Look, if you didn’t watch the BET EBT Coontastic Series of Events Awards show last night, theres really only three things you need to know:

1. Twitter makes black people acting like idiots SO much funnier. That shit reminded me of the old c-section, expect 140 characters forces your FUNNY to its maximum level’s, lest you get ignored.

2. #Freeass was the #1 MOST TALKED ABOUT object WORLDWIDE—> Dat Ass had bitches hating on weaves, trying to find marks on her legs, and shitting on her age… Lets get serious, Heffers, if you ain’t #Twipicing your own Cakes (c)@big545 , DON’T HATE ON OTHERS. Get your flabby ass in the gym and respect the jux.

3. I was reminded WHY I never watch these shows– The performances are ALWAYS ass (save a couple– *daps to Jill Scott*), nobody with any common sense (or working ear drums) seems to pick the winners (note: I ain’t actually LISTENED to terrestrial radio in YEARS, so I don’t know who’s “hot” in the streets right now, but Travis Porter’s “Go Shawty Go” still gets regular spins for the sheer niggernessness (c)me), and as usual, the treatment of those who this thing of ours has lost dead rappers gets marginalized and shunted to the side while ministral shows like that bullshit Gospel fest (seriously EBT? (c)@lilkim), recognizing the achievements of an adulterer, deadbeat dad, and elitest Steve Harvey, and of course, Kevin Hart spending more time on my screen laughing at his own jokes than ACTUALLY BEING FUNNY.

Seriously, my personal enjoyment derived from watching so many black people FAIL despite their best intentions. What an awful show…

Thank God/Allah/Odin/Zeus/Whoever for the tailor who was able to sit that wedding cake into the back of Free’s Dress, tho. Sheesh.


Comments on: "A Coontastic Series of Events: BET Awards" (24)

  1. When @idisrespectHoeZ said “a tie between you and refrigerator perry” I said fuck school

  2. just wow @ Free’s phatty

    timeless hips..smh

  3. Didn’t even know this shit was on last night.

    I was in some pussy.

    *daps self*
    *ogles Free’s ass*

  4. Monica still real sexy to me…

  5. HW stay falling in love with r&b bitches

  6. BET Is The Fox News Of music

  7. abortatron said:
    June 27, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    HW stay falling in love with r&b bitches

    its lust not love!!!!

    lust is goat sin

  8. Homeboys facial expresion on the right is priceless

  9. expression

  10. That ethering on twitter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    It was a fucking warzone last night, every bitch that tried to say they had a ass better than free lost, badly

    RIP ThickRoZayy

  11. Excellency said:

    you faggy Brit fuck boy..
    Slap yourself three times ..
    Cold play is for people too stupid to get radiohead, emo white boys, and 35 year old soccer moms.

    Lol nah fam, Viva La Vida and X&Y are >>>

  12. Excellency said:

    Who is this Bachmann chick that’s tryna run y’all?

  13. gramMasta said:


    niggas STILL watch this award bullshiet? bet even?

    automatic L rite there


  14. Excellency said:
    June 27, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Who is this Bachmann chick that’s tryna run y’all?

    she won’t win, it doesnt really matter who runs for the republicans,they’re still living in the 15th century – apart from ron paul

    rick perry or mitt romney will be frontrunner to go against obama – palin or bachmann will fall back to vice pres if they get elected

  15. Excellency said:

    Anybody heard the “Dopeman Music” album by Scarface?

    The N Word>>
    In My Blood>>>

  16. Excellency said:

    Wimbledon >
    The bitches in Wimbledon tho >>>>

  17. sup xlnc

    *extends olive branch & diplomacy*

  18. Excellency said:

    Lol, what’s good Harlem? You getting coverage of the Wimbledon across the pond?

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga = Jay Electronica

    Just light skinted..

  19. Excellency said:

    How you upload pictures on here?

  20. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga = Jay Electronica

    Just light skinted..

  21. Excellency said:

    My boy said Tsonga look like a Young Ali, but Jay Elec makes for a more funny comparison.

  22. Excellency said:
    June 29, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    My boy said Tsonga look like a Young Ali, but Jay Elec makes for a more funny comparison.

    he actually does too

    tsonga >>>

    i hope he wins it

  23. Excellency said:

    Damn Tsongo went out and so did the fellow Brit.. Nadal got this, his forehand is bananas!

    p.s. where a new post at? Eskay got me banned and I’m damn sure I ain’t gonna start commenting on 2dopeboyz

  24. Excellency said:

    Harlem World Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 11:25 am
    *southern bammas it up*
    *purchases big krit tickets*
    *downloads big krit music*

    You went too far homes..

    Krit >>>>>

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