Aaron Mcgruder tried to tell us, smh.

According to Killer Mike’s (nee’ Mike Bigga) Twitter page, Black Entertainment Evil Television has decided to ban his video,”Burn,” a socio-political piece which speaking on (among other things), the killing brutal murder of unarmed black man Oscar Grant, the disenfranchisement of the African-American population, the bullshit Religious super franchises, and the Prison Complex– you know, the type of subjects and themes Hip-Hop used to provide a voice for, and has currently been marginalized in favored of faux drug dealing, gangbanger imagery, satanic images, and overt calls for violence in our music.

Coonery Bafoonery, in other words.

While the African-American male is continually bombarded by jigaboo dance rituals, demasculated via blatent homosexual imagery and references, and encouraged to stay inebriated to the point of ignorance thanks to Bullshit Evil Television, an artist actually using Hip-Hop as a vehicle for social change and awareness is BANNED?

Nah, right?

Actually, fuck him too, cuz he is just as culpable in this bullshit.

But the ironic part of this whole situation?

MTV has the video in ROTATION… Yea, that MTV.

Think about that for a second.

PL3DGE in stores now, and trust me when I say its in the running for album of the year.



Comments on: "Black Evil Television vs. Killer Mike" (6)

  1. BET did another stupid thing? I never would of guessed that

    Killer Mike > > >

  2. Fuck BET. Entirely too niggregious for me.

  3. Guess da sayin’ stands true..”The revolution won’t be televised..” RealShit…

  4. I stopped wtching BET after they cancelled Uncut.

  5. Dope Shit

  6. so all that other stuff but bullshit bigotry about homosexuality argo feminism and masculine essentialism is fine? There can only be one kind of righteous black man! being black can only mean a certain thing! Way to be a dumb cunt. ha!

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