Note-this is something I threw together on my tumblr last night while listening to the album. It’s sort of a stream of conciousness type post, but shellz read it and said I should throw it up on GBM, as is. So here it is…

I’m finally at home, with headphones.. just gonna throw a couple thoughts out there as i give this album a real thorough listen..i skimmed it earlier, and heard a few songs in full, and was able to catch some others thoughts on the album, here are mine.

No Church in the Wild – this is aight.. no one is really saying shit.. they seem to be trying to throw some “innovative” sounding ambient type shit on here.. sounds kind of better on headphones, the average listener may not catch some of the layers and it will probably sound boring like it did to me at work earlier. auto-tune ? Kewl. i guess it’s frank ocean, so it’s only cool when he does it on his album. THEN it’s awesome. right now tho ? also, this is kind of a bad choice for an opener, is it not ? kinda blah..

Lift Off – This is awful. Shellz predicted a “clusterfuck”, and this is the definitive cluster of fucks. it’s a forced pop record with a poor concept and worse execution. skip it. TML.

N****S in Paris – Lex Luger ? is that you ? Jay tries a bouncy flow here.. It sounds awful. This beat is crap. Casio Keyboard Rap. JAY STFU.. you sound like your trying to be Big Sean or something.. OH – and this chorus ? “that shit cra” ? WTF is this ? Kanye’s verse is equally disgusting. What are these old corny ass flows all about on this album ? I’m dying to skip this right now yo… is this club music ? is that what they play at “clubs?” WHOA… trent reznor breakdown .. this part is actually dope.. some cinematic shit.. they should have used this part more..

Gotta Have It .. interesting build.. more minimalist 808’s beats.. i hate this shit. more shit flows. the beat kinda bangs tho.. someone is gonna murder this shit.. ok – bars back and forth.. i kinda fuck with this.. one of the more conventional songs so far.. it seems they tried to “break new ground”, but traditional is dope..

New Day – THIS IS THE RZA ? no. this sounds like straight radio shit. maybe it’s the auto-tune. Oh yea, there’s more auto-tune. this is more conventional. some groove type shit.. nice smooth track.. Ye is spitting some real shit, talking something other than that uber rich dude schtick, i think that’s the first time on the album they weren’t straight stunting. Jay’s verse now. more talk about kids. neither of these dudes have kids tho. #Illuminati. ok.. nice little bit of instrumentation.. this one is aight too, i suppose. still nothing yet on the album that made me go “HOLY SHIT”.. i kind of expected that to happen more often. fuck this auto-tune shit too man. enough of this shit.

what is this bit of audio they keep playing between these songs ? sounds like they ripped off the score for “punch drunk love”.

That’s my Bitch – this seemed kind of cheesy to me when it dropped awhile ago, but the chorus was way catchy. it still is. i thought they changed this song more. i swear i read that somewhere. eh. fuck it. whoa what is this haddaway ass part in the bridge of the song ? wtf ? ok, jay’s verse now. standard stuff. jay ain’t really been saying shit lately huh ? i wonder if he’s gonna listen to this and wonder if he should hang it up ?

welcome to the jungle – oh shit. swizzy. *dances* YES. he’s rapping. wait, nah it’s just the hook. still, no one can ruin a song like swizz can, vocally. shouts to him. jay again with that corny flow. this is kinda dope tho.. but i fear i’m just reaching now because this is shaping up to be a tremendous disappointment if i’ve already heard the best song.. *GOD DAMMIT* (in swizz voice) but yeah.

Who Gon Stop Me- some bouncy bass.. ok.. this shit is kinda tough. reminds me of “haters” from bp3 (did ivan rott already say that ? maybe that’s why i thought that) but yea.. more silly sounding keyboards.. this one is kinda aight. maybe it would grow on me.. what kind of drugs were they on when they recorded this album? i can’t put my finger on it yet. #virginblood ? uh.. what is this techno bullshit? makes me feel like i’m in a lazertag arena. jay stuck to the g-code? and he’s old ? cool. even MORE comical keyboards.. oh, and some utter nonsense.. this sounds like more of trent reznors throwaways.

Murder to Excellence – ok now this is the “oh shit” song on the album. again, when they keep it traditional, it comes off perfect. when they do that weirdo industrial shit, i can’t fuck with that. but this ? this is just an amazing beat and arrangement and near perfect execution by both MC’s. this is the song that changes.. i sort of noticed this earlier,when i gave a couple shitty listens on my phone speaker.. this is crazy tho.. they strung these 2 similar beats together, and flipped the shit. it’s really the best song on the album so far, and it’s really not even a little bit close.

Made In America – yo LOL.. this sounds like Seal right now, fam. it’s cool tho.. sounds like the end credits song to some inspirational movie about immigrants who “made it in america”. kanye talking about his early career. basically he’s saying he’s the best dude ever. and that he’s rich. as soon as jay came on this made me think of “forever young”. this song is forever ruined now. jay says “UH” alot. if you can picture yourself belting this chorus out in the car, then this song seems painfully corny. i’m sorry.

Why I Love You – This hook is fucking crazy to me. “Oh shit” moment #2. now more rapping with no fucking drums. how dramatic do they want us to think this is. yo jay is taking some fucking shots at beans man. jay is addressing this shit. wow. he didn’t name names, but i pray beans is somewhere in philly with a pad and a pen, pacing a room with a beat on repeat. verse 2 is more jay. he isn’t done. wow. i’m fucking with this song. ye chimes in. but jay straight owns this track. it doesn’t even matter what kanye says on this song. this is up there with murder to excellence. not sure if it’s better, but i’ll get back to you.

Illest Motherfucker Alive – will the 2 minutes of silence be better than the last song ? nah.. it’s aight. the beat has this menacing piano thing that’s pretty dope. kanye sorta comes off corny to me here.. but i dunno. damn.. there’s this opera sounding vocal on the hook that’s real crazy. this is your average jay verse. entertaining and clever, but at it’s core – the same old shit. the chorus is banging tho.. i can picture explosions on stage and shit, nahmean ? did lex co produce this ? or they just bit his style ?

Otis – everything you need to read about Otis, you’ve already read.

Primetime – i like this.. i wish they would have done more like this..when they aren’t trying to be innovators, they actually can make some great rap music, and they end up sounding innovative by default, due to all the bad rap music we are accustomed to hearing. i can see this song really growing on me.

The Joy – i love this song. i’m glad they included it. one of the best tracks of last year.

also, i just ran back “why i love you” – does this remind you of something marshall would drop ? yuk. if jay wasn’t going in on beans, this might not be so great. but he is, so the fact the remains.

i won’t give this a rating, it’s too early. it’s highs are high, it’s low’s are very low. it’ll definitely get some spins, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of skippers.

Let us know what you think of #WTT in the comment section. Or just talk about tits. I’m good either way.

Comments on: "Watch The Throne (initial thoughts)" (30)

  1. This is the best review I’ve read on WTT. I’m gonna use this album to show off to the artsy bitches. That’s its main purpose.

    This album is a disappointment to me. 2 of the biggest artists in the game came together and couldn’t make a solid album.

    It has its moments, like you said – but PLEASE, I am not tryna here this album when going on a run through the streets, the car, the bubblebath, when im on my grizzly etc. Strictly for the artsy bitches “hes so deep, hes so artistic” – that kinda wave ,you know?

    Jay-Z’s flow on some tracks is atrocious and Kanye kills him on every track.

    I liked Lift Off, Thats My Bitch, New Day, Gotta Have It a few others. The rest was meh. Sounds like Lupe Fiasco: Lasers

    If this makes me a Hip Hop extremist, then so be it. Good article.

  2. Abortatron said:

    *welcomes HW to the fraternity of hip hop elitists*

    But u weren’t fucking with “why I love u”???

  3. Whats up tron, I mean its not like its trash – its a good album by 2011 standards, it just hasnt lived up to the hype – not really my scene or sound.

    *joins hip hop elitist fratenity*

  4. Smh

  5. Abortatron said:

    Ziploc- u disagree? What say u ?

  6. Man I thank dis album dope as fucc and I jus heard it song 4 song not even in album format which I thank’ll make it sound even better..! I mean ok play by play:
    Church in da wild=Rebel muzik 2 me..Da beat simple wit a slight build up which set da tone..Cuz on da hook killd it and what’s a good 2 a nonbeliever sure 2 fire up da illuminati talk lol den Jay and Ye took as far as dey could..I mean dey known 4 playn it safe @ dis point but I thank da point got across here…I’m fuccn’ wit dis..HEAVY..!
    Lift off is wacc 2 me now but it’ll prob grow on me..I’m jus not feeln dat vibe @ da moment
    Niggas in Paris is dat bounce..but here I wish we had da 98 Jigga styln’ on Jigga what den da mo’ polished Hov..thruout it’s clear He ain’t hungry no mo’ but him not bein’ hungry still better dan 90% of niggas doin’ dis 2day..But Ye spazzd doe..dis is cool..I’ll bounce in da whip 2 dis
    Otis cool 4 what it is..nothn’ new lyrically but I LUV Otis Redding so I thank dis beat is CRAZY specially how it’s choppd Ye did it justice 2 me
    Gotta have it is dope..dem niggas spittn’ dat shit on dere..I’m feeln dis 1 HEAVY 2
    New Day is 2 me is dem tryna b reflective and it’s comes off kinda fake and don’t go wit da vibe but I do dig da record mainly cuz of da beat
    Primetime my 2nd fav joint on here..DEM NIGGAS GET BUSY ON DIS..dope
    Who gon stop me is my 1st fav..everythang about dis record is crazy 2 me..Cuz if yo face don’t scrunch when da beat switch smh..Dis shit got me ampd enough 2 murk somethn’ right now..not 4 real but dat feeln doe u feel me..and I’m a south nigga..long as I can bounce..we good..
    Murder 2 Excellence again is dem niggas tryna play reflective but we all kno dey self absorbed..but dis 1 comes off a lil mo sincere cuz dey still get a chance 2 stunt while telln blax 2 stop da violence and get ya w8 up lol
    Welcome 2 da Jungle=NY’s cool…I fux wit it
    Made in America Cool 2..I dig cuz voice on da hook..dem niggas sayn’ somethn on dere 2..
    Why I love you is dope 4 da same reasons u like it da hook and Jay liccn off @ Beanie..
    Illest muthafucca alive cool dat bounce..I’m fuccn wit it
    That’s my bitch and the joy I heard previously but I thought both was dope as fucc and thought initially das da direction da album was gon b in..But I c it 4 what it is..Dem niggas tryna bridge worlds and dey da ONLY artist(mayb Wayne..MAYB) who can @ dis point and like it or not das a good thang..Certain trax I felt mo’ than othas but ova all I thank it’s a solid effort not groundbreakin or “classic” but jus good fuccn’ muzik..THE END…

  7. My bad 4 da long-windedness…Fucc it doe I’m high lol

  8. O and Jihad if u in lurkmode I peepd dat Yayo gangsta grills and u was dead on shawty dat shit dope as fucc..! I even put a couple my niggas on it..dat nigga went ova all da classix..and I dig da lifestyle muzik cover and w8n’ on da EP my nigga..Keep grindn’ 1

  9. I don’t think Why I Love you sounds Marshallish…..I think it sounds like an evolved Kanye beat with the sped up sample but with a different newer feel.

    But anyways…I think they should have stuck to the original plan and made a 6-7 song EP, and kept it moving. There was no reason to have 16 tracks on here.

  10. Excellency said:

    Riots continue to disrupt England, looting has now taken place in Manchester and Wolverhampton.. Riots have worsened in Enfield, have y’all seen the video of the Sony Distribution Centre in Enfield?? I can see it up in flames. A bunch of people are talking to this reporter on the street about how 50-70 ppl are getting together to fight against the rioters that continue to ruin my town, cause the police ain’t doing shit. I agree with all this and that the police should be doing more, but on the other hand, Mark Duggan was shot INNOCENTLY! It has now been announced, he did NOT open fire on the police!

  11. Excellency said:

    I’m reminded of the Sean Bell incident..Mark Duggan was shot in the bicep and then in the heart.. fuckin’ pigs

  12. mrjmcampbell said:

    I supported the riots @ 1st but then it became a quick way to get garms and electronic goods.
    They fucked up my wedding anniversary plans by destroying Carlucio’s in Ealing and looting the jewellery store in Harlesden.
    It was announced today Mark Duggan did not fire at the pigs (at which point Sky News and BBC stopped using his “gangster pose” photo and used the family issued photo – CUNTS!).

  13. Excellency said:

    It’s just a horrible mess right now man, people have seen this an opportunity to loot stores because the police can’t lay their hands on them unless they land their hands on the police. They won’t use rubber bullets unless they feel it’s necessary. A distribution centre has been brought down due to fire! What the fuck lol Congrats on the engagement and future wedding plans tho, hope that successfully takes place soon.

  14. mrjmcampbell said:

    Nice one. It seemed to have died down even though choppers are flying over Hammersmith as I type.
    I work with 16-18 year olds so I feel their pain but they’re giving the public another reason to look at them sideways!!!

  15. The imperialistic british are getting a taste of their own medicine – this is karma for all the wrongdoing they have done to other countries

    i have no sympathy – let the cities fall – let cameron and clegg squirm like the worms they are

    may the young protesters keep protesting, because the british government can not mind its own business – if this was syria or zimbabwe they would condemn the actions

  16. I’ve only listened to like 7 tracks and only 3 I really liked were niggas in paris,new day, and gotta have it if they would have kept swizz off welcome to the jungle I would have liked thaf joint also

  17. Just peeped murder to excellence add that to the dope tracks off wtt

  18. mrjmcampbell said:

    High unemployment, low literacy and numeracy, cuts to youth schemes, etc. Too many problems right now. London is looking like Rise of the Apes right now.
    Anyway, Why I Love You is the one. Beans and Dame must be feeling salty right now!

  19. dis album bang….real talk….

    not a classic….but a lot of good songs….

    Ni**as In Pari’ make ya boi wanna snort ciroc….

  20. u mite b da wrong person to review dis….

    they aint aimin at da underground….

    dey aimin for da charts n stadiums….

    u aint da audience tron…

  21. Abortatron said:

    I am the audience tho. I am a fan of jay and kanye.

  22. Yo Harlem, the protests are over, it’s just straight up looting now. I agree that their should be further protests over Mark Duggan’s death but to loot innocent businesses and burn flats and houses down? I can’t fuck with that homie..

    I’m still yet to listen to this album tho, I’ve been in the hospital all week, my great grandma passed this morning.. Sad times man

  23. I actually fuck with this album. I had pretty low expectations coming into it, but I think the production is ill and Jay sounds the best he has since AG. It’s similar to BP3 aesthetically but just better executed. Lift Off is the only song I don’t really fuck with, the outro to it is dope though. Niggas In Paris is what HAM should’ve been. Murder To Excellence is a clear standout though. Overall, it’s dope for what it is, a commercially angled album.

  24. yo tron…

    send me some bonus tracks fam.

  25. i like this album more than most. and i’m not gonna apologize for that. maybe it’s all the blatant “enlightened” mind control tactics (visual & audio) that i’m finally succumbing to. i don’t know. IMO this is the best ANYTHING that Jay has been associated with in about a decade or more. btw, there was ZERO hype leading up to this release. . .other than what was generated SOLELY by YOU bloggeratzi (yeah, i’m looking @ you, Harlem). so to say that this project doesn’t live up to the hype is insanity. matter of fact, i definitely appreciate the fact that there is no played out single that i’m forced to skip over.

  26. Otis vid> DAVID BANNER “SWAG”>>>>>>>>>>Somebody needa shut dem white hoes down from usn’ da word nigga RealShit..dat shit ain’t da wave..Man da game weak ass fucc now smh

  27. The Psychlone said:

    kanye is probably wearing a leather bra right now and he has fans? smh at modern life

  28. Nah durn’ dis lil war or whateva> niggas is comedians #RealTalk

  29. Yo jihad where da fucc dat lifestyle muzik @ g..?!! Niggas waitn’..! Give a nigga a snippet or somethn’..shittt

  30. watch the throne sucks…its trash…

    kanye is gay
    jay is a camel

    lil wayne > jay z

    game > jay z

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