brethren, “Destroy and Rebuild.” For those who don’t have an understanding of what eventually sparked this beef, read here: Lets just say contracts weren’t signed, verses were deleted, and large, iconic chains were snatched in retaliation. Although Mega and Nas have recently squashed their beef, there is little to no chance of an actual Firm album with the OG members, and there seems to be lingering feelings of resent between both parties, leaving us with the possibility for more hostility (hey, that rhymed!) in the future.

Potent Potables”

Nasty Nas all ya life you praised me/
Your daughter might be Jay Z's...

Lloyd Banks- Showtime (Game Ova) x DeathWish

The PLK, being an original member of G-Unit, has been involved in many battles, mostly (ok, ALL OF EM) as a result of his loyalty to Curtis Jackson. Although He’s supplied the game with many dope punches (sorry, I couldn’t resist) including “What Comes Around goes Around”, “We’re Back,”I’ll Be The Shooter” and the vicious “Officer Down“, two often overlooked uppercuts (sorry!) in his catalogue are the two songs above. While Deathwish was an unreleased banger (presumably for menage a trois leaked The Big Withdraw) that had Banks spazzing out both Jadakiss and Fat Joe is not a legend, aka the “Tell 50 I said what’s up ass nigga.” Showtime (game ova), however, appeared on the final entry to Banks’ Mo Money In Da Bank series (top 10 mixtapes series- FACT), which followed the release of Rotten Apple, and got (unfortunately) ignored in the process. Anyway, Blue Hefner completely MURDERS this Nas instrumental and Jayceon Taylor at the same time. Unfortunately, Banks’ personal problems prevented him from properly promoting his album (and this mixtape), leaving this song buried in purgatory, UNTIL TODAY!

Potent Potables- Deathwish

These niggas been around since Biggie and ain’t blow yet
Damn how many chances you think you gon’ get
Cause I remeber when the suits was shiny
Now they on the fatigue booths and grime

Potent Potables- Showtime (Games Ova)

I’m from a town where they all love fluid,
Anybody that can wear a tounge ring can’t talk tough.
You ain’t even seeing half of Fif’
You’re only one album in and 50 wrote half of it!
You said you a rider and you thuggin’!
Then you Turn around and hug Joe Buddens!

Queen Latifah- Name Callin Pt. 2

I spoke about this at length, sitting on the toilet (yea, it bothered me that much) after a workout, here. Go read it, because that write up was the shit (*facepalms*), and so is this song, and so is the 1st one.

Uncle Murda- March 9th

Poor Lil Cease. I don’t even think he ever wanted to be in this industry– he just wanted to roll weed for Big and watch him rap– the ultimate weed carrier if you will.  Unfortunately, the death of Chris Wallace led not only to a break-up of Junior Mafia, but also to Cease beginning a solo career, catching L’s from Maino, beating the brakes off Jim Jones,  snitching on Lil Kim, and dropping a workout DVD… seriously.

Good old Uncle Murda. At one time, he really did have a chokehold on the streets of NY: signed to Rocafella, with Bullet Bullet getting spins, a DJ Green Lantern affiliation, and a beef strategy taken from the Curtis Jackson Todd James playbook: embroiled in contoversy with everyone from Papoose, to 50 Cent, to the NYPD. Unfortunately, signing with Def Jam fucked his career up, as CamelGOAT left him, Tru Life, and Jadakiss out to dry by abdicating his position as president.

Well, Uncle Murda bounced back as only he can, feeding the streets with B.O.M.B, collaborating with everyone from Lloyd Banks to former enemy Papoose. Of course, where would Uncle Murda be without beef? To commemorate the passing of the King of NY, Uncle Murda released the above song, taking Cease to task for a variety of reasons, which are explained here.

Potent Potables:

I wish them bullets missed BIG and hit Cease… I wouldn’t be mad if they killed him, at least he wouldn’t have squealed on Lil’ Kim…

Part 2 coming soon.


Comments on: "Ten Diss Songs You (Probably) Never Heard, But Should Have (Part 1)" (21)

  1. “Poetry” is hard. I would like to hear Mega and Nas do another song together.

  2. Poetry was slept on. I guess Jay-Z vs Nas, sells a lot more magazines then Cormega vs Nas.

  3. Cosign Uncle Murda bouncing back too, would be good to see an album sometime. I don’t think he has a deal which is a shame.

    He stays dissing anyone who was talking tough, yet let Biggie’s killers escape unharmed.

  4. harlemworld said: June 6, 2011 at 3:54 pm
    Poetry was slept on. I guess Jay-Z vs Nas, sells a lot more magazines then Cormega vs Nas


    Yea, niggas wasn’t trying to hear Poetry when it dropped, fam. It doesnt help that Mega is a mish-mash of RZA’s offbeatness and the Currensys Peanut butter to the roof of your mouth flow.


  5. fuck boy music said:

    no homo…

    but why do rappers have big heads? they got melon heads….lemon heads….lemon red….ya dig…

    pac had a huge cranium

    jay got that egg shaped planet sized skull

    nas got a dome

    jeezy got the ihop diner roof head…ya heard

    too much thinking from these idiots…forehead portruding and shit

  6. fuck boy music said:

    Cormega = Canibus = Benzino = Joell Ortiz = Ras Kass

    all in the same boat….nobody wanna hear that shit….go back to school…or go work security at a school….

    get in school

  7. NovemberEnd said:

    Affirmative Action live >>>>>

  8. NovemberEnd said:

    Aristocrats politicking daily with Diplomats see me I’m an unofficial mack Lex coupe triple black

  9. NovemberEnd said:

    WTF is up with Inga…broad seem like she didn’t remember the words to her verse

  10. NovemberEnd said:

    “The gods they praise Allah with visions of Gandhi”

    Ain’t no way a 17 year old Foxy wrote that

  11. How’d you miss this! Banks DISMANTLED the Cop

  12. Everything Thats Yours- Mike G >>>>

    Mike G >>>

  13. Don’t get me started on 90’s Foxy

    she was one bad chick.

    though she wrote very few of her rhymes then

  14. 8Ball was YOUNG on this

  15. this nigga got a Bamma music goldmine….

  16. i need some early DJ Paul tapes

  17. Big545 said:


    You didn’t click on any of the links on my post, did?

    Or READ IT!!!

    I mentioned Officer Down, but this is more about songs people might have missed, or ignored.

    And yea, he did type shit on William, tho.


  18. I mentioned Officer Down, but this is more about songs people might have missed, or ignored.
    OPPS! Yea I was skimming thru mang, i missed it lol

  19. This is viscous

  20. Big545, yeah Kingpin Skinny Pimp did a similar one on Paul’s Def Leppard steez too.

    This ones almost as bad, raggin on Lil Bruce’s wheelchair bound mother and the fact hes half-korean:

    Banger though.

  21. The mothers korean actually, shouldve mentioned that.

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