NasiRisan <-- Daddy Loves You

Yea, I was scared. Real scared. I didn’t even have a chance to be shocked at the fact that we were having Twins (Muthafucking TwINS…SHEESH) because the next thing the doctor told us was, ” Sir, your children might be dead in the next 3 months”

Understand– my boys almost died before I ever got to hold them in my arms, or see their smiles, or witness them conquer challenge after challenge. They were diagnosed with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome– an extremely rare disease which essentially saw one child (in this case, Nasir) to provide additional blood and fluid to his brother, killing himself in the process. Whats worse, the recipient Twin reacts to the death of the donor, literally sending ALL the blood inside its own body to the now dead Twin, killing the both…

What kinda of God/Allah/Buddha/Odin/Zeus/Baal would create some manner of foulness like that to infect a child?

Thankfully, however, my children are made of MUCH sterner stuff, and have simply flourished, grown, and experienced a normal infancy. Throughout, their Daddy has immersed them in Hip-Hop– Hell, I named them BOTH Nasir, and it wasn’t just because it means “One who gives Victory.” They have driven along to the Sounds of G-Unit, KRS-One, The Zip$quad, Young Jeezy, D-Block, Beanie Sigel, Outkast, Wu-Tang, and Three-Six Mafia, among others. They bounce, they smile, and they look at me strange when I recite Beanie’s Diss rap over Special Delivery when they piss me off. They enjoy Mobb Deep and fall asleep to Snoop when I’m riding around trying to put them to sleep.

So, in honor of their first birthday, I wanted to come up with a mixtape that would express thru the sounds that have defined my life how I feel. Silly? Yea, But fuck you, they my babies- deal with it.

Or, enjoy it. Its a Celebration Bitches!!!

Words To My 1st born (2pac, Unreleased)

Fetus/Belly Button Window (Nas, The Lost Tapes)

Twinz (Big Punisher, Capital Punishment)

In Da Club (50 Cent, GRODT)

Nas is Like (Nas, I Am…)

Roc Boys (Jay-Z, American Gangster)

Elevator’s (Me and You) (Outkast, ATLiens)

Hey Young World (Slick Rick, Great Adventures of Slick Rick)

Child’s Play (Ghostface Killah, Supreme Clientele)

Little Ghetto Boy (Dr. Dre, The Chronic)

Smile (Scarface Ft. 2Pac Shakur) (My Diary)

Young Godz (Wu-Tang Clan)

Like Father, Like Son (Game, The Documentary)

One down, so many more to go. I can’t wait to introduce you to soundtrack of my life– Hopefully by then Hip-Hop won’t be this, this, and this by the time you guys are ready to start stealing my ipod and fucking up my computer downloading shit.



Comments on: "Nasir x Risan: The Introspective Mixtape" (11)

  1. This some real shit.

    *holds back tears*

    Congrats homie.

  2. *daps Deen*

    Thanks Homie. I appreciate it.


  3. I dont even know what to say. Congratulations, I guess.

    LF: If I ever get twins I’ll name them Max and Charly.

  4. oh shit!

    Dope post!

  5. Dope..blessin’s 2 u and yours..RealShit…

  6. Congrats jihad my son spent a week in the n.i.c.u when he was born so I know the feeling. Much blessings to you and your boys.

  7. From one daddy of twins to another… #salute!

  8. *daps everyone*

    @Blaze- Yea, Nasir (the Donor) spent two weeks in the NICU due to some breathing complications. Homie was so small we had to buy him a special car seat to accomadate him. He’s mean as fuck and a bully tho now that’s free, so I know he’ll be ok

    @TG- Word up. *salute*


  9. gramMasta said:

    blessed be the seeds yo

    even watchin the wnba all star game

    good to see successful sistas & niggas


  10. This is real humbling man – I got music that rreminds me of my seed too,

    Nasir & Risan >>>>>

    fatherhood >>>>>

  11. This is a real dope post, your sons make me smile. (No Pedo)

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