David Banner “Swag”

To be completely honest, I’ve been wanting to do a post about the fuckery that is the “white girl mob,” but I didn’t want to come off like I was suffering from white guilt, trying too hard to be “down” type shit. That, plus the fact that I’ve been working my fucking ass off lately, so the last thing i wanted to do with my free time is use any of my brain power on anything involving this mob of white girls.

In the end, however, I said “fuggit.”

One thing i have been wondering tho– why aren’t other people speaking out about this? Sure, lots of bloggers have spoken on the matter, and the young gawd 545 put me on to this podcast, which definitely addressed the nonsense, but why aren’t rappers speaking out in defense of the culture? I don’t mean your homie on MySpace who wrote a Kreayshawn diss track- I’m talking about someone who people will ACTUALLY listen to; someone that could take these chicks out of the game. Why isn’t Nas or Jay or one of the vets calling this bullshit out? Kanye shit on Taylor Swift, but he have NOTHING to say about V-Nasty? Think about it- just a few short years ago, Ice-T (a vet) called out Souljah Boy (a rookie) for having a negative impact on the culture. There was a time when groups like Public Enemy had records on the charts calling Elvis and John Wayne racists; now, shit has gotten so foul that these bitches are eating off of this rap shit. Has the game gotten so soft over the past few years that fuckery of this magnitude is now ignored?

Luckily, the answer is “no.” David Banner came thru yesterday with a track that is sure to make people re-think their position. Or maybe not. But fuck it, at least someone with some notoriety spoke up. Will “SWAG” change anything? Will this song even be a blip on the radar to your average fan? Probably not. But maybe, just maybe, these chicks who call themselves “the white girl mob” will realize that not everyone is buying what they’re selling.

Listen, lets us know what you think, and if you fuck with Banner or this song then support by copping off itunes. Be sure to check back here later on for Part 2 of our David Banner piece later on today.

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  1. every so often “things” happen (seemingly at random) to test the waters of society. this test is almost like a progress report to see how the dehumanization and zombification of society is coming along. sheep are allot easier to control than humans. zombies? even easier. so. . .yeah.

  2. Abortatron preci8 ya brangn’ dis shit 2 da 4front

  3. gramMasta said:

    sheep are allot easier to control

    ^ basically

    an them hos look nasty in that flick


  4. Damn dat money on my mind dope as fucc..! DEFINITELY a step up from da last shit I heard(which was bangn 2 by da way) I can RIGHTEOUSLY c da growth..Da 1st(Jihad I thank) and 2nd nigga(BSG..???) went da fucc off but da 3rd nigga was kinda off beat 2 me but da lyrics was on point doe..even da hook was cracc(jihad again)..! So what anybody else thank I’ll b da 1st nigga 2 say SHELLS KILLD DAT..! and das Real fuccn talk..lookn 4ward 2 da final project..1

  5. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

    Why isn’t Nas or Jay or one of the vets calling this bullshit out? Kanye shit on Taylor Swift, but he have NOTHING to say about V-Nasty? Think about it- just a few short years ago, Ice-T (a vet) called out Souljah Boy (a rookie) for having a negative impact on the culture. There was a time when groups like Public Enemy had records on the charts calling Elvis and John Wayne racists; now, shit has gotten so foul that these bitches are eating off of this rap shit.


  6. AmpGeez a.k.a. Chief Heavy said:

    shit has gotten so foul that these bitches are eating off of this rap shit.

    Not really tho.

    Neither of those chicks have sold one record.

    I say let them play themselves out.

  7. @ Tron

    nice article

    dont believe the hype – theyre not known outside certain circles – blogs/tumblr/indie mags et al

    they will only become relevant if someone important mentions them – she dissed Rick Ross the other day, so its obvious what her intentions/carefully thought out marketing plan is

    its a gimmick that will come & go – they are trying to be as controversial as possible (no shots at odd future)

  8. If white girls wanna run around calling each other the N word, what am I gonna do?

    You gotta remember it’s a woman. You gonna look like a bitch quarreling with a bitch. I didn’t make these rules, but this is what happened when society put pussy on a pedestal ( shots at any simp niccas out there). To compare a relatively unknown rapper to 2 of the largest icons in American history is a reach, nobody rolling with Kreayshawn.

    And they’re white too. The media would jump on this, it will look like bullying – she’ll gain more fans. Sympathy vote.

    Making articles and records about Kreayshawn or White Girl mob will only drive people to listen to their music to see what outlandish shit they say. Once the websites et al realise that White Girl Mob won’t drive up their hits, they’ll stop posting them.

  9. Abortatron said:

    So HW – u would prefer if everyone just ignored these chicks.?

    Not even saying I disgree.. That would of worked in the beginning, but now these chicks are building a buzz..

    I can’t call it. This shit is pure wackness

  10. @ tron

    It’s definitley a catch 22 now. Best to just ignore it.

    See how all that hype Lil B had amounted to nothing? He still gets his lil shows here and there but if he really was relevant people woulda bought his album and supported. Same goes for most of these blog phenomenons.

  11. Abortatron said:

    Yo HW.. I’m catching up on the nah threads..


  12. @ Senator Tron

    what can i say? gotta let people do what they wanna do.

  13. “Think about it- just a few short years ago, Ice-T (a vet) called out Souljah Boy (a rookie) for having a negative impact on the culture.”
    And when he did everybodies response was “let that boy make his money, old hater!!”. When old heads critizise the young guns they often come of as kind of bitter. This is a different scenario with the whole race issue, “can she say tha?t”… Game called them out first, by the way

  14. Ice T should have known better. He was 40+ at the time. Soulja Boy was 16.

  15. Amen> Pusha T Top 5 DOA…shouts 2 da Real Niggas..Death 2 da Fake…Take it how u wanna…

  16. Back to the topic, actually I forgot it/ hoes, money, I’m the shit, oh yeah I’m reminded

  17. yeah, a 40+ year old dude telling a 16 year old boy to eat a dick is not a good look

  18. *Salutes the team*

    As far as the song, I dig it. I stay trying to drop info. I commend dudes like Bigga & Banner who attempt to educate. Nobody owes anybody shit, but when cats have a platform, they should do it justice. Whether they do is between them & God tho. This piece is along those lines… http://thetonygrands.com/2011/08/18/rap-daddy-chronicles-all-eyes-on-me/ Not that I’m advertising, just showing that older dudes can provide the youth with an opportunity to know the “truth,” whatever the he’ll that is.

    Re: White Girl Mob. With the world being based around the Internet, the fire they started fizzled before it gained enough momentum to be a problem, IMO. Notice how the #WTT Experience completely drowned them out, for the most part. It never even really leaked into the “real world.” No Dwayne Wayne.

  19. Yeah that reference was way off. Blame the medicine.

  20. What’s worse this or Waka Flaka Flame?

  21. Justa said:
    August 21, 2011 at 9:18 am

    What’s worse this or Waka Flaka Flame?


    Waka is dope! and its Flocka not Flaka

    Brick Squad >>>>>>>

  22. Dope??? Honestly I think Kreshawn might be leaps and bounds above your dude. Waka. Hopefully he follows through on his retirement.

  23. Waka is dope! and its Flocka not Flaka

    Brick Squad >>>>>>>


    Them niggas is horrible.


  24. I stand by my original comment – I got a bunch of of Waka tracks!

    Hate the game…..

  25. Nas likes Waka….are you sayin Nas has bad taste in music?!?!

  26. are you sayin Nas has bad taste in music?!?!
    if he won’t say it, then i will.

    HELL YES Nas has horrendous taste in music. how else do you explain his offensive choices in production on every single one of his albums post IWW. somehow he’s managed to pick the worst beats that some of the greatest rap producers EVER made.

    “The General” – Swizz.

    i really don’t feel the need to go on any further. anyhow, you’re a bamoron (bama+moron) (<–triple entendre . . .don't ask) for even thinking of cosigning ANY Waka outside of the immediate area of a weight bench.

  27. It’s absolutely bizarre there isn’t more, or absolute condemnation of V-Nasty. Then again maybe the less publicity, the better? I’m not sure about that. At any rate her her music is kaka.

  28. Dat “Bamma” word is HELLA offensive 2 southerners and da fact dat none of y’all niggas ain’t been NOWHERE NEAR da south and if so WOULDN’T DARE call a Southern nigga dat shit is even mo’ disgustn’..! But I kno I kno..Niggas is keyboard gangstas and shit..! But CHILL #RealTalk..And 2 dat hoe nigga Jerz jus cuz ya ancestors ran as soon as massa said it was ok(smh) don’t mean shit 2 me..! Cuz da true warriors stayd here and fought 4 equality nationwide fucc nigga..! Dont let dis rap shit get ya fuccd up bout da south..niggas will bust yo tator if u come @ us crookd..ain’t shit slow down here but da head bitch..! And Fucc Jaccson 7 hoe bitch ass 2..! Gone

  29. Y’all heard that new Danny Brown tape? I really don’t know what to think of it tbh.

  30. NaS is the greatest, but if he listens to Waka Waka Waka, then his music taste is equivalent to his taste in women.

  31. ^^^ Nailed it.

    Glad that Waka coonery is getting called out for what it is.

    I been noticing more young white girls thinking it’s cool to drop N*bombs as well though. All in all it needs to stop. V-Nasty, and Kreshawn need to cut that ish out real quick.

  32. Yo Ziploc: STFU. Ol’ Stockholm syndrome having-the south will rise again-ass.

  33. Aint nothing wrong with Flocka. Yall just a bunch of rap elitist.

  34. Yo Ziploc: STFU. Ol’ Stockholm syndrome having-the south will rise again-ass.

  35. waka is soo bad that if you do like him, you are racist.

  36. Chill…..
    1. chillin’s for the dead.
    2. Ziploc the Bama Savior doesn’t really know what he speaks of.
    3. DJ Clue >>> DJ Screw.

  37. Smh @ Bricctop..toughtypn’ on his keyboard lol and dis nigga said I don’t kno what da fucc I’m talkn bout smh..but dig dis playboy 1 da South on top so we ain’t gotta rise again asshole and we ain’t goin’ nowhere no matter how much u and ya bitch ass niggas complain bout how we ain’t SUPA lyrical so deal wit it..2 da Stockholm syndrome don’t apply here so kill dat shit I was jus telln niggas 2 dead dat “Bamma” shit cuz dat shit is disrespectful 2 niggas who REALLY LIVE AND GET IT IN IN DA SOUTH..! Reason b’n..we respectd

  38. And even LUV’d da eastcoast(as well as da west coast) when dey had dey reign even when y’all niggas was hatn on acts like outkast..Goodie Mob..UGK..etc..so now dat we gettn our shine it’s an issue..?!!! It ain’t like we sayn fucc da eastcoast don’t fucc wit dey shit..! We jus doin’ us and gettn money in da process..! But anyway u a clown and u ain’t bout shit so I’m don waistn’ time wit ya hoe ass fucc nigga..! Come 2 da south wit da Bamma shit and I GUARAMUTHAFUCCNTEE YO ASS WANT MAKE IT BACC 2 WHEREEVA DA FUCC U @ NOW..!

  39. O and Screw>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Clue..Stealn’ “exclusives” DOES NOT MAKE U A GREAT DJ DICCHEAD..! Screw changd da game..Clue not so much..!

    Funk Flex and dat faggot nigga who put da GOAT on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Clue

  40. Salute 545…what’s good cuz..?

  41. 2. Ziploc the Bama Savior doesn’t really know what he speaks of.
    3. DJ Clue >>> DJ Screw.
    Both the greatest DJs of the 90’s
    Salute 545…what’s good cuz..?

  42. yo Zip, you tripping. the Stockholm shit was jokes. but on some serious shit, there’s not much you can tell me about the south. lived north of H-town throughout the 90’s, specifically when the east was running shit. trust me, i know EXACTLY how the south felt about east coast rap. when shit was east vs. west, the south sided with Pac and them. this is not up for debate, kiddo.
    i’ll fall back on the bamma shit if it’s that much of a deal. but you’ve got to understand that the word bamma is all about perspective. case in point, according to NY’ers, anyone born outside of NYC is a bamma (i.e. D.C., Philly, Boston, Canada, New Jersey, etc.). it’s all relative – NOT just for folks below the Mason-Dixon line.
    and for the record, Clue was THAT deal. Flex was a more commercially viable, extremely AVERAGE entity, but for a loooong time Clue RAN shit on the mixtape circuit. this is another one of those things that is not up for debate.

  43. Lol @ Kiddo…but 4 da mos part u kno ya shit..I’m from ALABAMA born..raised and still reside but been all ova as u sir..and u right niggas sided wit Pac durn’ dat whole east west shit but don’t 4 a sec thank niggas ain’t jam Life after..Reasonable Doubt..It was written on da day dey came out no matter how we felt bout what Pac was sayn’..! Good music(no Ye) is good music regardless..! And das da thang WE call good when it’s good and call wacc shit when it’s wacc but niggas make it seem LIKE EVERY ARTIST COMN FROM DA SOUTH IS WACC..! and das my issue cuz das simply not tru..but I get it mane it’s jus jokes and I respect ya point of view..I jus hope u c mine..Respect..and as far as Clue again..While I DO LUV MOS of clue mixtapes(EVERY PROFESSIONAL retail was CLASSIC) he didn’t do shit innovative come on Bricc let’s keep it trilla here..and Flex was commercial but betta than clue in my eyes cuz he actually DEEJAYD..! and as far as mixtape circuit Drama>>>>>Clue..I mean u can’t lose wit exclusives from Hov, Big, Mase, Nas, Fab..but Dram BROKE relatively unknown niggas specially outside da southern region and made em household names..! U gotta respect dat g RealTalk

  44. Abortatron said:

    You kizza’s get no pussy…

  45. You kizza’s get no pussy…
    triple entendre comedy? i won’t even ask you how.

  46. Zip: it’s all good. i remember i had the Life After Death bootleg early, and TX cats were going crazy over that shit (Notorious Thugs & Going Back to Cali were crowd favorites). on the flipside, i remember bringing home (east coast) a Lil Keke album (Pimpin Pens, i believe), and my homies were loving it cause it was something different. *shrugs*

    as far as Clue, you’re not hearing me. i’m talking before The Professional. trust, everything that Kayslay was doing, Clue did it before him. The cutting and scratching a hot record to death; the breaking new artists (see Nature, Cormega, Lox, Fab, CNN, etc. .). PLUS Clue had all the dope exclusives (like you said). by the time mixtapes went to CD format, Clue’s reign started coming to an end on the mixtape circuit. that’s why he switched hustles and went commercial with The Professional 1-2 and The Backstage sndtrk. he also began to rely solely on his exclusives. prior to that though, Clue tapes were the pinnacle/gold standard for ALL underground mixtapes. i’m talking ’94-’98, ’99 time frame.

  47. And quiet as kept mos niggas down here WOULD DEFINITELY AGREE dat Jay/Nas/Big is da best 2 EVA do it..But Face/Dre 3 stax/Pac ain’t far behind if dey r behind @ all..! Art is bout perception and I kno is hard 2 fathom 4 mos hip hop head but sometimes niggas it mo’ about how it make u feel than what’s actually b’n said..das what makes Pac an icon and Canibus irrelevant..NOBODY will dispute whos da betta rappa but who made da mos impact isn’t in question either

  48. I’m a nigga Tron lol RealNigga and I get no pussy ha..!..And Bricc u right bout Clue..He was dat nigga in da early 90s but again he wasn’t doin shit innovative far as deejayn’ was concernd..but I guess it’s a gift 2 get dem exclusives from some of da greatest 2 eva do it..respect niggas(and kizzas)

  49. any way to stop the beef between harlem and amp?

    harlem a good dude too…industry insider…gives us soundscans…..exclusives and unreleased songs….dr dre detox before it came out…he a good industry nikkuh…

    them 2 niggas are gonna end up bodying each other over pride…

    smh @ amp smacking some african worker at the kennedy friend chicken spot tho…straight classless…and nigga revoked his refugee status too….INS after that brotha….”no..i have a green card…!”

  50. Abortatron said:

    They might need to square up and throw hands before it’s squashed.

  51. any way to stop the beef between harlem and amp?
    Wii Tennis solves all disputes.

  52. Abortatron said:

    Them harlemites be dueling with katanas n shit

  53. Abortatron said:

    And why the fuck haven’t these lazy bastards updated the blog ?

    Whoever is running this half ass site needs more caffeine and adderoll

  54. And why the fuck haven’t these lazy bastards updated the blog ?
    because they get pussy?

  55. Abortatron said:

    Yo hoots u hear that Danny Brown XXX ?

    I’d be interested in hearing your take on it

  56. Danny Brown hair too long….i dont listen to him…

    He like a Detroit version of Lil B…

    I dont listen to pretty niggas…my rappers gotta be like Biggie, Jay and Craig Mack…and ignorant

  57. Abortatron said:

    Nah Danny could rap circles around Lil B

    Not that that’s saying much, but still.

    And he may look like he alternates the crack pipe and the flat iron but XXX is pure liquid cocaine.

  58. danny brown alternates the shake weight with the dildo and vibrator lol

  59. Tron, we getting a write up about the MGK show?

  60. Abortatron said:

    @545 maybe

    Dude is a fucking douchebag. He told Cudi to “suck his mutherfuckin dick” and ain’t even pause or no homo or nothin. He’s seriously the worst person ever. I fucking hate him.

    He’s like the situation from jersey shore. He’s a fucking douche.

  61. Jay shoulda smaccd Wayne..VMAs<<<<<

  62. Kid Cudi is the first openly homosexual rapper though, him and Lil B.

    I give them props for coming out the closet and finding their lane alongside Kanye and Asher Roth.

    Kid Cudi stay getting forced upon by males trying to do what Wayne and Baby did.

  63. But beys preg…Jay won…

  64. Musta been readn dem nah sterile jokes and mand up lol

  65. 225 to 720 said:

    Ross need to put someone on that bitch for running her mouth, one suburban white bitch comes up dead and they’ll learn their lesson real fucking quick

  66. Notting Hill Carnival was sickness last night, hennesy, good music, thick half nekkid women.. What more is needed?

  67. As for XXX, it was a great listen, but the production makes it difficult to bump anywhere outside of a laptop with headphones, apart from a few songs. It was cool to hear him switch up his flow and voice on tracks like DNA. I’m somewhat a fan of the tape overall, I preferred The Hybrid tho.

  68. fuck all y’all….

  69. fuck yahoo, b.

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