This is the recording session for SPITGAME x SHELLS x M-LIto x B.Ennals next EP project, Lifestyle Music EP. Come watch niggas act a fool, make stupid jokes, ride on our various enemies, and hopefully, record some dope music.

click here for the live stream


Comments on: "ZipSquad x Lifestyle Music EP Recording Session" (24)

  1. gramMasta said:

    niggas orderin 1000s of wings & wanna salad


  2. Can’t be having these close game mang….. fucking up myblood pressure

  3. real nigga shit ft fuck boy music said:

    Shameless plug.


    If your shit hot, you dont gotta promo, niggas gonna get to it, listen to it and fux with it.

    Real spit

  4. Bricktop said:

    1: fuck whoever is hating on a healthy diet.

    2: the only plug you should be ashamed of is your butt plug.

    Carry on. . . .



    BILDERBERG PROTEST >>>>>>__________




    liberty & justice >>>>

  7. this session was a good watch..niggas is comedians..

    the o.g engineer >>>>

  8. gramMasta said:

    Bricktop said:
    June 8, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    1: fuck whoever is hating on a healthy diet.

    ^ damn yo, jokes

    saul goode tho

  9. Heroine Headliner said:

    Tron finna make me a star…..

    Ima make him a million…..

    Me an shellz…..we invadin’ tha buildin…..

  10. gramMasta said:

    # gramMasta Says:
    June 9th, 2011 at 3:56 am

    “A. Hole already turned in four different versions of his first album and Jay didn’t approve none of them. jay must be Illuminati, he sacrificed A. Hole’s album and is about to kill A. Hole’s career by dropping watch the throne four years after he signed A. Hole. four years ago during thanksgiving dinner my nephew got all in my face saying Cole this and Cole that. my nephew was a freshman in HS, this bunny ear nigga is about to graduate from HS. my nephew wasted four years of his LIFE, you hear me, FOUR FUCKIN’ YEARS arguing with me that Hole’s album will be classic.”

    ^ THIS

    alotta these comments be niggas/kizzas typin just 2 type but they aint supportin shiet

    Tyler had promo on a milli and did 40K plus these niggas’ fans aint buyin a damn thing

    lil niggas was writin wiz off b4 his album came out ’cause they knew damn well they wasnt coppin

    all of that “cole world” comment ish is futile them da same fools that r dl*ing the jumpoff word is bond

    bottom line niggas wanna sell u betta make sumthing for da OGs they still know how to go 2 da store and cop while/when they get that payroll check durin lunch/on da weekends shoppin

    big sean ’bout 2 flop

    cyhi ’bout 2 flop

    vado aint even do 6k da 1st week

    krit gonna get shelved

    waka & gucci did indie #s when their buzz was on maximum

    lil b is an epic fail in da makin

    and i know niggas be readin nah comments this aint no diss niggas tryna put niggas on 2 da real

    these harlequins aint fans they propaganda followers

    best wishes 2 all my niggas tryin to cash a check

    1200 technics

  11. AfricanGangsta said:


    Money spinner.





  12. fuck boy music said:

    who is this fuck nigga…and why is he speaking to me like that..

    you inferior piece of shit…you gets no response fuck nigga…

    I will murder ya mother fuck nigga…and rape ya daughter…in front of ya…and slap ya sister…and laugh…

    You do not exist..

    I still want to punch Brian Ennals in the face….tho….soft ass fat light skin nigga…with buck teeth…fucked up teeth..

    could careless about the other niggas…


    fuck building with niggas….destroy…cause choas…negativity reigns supreme….nigga shit

  13. fuck boy music said:

    shout out to Jihad and Speez tho….real spit…no hate….just truth…

    Jihad bought them tickets…went to Yonkers…Eskay copped them please..pleas……apologized..

    after Jihad said he would get his lil cousin or nephew to beat up his daughter…thats some real shit..

    Jihad: “Fat boi where ya at nigger?”

    Eskay: “Ji Ji…I’m sorry baby”


    Speez I still need to you to send the goons…and shoot up some cribs…and assault some peoples mothers and fathers..for the fuck of it…ya heard me…REAL NIGGA SHIT

  14. gramMasta said:

    new blog posting?

    and niggas dont see da across da pond niggas/kizzas aint around?


  15. Get to working fellas, stop slacking

  16. Get to working fellas, stop slacking
    Shut the fuck up……


  17. real nigga shit said:

    pussy boi posting fake numbers and fake addresses

    “I trap, I’m a Bawse Dawn…I got shooters goons and macks and shit“

    Fucking liar….

    I sent the word to my niggas in the P….dem Pirates aint never heard of you….or ya crew..

    fucking fronter….lying bitch….you a suburban nigga…tryna act tough…cuz wiz blew up…and shit

  18. fucking fronter….lying bitch….you a suburban nigga…tryna act tough…cuz wiz blew up…and shit
    Mac Miller?

  19. real nigga shit said:

    bitch boy 007 frankie faggot…from nahright….weed carrying nigga for taylor gang….gets his pockets ran thru…and they use his debit cards for 7-11 and shit…..He held wiz pockets…but I heard he was reaching for his penis..

    Nobody knows that clown in the Pitt….he’s a fucking nobody..

    Big545…i dont beef with rappers…rappers are girls, they ladies….delicate and fragile…gotta pull the chair out and hold the door for em…they bitch babies

  20. gets his pockets ran thru…and they use his debit cards for 7-11 and shit…..He held wiz pockets…but I heard he was reaching for his penis..
    *Cuts cord*

    *Bungee jumps*

  21. Big545, refrain from talking in my direction.

  22. Skyzoo – The Great Debater >>>

  23. Big545, refrain from talking in my direction.

  24. gramMasta said:

    yo ts1900

    ^ whats the word on da streets?

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