I’m not even sure where to begin here.. Today me and the family were doing some running around, just some normal Saturday morning shit, when I noticed a tweet from Nas that caught my eye ..

@Nas – R.I.P Sis. Why u couldn’t chill???? why the F*ck U Leave? Love U Sis!

I just assumed that someone from his circle had passed, and while that would be terrible for Nas, it didn’t really affect me in the slightest. Unfortunately, this was not the case. A few minutes later, I saw the news starting to take over my twitter timeline. Amy Winehouse has died.

I get that she lived the fast life and was asking for it. I get that no one should be the least bit surprised. But damn, this shit got me fucked up. When Back to Black dropped, I remember I had just started dating the girl I would eventually marry. She’s not a hip-hop person, not even a little bit, so Amy’s music was one of the one things we could both enjoy, and that album became synonymous with a lot of great memories. I hipped everyone I could to it, and all my friends were playing it, especially Ashley. So a few years later, when Ashley tragically took her own life, it only seemed fitting that we play a lot of Amy Winehouse in her memory. I guess I feel kind of ridiculous that Amy passing even affects me, but if I’m keeping it 100, there’s a lot of shit that’s happened in the last 5 years or so that I associate with her music. We played that shit at my wedding… At my friend’s funeral… So yeah, she was a junkie, and junkie’s eventually die, but Amy managed to create something that will always remind me of my most significant moments of the last half decade.

I wanted to post a couple of joints, and trust that it was tough to only choose a few. Amy is now counted among Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison who all died tragically at the age of 27. Live now.


UPDATE – the homie at CSNW wrote a nice piece and posted a pretty official mix, check it out here

Comments on: "RIP Amy Winehouse 1983-2011" (14)

  1. NovemberEnd said:

    She had such a enchanting voice…man

    what a shame…

  2. word. been playing her music all afternoon.

    it sucks that there isn’t more.

  3. ” Ashley tragically took her own life ”


    My condolences …

  4. Bacc 2 bacc RealNiggaPost..GB$>

  5. Excellency said:

    Just caught this news on the BBC, it’s a damn shame..

  6. gramMasta said:

    no david ruffin tron?

    wtf dun

    makin current doesnt change your habits

    it enhances them

    moderation is key

    * puts away zales black card *

  7. Bricktop said:

    Wow. Shit just got real at The Ranch, huh? Seriously though, these last two posts have been nothing short of remarkable. Ironic how Jihad proved that it truly is Deeper Than Rap. And this Amy Winehouse stuff? Yikes! Scary stuff, but still an introspectively fascinating post nonetheless.

  8. Yo thanks brick and anyone that took a second to read this. I always knew this chick was doomed and would die young, but damn this shit hit home. Maybe because where I live, the prescription pain killer epedemic is running rampant. A lot of kids I grew up with are dead or in jail or strung out on that shit.. And of course now heroin is taking over because it’s cheaper and more potent. It’s just sad when someone can’t control themselves any more, in spite of the knowledge that they are killing themselves.

  9. gramMasta said:

    Maybe because where I live, the prescription pain killer epedemic is running rampant.

    ^ prescription drugs are the new crack

    but they ain’t gonna blame pfizer or kaiser

    fun fact: kaiser permanente not only makes prescription drugs they have hospitals to distribute their product


  10. a truly talented lady, its unfortunate – if she never met that ex of hers, she might still be here

    i used to have a lil crush on her before the drugs RIP

  11. EnglandRepresent said:

    Amy Winehouse could really sang. Word was though that she copped some ecstacy, some H, some coke and some ketamine the night before she passed. Who knows whether it was intentional. My mate back in North London said she was in a grog shop round his way 6 weeks ago at 8 in the morning trying to buy vodka and smashing them on the floor. Alcohol was the issue. She was on self destruct mode though.

    RIP Amy Winehouse though. Amazing voice. London stand up tall.

  12. “Alcohol was the issue. She was on self destruct mode though.”

    That shit numbs the pain that numbs the pain.

    RIP Amy. Pray for the living.

  13. Areal G said:

    Smmfh Daaam… Why can’t niggas smoke blunts like a normal person? RIP Amy…. Smh

  14. Birmingham, Alabama> Dubb Dollars> Flame> Line Of Fire Ent> Murc Camp Music>Bessemer, Alabama>

    Get Familiar..South niggas who righteously spittn’…

    And dis ain’t no wondough shit..I ain’t no troll..I’m jus puttn’ it out dere…

    Fucc wit da Trill…

    O and Resort In Paradise Amy FINEhouse…


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